February 1st, 2012

Worst Blind Date

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I work with a small knit group of people (8 to be exact) and we each have our own little side position that we hold. Mine involves being in charge of celebrating people's birthday's and company anniversaries, which I do a good job with. (card, balloons, gifts, cake, etc.)

However MY company anniversary is today and no card, no acknowledgement - nothing. And it's public knowledge since its posted on the calendar wall in the room we work in. So I am a bit annoyed. (I shouldn't have to arrange my own celebration, lol)

Should I say anything or just let it slide? I don't want to come across as being whiny and complaining, but it still kind of hurts, y'know?
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I need to take a math placement test to get back into college. It's been 12 years. I've never been good at math. I can't divide fractions or do percentages (which apparently is fifth grade math) and forget about algebra. I only get to take the test 3 times before I can't get into the program I want and I need to pass with 45 out of 50. I need a math tutor. Should I just use the one at the college or is there a good website I can use to brush up first?
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Other than liquor stores and grocery stores, can anyone think of places where someone might be able to aquire large quantities (~80) of cardboard boxes (broken down or not)? Doesn't really matter the size.
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I just signed up for an acrylics painting class! I have never take an art class or done any artsy painting. The class also includes oil painting but I prefer acrylic style.
What should I expect?
Any tips?
What would/did you paint for your first painting?
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What's a good concealer or foundation for oily pale, thin skin with yellow undertones?

I am using Bare Escentuals and it makes me break out like no tomorrow. My skin is also super thin, you can see my veins through it so sometimes powder looks like i drew on my face under it with purple crayon.


What do you drink with your coffee or tea?
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TQC, teach me how the lottery works! I've had minimal luck with google. I received a Lotto Max and a Lotto 649 ticket as a gift. Are these the same game? Are my tickets only valid for today's drawing of numbers? My lotto max has 3 lines of numbers, does that mean if the winning numbers are anywhere in the 3 lines, it's valid? Or do all the numbers have to be in one line? I assumed it has to be one line, but then I hear of groups of people winning, and don't know how unless if you're allowed to pick any number from any row from any ticket. I'm so confused. How do people find out how to play these games?
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More Restaurant Etiquette Questions

The other day my husband and I went to a restaurant we'd forgotten we loved. The service was absolutely amazing and we tipped 50% (it was a special occasion and we had some extra cash). We'll be going back there regularly now and asking for the same server.

Tell me TQC... will she be disappointed if we only tip 20-25% next time (provided she remembers us at all)?

Also: Is waiter or waitress an insult? Should it always be server?

dk/dc Where are you going tomorrow?

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I'm reading True Grit at the moment, which I really love, but can you guys give me some help with some of the terminology? I'm Australian and some of the things I guess are really interrelated with American history.

  1. What are the core differences between Cumberland Presbyterianism and the Southern/USA Presbyterian Church?
  2. Related to the above, what is the Doctrine of Election?
  3. I know that at one stage after the Civil War, the Democrats were the "right" and Republicans were the "left". At what point/president did they switch in ideology?

DN/DK: What are some good novels like True Grit, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Cold Mountain, To Kill a Mocking Bird etc. (i.e, set in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century and dealing with the war, Jim Crowe laws, the restoration period etc.)? Is 'The Last of the Mohican's any good? I've read somewhere that it's so historically inaccurate that it's offensive.
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does anyone here work out?
i'm trying to tone up my bum and tum and have been doing butt workouts and crunches a little bit each day, but i need some motivation to keep me going. did it work for you? success stories? what workouts did you do?

these little workout things are so boring though i would love to join a gym and sweat it up but that's not possible for me atm
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Do you cry more when people or animals die in movies?

Animals dying get me every damn time. Like sobbing, going through a box of kleenex crying.

What are you listening to? I am watching the Crack Fox Mighty Boosh episode. Everythings different in the world of me! I love this show.
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Question About Cameras

I've really been interested in Diana and Holga cameras lately, and have decided to finally get one.

Please help me decide which to get?

This is the Diana Deluxe Kit that includes like...everything. I'm wondering, though, since I've never used one, is it a risky purchase for $200 +?

That's the Diana F+ Medium Format, and it's much cheaper, but I don't think it includes film.

This is the Holga... there doesn't seem to be much difference between this and the Diana? Is there?

I think this is just a green version.

And that's just a Fuji Instant Camera, which I've always wanted.

If anyone has had any experience with any of these cameras, or have a different one to recommend, please let me know! Thanks so much!