February 2nd, 2012

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Is there a blizzard headed your way?

What is your favorite cold-weather food?

Mine is beef stew. We have a blizzard coming, and I'm making Azorean Spiced Beef Stew in the crockpot. Want the recipe? Yes? http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/11/crockpot-azorean-spiced-beef-stew.html

Edit: Just in case someone actually wants to make that recipe, it calls for WAY too much salt. I recommend putting in just 1 tsp, and then add additional salt to taste when it's done.
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Do flight attendants get free air miles as perks or incentives, or do they just get the flights they're scheduled to work on?

Have you ever written a play, novel, or story and gotten it published?

I took the GRE last night and did not do as well as I'd hoped and I'm still pretty bummed out. How do you get over stuff like this?
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Validation Post and Advice

I joined a Wii Bowling League with my boyfriend and two friends on my team. It's about 20 minute drive away. I don't have my license yet, but I do have my permit. I'm also pregnant.

The first week my boyfriend got obnoxiously drunk. I was driving home, but the roads were bad and I knew that if I got into an accident/pulled over we could both be in trouble. When we got home I told him that if this is how he wants Wii Bowling nights to be, I'm out quitting. It's no fun for me having to deal with him. He promised it wouldn't be like that again.

This week (week 2) the same thing happened. I told him again, this time in front of our teammates, that I'm not putting up with this every week. He swore he wouldn't get drunk, but of course did.

I don't know what to do. I enjoy the league, but dealing with him makes me not even want to go anymore. If I quit though, I screw over my whole team and they can't continue. Am I over-reacting about this? Do I give him another chance to prove that he can make it this one night without getting wasted? I don't care if he drinks a few, but he gets out of control.   

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I had my first night of class last night. The professor was talking about research as if the students have been in our particular field for several years, when for 90% of the group, this was our first class. A student mentioned that she was confusing and assuming that we knew more than we did but the professor just said "That's great!" and continued on the same way.

Is this a really bad sign?
Is there a certain point where contacting someone in the department would be a good idea?

Someone sent my mom flowers. Do I text her to let her know or let her walk in the door to a nice surprise?
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Babysitting Dilemma

Alright, so my friend and I babysit for this one particular family. Last week I was asked to babysit this saturday. My friend babysat on Tuesday and when I spoke with her she told me the youngest child has shingles. Now, I've spoken to the mother a couple times since then and she has not informed me that her child has shingles. If you were me, would you cancel because she has neglected to tell you, or just show up and do it?

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Have you ever had to delegate a task to someone, either out of necessity or obligation, and then they completely mess it up? What was the task?

My grandmother does the entire family's taxes. I usually get forced into to having her do it, though I would rather do it myself. I would never hear the end of it from my father if I decided not to have her do my taxes. Well, she completely messed it up an didn't even include that 8863 form for American Opportunities Credit, but did some other weird form. Now I have to go through the process of amending my taxes. I'm really freaking irritated.

Also, have you ever had some bad side effects from medication?

I'm on Augmenten for strep throat and its giving me crazy diarrhea. Also, I was on citalopram for awhile and I pretty much slept walked through life for a good month. I slept for at least 16 hrs a day.
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How long is too long after a formal event like a wedding or shower to send out thank-you notes? If there were extenuating circumstances-- like all the gifts were lost in a fire or the mail or a close relative died right after the wedding, would it be impolite to mention that in the thank-you note or would the mention of it make you more understanding and forgiving? If you hadn't gotten a thank-you note would you assume it was just lost in the mail? Would it seem weird to get a thank-you note years after the fact?

Supposedly a married couple has one year to send out thank-you notes. I don't know about showers and such.
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Did anyone actually believe in ~*cooties*~ as a kid? You hear about this supposed stage all the time on tv and whatnot, but I can't remember me or my friends thinking boys were omg icky.

idk sounds like some made up shit tbh.

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What was the last internet video you watched that was REALLY LONG (and wasn't a movie or TV show)? I want to listen to someone babble about something while working because I'm in a "music is too distracting" mood.

walk in clinic or no?

I've had a dull headache pretty much all day,not super painful, but achy/throbby- its varied from being all over, to being in the back of my head, to being in my forehead. - figured it was because I hadn't had coffee yet, and/or I haven't been drinking enough lately, so had some coffee and a glass of water, when that didn't work, i took a tylenol. That didn't really help much. so i drank more water, and took another tylenol. that was at 2, and the headache hasn't gone away. I've drunken probably about a liter of water today, so, now im wondering if i should drink more and take another tylenol?
, or go to the walk in clinic? Its just a headache - not feeling bad, no fever, or anything like that.

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TQC, I don't know WHAT my dad did to the coffee maker this morning, but when I got up, there were grounds all over the place, and he's trying to rinse it out now, but it's not working very well. It's kind of a cheap, elderly coffee maker, but I'd rather save it than let him throw it out (like he wants to). What do you think happened to it, and can it be fixed, or should we just get a French press?

