January 31st, 2012


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Have you ever lost/ had stolen / etc tickets to an important event? What did you do?

I bought tickets off ticketmaster to see Augustana on friday and in the process of moving and putting them "in a safe place", I think I've forgotten where that safe place is. Im still searching for them, and ticketmaster says to concert them if this happens, so I probably will soon. But im still nervous.
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so, say you were born in city A, you moved to city B when you were six, and lived there for about 15 years (this would be the city where you have lived most of your life), and then you move to city C

if people ask you where you from, how would you answer?

what do you answer when people ask you when it's implied they know you're not originally from city C?
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In the history of television, what character would you say is the most despised/reviled on a regular series (as opposed to a TV movie or mini-series), and why did you choose that one?

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Let's say a good friend keeps asking you to partake in things from their main interests ie watching their fave shows and movies so you guys have more in common and more to talk about. You then ask them to do the same with some of your favourite things but they keep refusing because the stuff you like isn't very mainstream ie Anime or something that most people if you asked them wouldn't know about. Plus they're doing this because the things you like won't help aid in making them a well rounded person with tons to talk about.

Do you think this is wrong for them to do just because the things you like aren't mainstream enough? Do you think they're wrong for not just bothering to be opened minded because you are their good friend? Also they badger you about being so different, seeming to be crying for attention and dying to be different. Do you think that is totally insane and a rotten thing to do to a person?
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i just moved. however my condo did not come with a fridge, and i couldn't get delivery on one until saturday. what can i buy to eat until then that does not need a fridge?

so far i'm thinking: canned soup, top ramen, breakfast bars (granola bars and such), bread, butter (that can be left out right?), apples, bananas, fruits of that nature

but WHAT ELSE? my brain is stumped.

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What's the best board game for two couples to buy for board game nights together?

There are just the four of us. We like strategic games but yet something we can still play after a couple of glasses of wine.

We already own: loaded questions (regular and adult), scattergories, monopoly, apples to apples, bezzer wizzer, battle of the sexes, trivial pursuit, scrabble, monopoly, jenga, and I'm sure some things we're forgetting.

More board games...

Building on the previous question, what are some fun board games for me and the BF?  I loooove board games, but most of them work best with around 4 people.  What are some good games that don't require any sacrifice of fun to play with just 2?


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I need to go to London next week. I have a lot of uni work and not much cash.
It's a 4 and a half hour journey on the train at convinient times, and i'll get lots of work done = £55
I can get the bus which leaves at 5am, takes 7 and a half hours and gets me home for midnight. I don't know how much work i'll be able to do on the bus = £20.
Which do I get? Not doing work will panic me.
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So I got up this morning and decided it was a good morning to start unpacking clothes. As soon as I opened my closet I saw a spider that was huge and gross and D:. I grabbed my shoe and swung but I misssed. Then I forgot about it for a little bit BUT THEN I decided to grab a box of clothes out of said closet and saw him in the box flaps, I swung again but he burried himself in my box of clothes.

TQC what do I do?

I'm considering emptying the box straight into the dryer and hopefully that will kill this spider from hell... but do you have any better ideas? I don't want to just start grabbing clothes because yuck. Also I don't want to one day reach into my dresser and have him in a sleeve of my shirt or something equally as gross.

Should I just burn the box? Should I burn my closet or my whole house? I need this spider dead.

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I'll be driving 8 hours round trip and I'm in need of some fresh, upbeat, happy music to put me in a good mood while driving. Any suggestions? I like everything from The Beatles to Lil Wayne to Marilyn Manson. Thanks for your help

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Last March, I took out a personal loan. I don't have much left to pay on it but I'm a few days overdue on my last payment and I won't be able to make the next one either. How bad is this? Do I contact the bank and be like "just a heads up that I have no money for the next 3 weeks"? Or do I just ignore it and just pay what I can, when I can?
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What are some "small things" things that are really, really physically painful but everyone/society dismisses as being nothing or doesn't think about?

* Brought to you by the wind/stomach pain I had this morning that left me lying in the foetal position in agony. Likewise, toe-stubbing is agony but everyone dismisses it because "it's not like surgery or childbirth". WTF?

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What do you hear a lot of at work?

"Hello, This is ____ with ____. I was wanting to see if you all might have worked a motor vehicle accident that my patient was in..."

"Phone, fax and mailing, please."

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anyone try p90x? i've recently lost like 30+ pounds via changing my diet, but now i want to get toned and ripped and shit.

i am so out of shape it's ridiculous. i'm not overweight anymore but my muscles are lamesauce. is this a dangerous program for someone in my situation?

orrr does anyone have any recommendations for similar workouts?

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1. To what extent do you treat certain occurrences in your life as "signs," especially if several of these occurrences are coming together all at once?

