February 3rd, 2012

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Its snowing again in the Hindu Kush. What foot wear should I shod for the night shift?

ugly Croc snow booties
worn out hiking boots re-waterproofed for the 1,000th time
sandals like teh locals
go barefoot like that guy on DUAL SURVIVAL

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1. I have a friend who has really terrible breath. Seriously, it's bad to the point of me sometimes having to hold my breath when he's talking while standing close enough to me. I'm also pretty sure it's chronic as I've been friends with him for over a year now, and EVERY TIME I hang out with him, I immediately notice the bad breath.

I've crashed at his place before for three nights in a row when I was in between apartments, and as far as I could see, he brushes his teeth every morning and every night before bed.

Would you tell your friend about his bad breath problem? I have tried the, "would you care for a mint or piece of gum?" method, but it hasn't been easy because he usually declines.

2. I got asked out on a date a few days ago. The guy wants to meet tomorrow night for dinner. I haven't texted him back yet. Two reasons why I'm hesitant to say yes, even if he seems really cool: a) I just got out of a relationship (literally, not even a full two weeks ago) b)I'm moving out of the city in about 3 weeks.
If you were me, would you just avoid this altogether given the circumstances or just accept and go into it as just hanging out with someone? Do I have to tell him that I'm moving in 3 weeks?

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TQC, what would you do?

My uncle really upset me a few weeks ago and I've been not talking to him since. This week, he's been texting me every few days with stuff like "what are you up to?" and trying to make conversation. There has been no apology for his outburst or even any mention of it. Would you reply, and if so, what would you say?
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Piggy-backing on the other dream question:

A lot of nights i have dreams where i'm always late. I have somewhere to be, yet on the way there i get sidetracked by something else, i get lost, i can't find the place, sometimes there are obstacles, or i just lose track of the time and then suddenly i'm an hour late. I rarely ever make it to where i'm supposed to be going before i wake up. These dreams have been happening for as long as i can remember.

Why can't dream-me ever be punctual?

Are you punctual?

EDIT: Are maple bacon oatmeal and chocolate bacon cookies worth walking 20 blocks for?

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I'm scheduled to get an IUD inserted next Wednesday at 8:00am; there is a job fair at school that I really need to attend at 10am.  For those of you who have gotten one, were you okay to walk around after or did you have to rest?  My Doctor says it varies from person to person, so I'm looking to get others' experience.  Any tips you'd like to pass along in general regarding IUDs?

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TQC, clearly I don't understand anything about cars.

I moved to Kentucky and need to get my KY plates & license and all that.
To do so, I have to have:
my original title (no photocopies)
Proof of sales tax paid in another state

Then is says that I can use these as proof:

[Tax shown on certificate of title/registration
Dealer purchase contract
Financing statement from lender
Receipt or letter from taxing agency]

Application for title/registration (TC-96-182).
Certified inspection of serial number.
Security agreement, if applicable.
Proof of insurance.
Owner/Buyer personal ID.
Social Security number for each party appearing on the title or federal ID tax number for companies.
Federally conforming odometer disclosure statement and properly assigned title if transferring ownership

So does the stuff I bracketed count for proof of title and the second bit count as proof of sales tax paid in another state?

The DMV isn't open on the weekend, so I can't call and I have to get it all done this week as i'm stupid and left it until the week before my birthday. :( As is, they may fine me for not paying right away.

I do not understand how this works and I have to do two cars, both of which I'm still making payments on, so I don't have the title myself. Can you please explain how this works? I tried to google and all I found was forms, which made no sense :(

My creative juices are done for the night.

Help me think of a cute, catchy saying to caption an image for my work's facebook page?

It's a portrait of a one year old boy looking at a big mess of little hearts (and holding a few). It's a really sweet image.  Originally I was going to say "________ is busy making so many valentines this year!"  But I don't like that. Help for something cuter?

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What ingredients go into a perfect, basic, no frills roast chicken?
Today I put olive oil, butter, salt, black pepper, lemon, quartered onion shoved in the birdy hole.

How do you fashion-conscious folks feel about the ever-growing trend of "stripper-shaped" shoes that are for non-strippers? With a high front platform and chunky heel. (i.e. the Jeffrey Campbell Lita that every hipster owns)
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I am on the lookout to find the PERFECT purse. I enjoy cool colors, and crossbodies. TQC women, or men, w/e, what's YOUR perfect purse? I would love to see pics. Sell me on your favorite purse!
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how would you stop a headache after you have been drinking for a little while? i drank a couple of drinks, but now i have a bad headache... i have been drinking some water, but it is still hurting. i know it isn't wise to take tylenol, but is there anything i can do? thanks.
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Have you seen Dream House? What did you think?

The previews make it look like interesting entertainment, though not a very deep movie by any means. The ratings its getting online though are horribly low, so I'm wondering if it's let down horror fans giving it really low votes, or if the movie was really that-bad.

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we are moving ! yay ! unfortunitly we have doubles and triples and sadly quadruples of certain things :(

We currently have:
2 coffeepots, one 6 cup... one 12 cup.
4 sets of dishes
3 crockpots in different quart sizes
various pots and pans none that go to one set (I would like to buy a complete set when we move)
9 sets of sheets

well you get the picture.
so should I donate them or keep them for just in case purposes ?
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So, semi-serious question here.

When I was 5-8, my mom was taking care of my grandpa who was dying of emphysema, and I was really close to him. I'm 21 now.

Now my mom's started smoking- again, and it set me off into tears if I so much as looked at her for an hour after I found her smoking. I know she doesn't smoke very often or anything, but my head just isn't cooperating. I've seen her smoking a few times before, recently, and it hasn't bothered me to this level until now. Before I was just angry and irritated that she kept doing it even after I asked her to stop.

So, my question is, could this be PTSD?