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Anyone know what movie this is?

has to be mid nineties or older
Main character is a tween boy
Who time travels
And his stamp collection is important - may be for time traveling

P.S. I like you guys more than whatwasthatone
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Will you describe a defining moment in your childhood? Something that changed you somehow or made you who you are today, to some degree?

Do you have any memories that are oddly poignant or very detailed in your mind, considering their apparent insignificance? Will you describe one of them?

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I'd like to get a painting done for my mom. I know Etsy used to have a section where you could list stuff that you wanted and people would bid on the job. Is there anything else like that? Any particularly good etsy sellers or people you could suggest?

Are you going through anything difficult lately? Want to talk about it?

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My tooth was pulled this morning and it all went great.  They knocked me totally out and the next thing I knew I woke up and my face was all numb.  They asked me if I wanted my tooth and I said yeah, but what do I do with it?  Any good ideas?
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I am getting super tired of answering the phone at work and talking to people who seem to have no idea how a telephone works. You called me, and I cannot read your minds as to what you want.

Are people not taught telephone manners anymore?
What has annoyed you lately at work/in life?
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Would it be uber passive-agressive of me to post a note over the sink reminding my roommates to do their own dishes?

Can you tell me about your worst experience with a roommate? Were you ever a bad roommate?
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American Dr. Who fans... how do you pronounce Dalek? Like they do on the show [dah-lick], which doesn't sound American or some other way?

Looks to me like it should be day-lick or something.

What's the name for Dr Who fanatics? I can't remember.

Edit: Capt. Jack Harkness says it the same way as The Doctor so I guess it's DahLik no matter what.

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How old are you?

Did you go to a junior high school or a middle school? What grades did your between elementary and high school contain?

Where did you live at that time?

(I went to both a middle school (grades 5 &6) and a junior high (grades 7&8) and I get the feeling that most people of my generation went to middle school and not junior high. I am 23 and went to school in central Ohio.)
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Does anyone know what the heck has happened to Bones? I know Emily Deschanel was pregnant and that's why the season was delayed, but they aired two episodes and then disappeared again. They're not even showing reruns... some reality show crap is on instead. :/

Bonus-- I make a freaking awesome bananas fosters upside down cake. The topping that goes in the bottom of the pan is brown sugar and butter melted together, spiked with rum (smells soooo good when you pour the rum in), with slices of bananas in concentric circles. I'd like to try replacing the bananas with dark cherries. Does that sound yummy or gross?

Bonus bonus-- Is there any way to make rough sheets softer? I bought some really nice high thread-count sheets (I swear lower count are better, the fibers soften up more quickly) that are too rough to sleep on. I've washed them about 4 times and they're still so scratchy.
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i just went on a date and had a good time. at the end of it, though, he tried to kiss me. i pulled away because i was surprised and distracted because we were in a busy street.

when do you usually kiss a guy? on the first date?
EDIT: what i meant is, about how long does it take you to naturally want to kiss him? i'm just curious about an average.

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is there any way of finding out (apx.) how many university courses have a certain book on their syllabus? or, even better, a listing of the schools? ok yeah, prob not this
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reality shows...

Any one watch reality shows?

would you list which ones you keep up with?

I like Project Runway, Face Off, Next Top Model...Fear Factor

I'm looking for someone to chat with about it. I feel like I don't have any online friends who keep up with these shows.

anyone know when Next Top Model is starting the new season?

anyone watching Face Off?

did you watch the most recent episode? I was really disappointed with the whole lot of them.

Fear Factor, do you believe NBC should not air the "too gross ones"? personally I think just through a disclaimer and if your watching Fear Factor you should know what your getting into .

Question for Film Production Majors


I'm a junior in HS, and I obviously want to go to USC and NYU (they're regarded as the best film production schools), but I'm not exactly sure if I'd get in, because they're so stingy with accepting applicants.

I'm also interested in Emerson in Boston, UNCSA, and UChicago, and maybe a few others as well.

Has anyone had any experience with any of these schools, or the film production major? Even Film Studies and Film Writing majors could hang out in here too!

My passion is, always has been, and will always be film. Due to the hardship of actually becoming successful (enough to make a living), I'm considering double majoring in maybe Psych, or Journalism or something like that. Thoughts?

Please and thank you for any replies!
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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, how would you rate certain aspects of your job?

1. What are the benefits like?
2. What are the hours like?
3. Do you experience a lot of stress?
4. For what you are qualified for - as far as education, experience - how does it match up with your income?

Just looking for numbers for the above, though feel free to write sentences. Though most importantly, do you like your job?
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TQC, should I buy these shoes? I need some pretty shoes to go with this gorgeous dress I bought for a special occasion and these ones are calling my name pretty hardcore.

EDIT: I just ordered them. 8D

Now that that's settled, will you show me pictures of shoes you love?