So, the below has been going on in my life recently:

- My mom has been sick since August and we recently found out that her treatment hasn't been working. We're looking into new treatment options, so things are still a huge question mark in terms of her health and how it'll progress.
- My boyfriend and I broke up last week due to long-distance circumstances, so now I'm single and free to do whatever.
- Due to all this stress in my life, I haven't been performing too well at work. I keep making careless errors. It's also been a year since I've been at this job, and I feel that I've learned pretty much all there is to be learned. Perhaps it's a sign that I should leave?

If you were in my situation, would you consider the above to be "signs" pointing to a move back to my hometown?
The thing is is that I absolutely love the city in which I currently live (NYC), and the thought of leaving makes me sad. I haven't lived in my hometown in almost ten years (Atlanta), so I know it'll be a huge culture shock to be back there (and coming from NYC, especially).

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I was watching a little bit of The Good Wife with my son a couple days ago and one of the characters said "Everything tastes better with whipped cream!" This lead to a day long list of things that in fact do not taste better with whipped cream.

So, what are some things that do taste better with whipped cream?
What are some things that don't?
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On many crock pot recipes, the directions say "cook on high 3-4 hours OR cook on low 6-9 hours."

I was wondering if cooking it on high will make the meat less tender? Even though they give you the option, is it always better to cook it on low? (I am making chicken breasts)

Thanks for the help :)

Pet Name

Tomorrow, I'm getting a new cat. She is about a year old and pure black, very small and she is going to need a name. The name she has been given is 'Jessie' which I'm not particularly keen on, and she doesn't answer to it anyway because she was rescued.
Can you suggest a name for me? I only have one (bad) picture of her at the moment, which I can't share due to being at work! =/

DK/DC: Best pet names ever?


I'm having trouble finding the right picture. I'm looking for some sort of picture with a dog that is amusing, maybe a bit vulgar, and has text. Could you post one so I can help cheer someone up? Preferably relating to how men are scum and the down person is awesome. (all men are not scum, but you get the idea)

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drug raids at my former high school occurred today. i'm not surprised just bc there are a lot of idiots selling weed/prescription pills around here, but i am surprised about the whole confiscation of cell phones/snooping through texts and e-mails.

what's the biggest surprise your high school gave you? any big legal situations?

talk smack about your high school (if there's anything bad to say)!!!


1. I'm making a compilation for a friend at work. I want to ease him, very slowly, into the world of metal music. Right he listens to mostly reggae, rap, and top 40-type stuff. His idea of metal was "Def Leppard and Poison". I'm a metalhead myself so I have my own ideas but I just want to make sure that my idea of "easing into metal" isn't actually too heavy for him (ie. giving him a metallica album and saying "it's not THAT heavy!"). What would you put on a really tame metal CD? I already know I'm going to put some Def Leppard, some hair metal, and a bit of Iron Maiden/Judas Priest.

2. How many people do you think you've had a big time, IRL crush on. Like considered asking them on a date, had them on your mind for days or weeks, that kind of thing, not just "ooh there's a cute one!". Btw the list should include people you did in fact wind up going on a date with.
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If you had to pick a fabric for this shoe, which would you pick?

Option one.

Option two.

Most of you probably think they're ugly/overpriced. I probably won't buy them. For the record, those OTHER crazy platforms I bought with the rainbow heel, I returned them, because TQC is always right.

edit: because some of you asked, the ones I returned: http://www.shoebizsf.com/img/dynamic/product/large/jeffrey_campbell_groovie_nude_rainbow_t_strap_platform_heels1.jpg
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Who does most of the housework in your home? If you are in a relationship, do you think its "fair" that the person who makes the least money should do the most housework, because the person who earns more presumably pays for more in terms of bills, etc.? That is my boyfriend's argument but it seems unfair to me.

I feel like housework should be divided up according to who has more time, not who makes more money. For instance, what if spouse A works a part time job that brings in twice as much money as spouse B's part time job, but spouse B is also in school full time? Or if one of you works a full-time job that brings in less money than the others part-time job?

What is the arrangement in your home? Do you think it is fair?

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You are single but, for whatever reason, are not ready for a romantic relationship. You start hanging out with a member of your preferred gender, and you eventually grow to like him/her as more than just a friend. It's obvious these feelings are reciprocated. What do you do? Bonus points if it doesn't involve completely destroying the friendship.

2 questions

1. The cashier at Safeways, who has been giving me discounts on the sly for the past month, today presented me with a Safeway Club Card. What do I do with it? How do they work? /o\

1a. Does he have a thing for me?

2. Do you learn better from a classroom or immersion? Because I mentioned I'm visiting Ecuador and all of the women at work are now ONLY SPEAKING SPANISH to me. Es bueno, pero...

DK/DC: What's your favorite world mythology? At the moment I'm on a Norse mythology kick.