January 30th, 2012

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What's the deal with painting one fingernail differently than the rest?

Do you have a favorite celebrity news website? You don't have to be ashamed; one of my best friends follows that stuff.

Who's your favorite Adventure Time character?
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How protective are you of your parking spot? I always put notes on cars that park in my assigned spot. I think that shit's whack. But once I went on a late night McDonald's run and they messed up my order at the drive-thru so I was waiting in front of the store for them to bring it out. An older couple approached my car in an otherwise empty parking lot and asked me to move because I was "in their spot."

I live in a court of about 30 townhouses. Each house has been generously assigned 2 personal parking spaces, so visitor spots are few and far between, but there is street parking down the way. My next door neighbor has taken it upon himself to park his third household vehicle in the visitor spot right outside his door. He's been doing it off and on since I've lived there, but as of right now I don't think it's been moved the entire month of January. This is an outrage, y/y?

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I have a 1999 Ford Explorer. It's getting to the point where it needs a lot of big things done to it. The front passenger control arm needs to be repaired for $600, it needs a new fuel neck for $600, I need 4 new tires which will be about $800. I live in Michigan where we have ice and snow and with it, salt. My truck is getting pretty rusty which at this point is really only cosmetic.

All that being said, would you put $2000+ into a 13 year old car or would you put the $2000 on a down payment on a newer car? Our credit union is offering some pretty good loans right now with decent interest rates and it appears to be in our budget.

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Have you ever taken anyone under your wing? How'd that go?

Do you elevate your computer monitor or prefer it as close to the same level as your keyboard as possible?

Who's your favorite vampire?

Care to post your last doodle or other arty/crafty type object your own precious hand created?

Will you post a non-dog/cat pet you have, would like to have some day or just dream of sharing your space with? Personally I'd like to have a gang of Pikmin to swarm around.
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How did your parents come up with your name? (family name, character on show, liked the way it sounds)

How did you come up with your kid(s) name(s)?

How did you come up with your pet(s) name(s)?

Any names you really like?

Any names you really hate?

Am I going to die, Dr TQC?

I have had a mean sinus infection for the last 3 weeks (due to my own fault, hoping it was just a cold and would go away on it's own) I finally went to the doctor the other night and got antibiotics. Today I woke up with a killer headache and my nose was stuffed up. Just wanting my symptoms to go away, I downed 2 Advil, and a Zyrtec-D along with my Antibiotic (Clarithromyc) and Wellbutrin and Prozac I take normally. 2 40mg of Prozac and 2 150mg of Wellbutrin.
Now I feel like shit, I can't focus and am kinda having trouble speaking coherently and I feel nauseous. Whats going to happen to me?? :(
srs and non srs welcome.
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One of my teeth is hurting/aching. According to a diagram, it's a premolar. It feels like it's in between the teeth and possibly in the gum, and rubbing my gum below the tooth makes it hurt a bit more. It was hurting a few days ago for a bit, then stopped that same day. Yesterday it ached all day, and today it didn't start to ache until I ate something. Looking in the mirror I can see what looks like a small (tiny) brown spot in between the two teeth, and running floss between the two hasn't pulled anything out. 

Do you think it's a cavity?

Is there anything that can be done, keeping in mind that I don't have dental insurance and probably can't afford it?
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Do you know where I could get an affordable (up to $200) large leather (or faux) zipped satchel or tote for carrying business stuff (no computer, just a lot of paperwork and such)? Can you recommend any brands or stores--preferably online.

This is perfect, except too much $$ for work.

I already tried Target--I think they're faux leather totes look like shit, tbh.


So, over the course of the last few years, I've had 5 sessions of laser hair removal on my underarms.  The last session was about 3 years ago, and I still have hair.  Yes, there has been a definite reduction, but I was really hoping to be able to abandon shaving completely.  So, now I'm looking at electrolysis, since it now looks like that's the only surefire way to eliminate the hair.

Does anyone have any good/bad experiences to share?  Has the hair gone away for good?  How many sessions did you need/how long did the sessions take?  And, of course, how bad was the pain level?  Any other info/anecdotes greatly appreciated!


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How much does it cost you to fill your car with gas?
How much do you spend on gas a week?
How much is gas where you live?

A little less than $40.
Between $20 and $60, depending.
$3.79 a gallon as of today at the gas station I go to.

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TQC, one of my friends is whining on Facebook. She's moaning about not having enough gas money to get home for her birthday (about a three hours' drive away from her current residence) and thinks that her parents should lend it to her so she can get home for a birthday party with her sisters. I'm sympathetic that she doesn't have money to get to her party, but isn't that a question of her own budgeting problems? Would you expect your parents to lend you gas money if you couldn't afford to get home for your birthday?

(No, I don't know why one of her sisters can't give her a ride.)

Lyrics Epiphany

Have you had a sudden realization about song lyrics? Got some examples?

It happened to me just now. I know 10,000 Maniacs "Eat For Two" from the MTV Unplugged performance, and I've always been fascinated by the rhythm and sound, and just coasted over the lyrics. I couldn't have told you what the song was about, just that I liked the way it sounded. I had no idea what the title "Eat For Two" meant.

Collapse )

So I recently went to the public library and borrowed the 10,000 Maniacs album with the studio version of the song, and ripped it to my computer. Today I was listening to the song, and suddenly I went SAY WHAT?!?. I had no idea until now that the song was about being pregnant -- unexpectedly -- unhappily.

O, Baby blankets and baby shoes, baby slippers, baby spoons, walls of baby
Dream child in my head is a nightmare born in a borrowed bed.
Now I know lightning strikes again.
It struck me once, then struck me dead.
My folly grows inside of me.
I eat for two, walk for two, breathe for two now.

Well, the egg man fell down off his shelf.
All the good king`s men with all their help struggled `til the end for a shell
they couldn`t mend.
You know where this will lead, to hush and rock in the nursery for the kicking
one inside of me.
I eat for two, walk for two, breathe for two now.

When the boy was a boy, the girl was a girl, they found each other in a wicked
Strong in some respects, but she couldn`t stand for the way he begged and gave
Pride is for men; young girls should run and hide instead.
Risk the game by taking dares with "yes".
Eat for two, walk for two, breathe for two now.

Walk for two? I`m stumbling.
Breathe for two? I can`t breathe.
Five months , how it grows.
Five months now, I begin to show.


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Anyone have any good HTML reference guides?  Trying to redirect a Yahoo Small Business website to a Vistaprint website should NOT BE THIS HARD.

On a scale of 1 being "not at all" or 10 being "OMFGhelpmeeeee", how awkward is your current living situation?
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Inspired by a comment on facebook today -

Without citing 'official' etiquette, in your opinion, if a couple splits shortly after the wedding, should they send the wedding gifts back? How short is short? 72 days? Six months? Under a year?
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I kicked a soccer ball with the top of my foot without a shoe on last week. Yeah, I know..

Ever since then, I have been unable to walk without intense pain. I would say it's fractured or broken, but my foot has not once been swollen or bruised since that incident. It just hurts like hell. Really, really, really hurts. All along the top and down into the arch of my foot.

Is it possible to sprain the top of your foot? Additionally, is it possible to actually break your foot without having even the slightest bit of bruising? People keep saying, "Oh, you'd know if it was broken." A) It hurts, people! B) My boyfriend broke his foot several years ago and walked on it for weeks before getting it checked out, and C) I feel like a sprain would be improving every day.

Anyone? :(

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How many holidays/vacations/trips do you usually take in a year?

Any planned for this year yet?

My boyfriend and I usually take 1 summer holiday, with a few weekend breaks if we can. We went up to the Highlands (we're from Scotland) a couple of weekends ago, we're going to Portugal for a week in May, and a long weekend in Paris in August. I'm excited! :)

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I know these are posted ALL the time, but I'm really totally stumped right now. What should I make for dinner?

I have steak, chicken, and a skillet meal in the freezer. I also just went shopping, so the fridge and pantry are fully stocked. Whatever I make has to be something I can put in the slow-cooker or pop in the oven because I'm still working. (Or take like 5 mins to cook, like the skillet dinner.)

Any ideas?

If not, what's your favorite type of cuisine to cook?

Ok fine, I will just be lazy and make the skillet dinner.

Is there anything you hate cooking?

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my ex used every romantic line on me ever created while we were together (2years) I later discovered he was cheatin on me literally the whole time. I was about to move out with him when I foudn out.
Now when any other guy says anything nice to me I automatically shut down and assume they are playin me.


have u ever had this situation before?? and how have u managed to overcome it??

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What are some gross things that have happened to you? Just whenever.

Today I was blow drying my hair and smelled something weird. It kinda smelled like someone in the house was cooking something not very nice. I blow dried about 3/4 of my hair when I stopped for a bit. The smell wasn't as bad when I stopped so I inspected the hair dryer. I looked in the nozzle, and behind the vent there was a dead cockroach inside my fucking hair dryer. It looked all mangled and one of its legs was sticking out. I was shooting really hot cockroach air at my head for 15 minutes.

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From previous posts it seems a lot of people have done some sort of Disney international/college program.
Can you use this space to enthuse about it please?

DK/DC: What seemingly out of reach goal have you reached in your life?
I just got to the final 150ish out of 4,000 for a job.
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Would you move in with a married couple, or is that weird? My best friend since childhood is getting married in 3 weeks, and she's moving back to the city I currently live in (I live with my parents) and she wants us to look for an apartment together (a 2-bedroom with both of them in one room and myself in the other). My parents think this is the most bizarre thing they've ever heard of.

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I need ideas for my grocery list! Between school and work, I really don't have the time (or energy) to make anything that takes a long time or has many ingredients. At the same time, I'm trying to eat more healthy.

What foods do you guys always have on hand for quick and easy meals? The healthier and easier to prepare, the better. Also, can you guys suggest any good (nutrition-wise) meal replacement bars? I've been eating Clif bars for lunch lately but I'm sure there are better bars out there.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)