January 29th, 2012


iMiTO 8-inch Android Tablet PC

Does anyone have one of these? Are they any good? One Irish site is offering them for less than half price and I'm tempted.

Anyone have any advice as to warding off a cold/sore throat?

What would you do if you pulled back the curtain and discovered dried iguana poo stuck to the wall (she pooed from the top of the curtain)

Mass Effect 3 is coming up, should Bioware include alien m/m love interests for gay gamers or just human LIs?
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What is the difference between vanilla and French vanilla? If you're tempted to respond with a link, please consider summarizing in your own words.

How do you feel about the term guardian to describe humans who keep domesticated animals?
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Congratulations! A truck full of toxic waste just crashed, spilling it's load all over TQC and it's members. You are know the proud owner of your very own superpowers!

- Are you a hero or a villain?
- What's your new name?
- What are you powers?
- What is your kryptonite?
- Who is your nemesis?

- Will you draw a picture of your costume?
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Does your city or town have an unofficial motto?

Mine--Spokane, Washington--is officially "The Lilac City." But, the unofficial motto is "The Marmot City" after the many rodents of that sort living along the river banks downtown.
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When getting your hair cut, where do you get your ideas on how you want it cut?

I've got massively curly hair, which I straighten and I plan on getting the 'keratin blowout' (I asked the girl that cuts my hair and there is no formaldehyde in theirs). I've looked at pictures of some of my favorite actresses, but I'm running out of ideas. So where do you get your ideas? Who are your favorite actresses so I can maybe get some ideas.

dc: Favorite Muppet character?

I've always loved Beaker.

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So let’s say you’re hanging out with two friends and you SO one night. You’re a pretty tight group of friends and end up playing some weird game of chicken where everyone ends up naked.

You and your SO start making out as do your other two friends. During the make out session your SO attempts to reach over and touch friend of opposite gender of your SO (or same if that’s more your style).

What do you do?

Stealing mail

TQC, I am having mail issues. Someone is either stealing our mail, or the post office is delivering it incorrectly.

I live in an old house converted into 5 or so apartments. I don't know my neighbors but we are friendly and everyone keeps to themselves. The mail boxes are at the front of the house, on a big porch, our apartment is in the back of the house.

Three times now a tracking number has claimed items have been delivered and they haven't. Or they were and they were stolen. I have called the post office 4 times, and nothing has come of it, no one has done anything to help me.

Should I call my landlord or the police? Or both? What can be done in this situation?
I just had all of my addresses switched over to my parents so nothing will even be sent to this Bermuda triangle of an apartment but is there anything I can do to figure out wtf is going on?

The weird thing is is whats getting stolen. I am the ONLY girl (besides my roommates) living in this building, whats been stolen is plus sized clothes (none of the boys would even fit into it if they were stealing it!) also large gauge tongue and septum piercing jewelry as well as letters from our friends John and Skippy in jail. Nothing terribly interesting, or that would pertain to anyone really but us.

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I am reading "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion for a book club I recently joined. This is a zombie novel, with a first-person narrative written from a zombie's point of view.

I am woefully ignorant of the ever-growing body of zombie literature. Can you give me examples of other works with the same narrative structure (i.e., first person, zombie's point of view)?

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i'm so bored i want to explode. or implode, because that would probably be more interesting.
i've been trying to watch episodes of tv shows, but none of the links are working.
what are some entertaining shows that i can watch online? i already watch an embarrassing amount of television, despite not having a tv (i go to http://www.sidereel.com), but i'd like a new series to watch from beginning to end for when i'm waiting for new episodes of the shows i keep up with.

also, what should i eat when i don't want to eat because i've been literally sitting on my butt all day, and nothing seems appealing? i've already had stir-fried tofu, gluten, snow peas, and asparagus in basil sauce with soba noodles, and mixed berries, bran flakes, and persimmon with vanilla pudding.

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Have you ever heard of black eyed children?


It's creepy as fuck, but not really logical. (Yeah, I'm looking for logic in an urban legend...) I like the theory that they're demons, but if they're powerful enough to appear as children, why can't they disguise their eyes? And if they want to trick you into letting them in your house/car, why do they creep you out instead of making you feel sorry for them? If they can go onto your property to knock on your door, why do they need your permission to enter the house? They're already in your space without permission.
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I'm trying to make rice pudding from a Betty Crocker recipe, and its telling me to throw everything in the pot when I go to cook the rice- I was always under the impression you shouldn't do this. Will this affect the outcome too badly?
I already did a batch, but it didn't come out right because I forgot to have the water boiling *before* I put the rice in again- it has a sort of rubbery texture now.
Have you ever made rice pudding? Do you have a favorite version? I had it for the first time on Friday and the recipe i have called for just rice, water or milk, salt, sugar and cinnamon- which worked out because that's all i have to work with, aside from that there is no milk.
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I have a job interview tomorrow. I have black shoes, grey pants, a white-purple-and-grey striped shirt, and a black blazer.

Will a black blazer with grey pants work? If not, I'm kind of screwed since I can't find my black pants, and don't have a grey blazer.

Edit: Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys!! I really hope to do well with this interview because my current contract runs out March 30th, and I'm getting married on April 21, so I kinda need to be gainfully employed.
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How can I turn an Army surplus camo jacket (hot weather, woodland, 100% cotton) solid green? It says not to use chlorine bleach on the label, or heat it above 130 degrees, but I'm not sure what the consequences will be.

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What sort of illnesses are going around where you are right now? My kid has some kind of a cold with fever and cough that's been dragging on for a week. It looks like I'm keeping him out of school tomorrow and trying for a doctor's appointment. He's had his flu vaccine this year, but I'm wondering if maybe he's dealing with a mild case.


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What kinds of rewards did you get when you were in school?

(Yes, I'm looking for ideas. So far we have done: pep rallies for students who meet academic and behavioral criteria, free snacks from concessions for students who improved on their annual tests, a table of honor at lunch where the teachers wait on the students, lunch with music in the hall away from the cafeteria, an after school activity session where kids could color, play Wii, listen to music or play cornhole, a golden toilet brush that hangs in the hall with the cleanest bathroom, plus a weekly reward we do for students who show honesty, excellence, attitude, respect and/or teamwork. I am thinking that for the next minor goal we'll have a tea party day where the kids can have tea or cocoa and read whatever the heck they feel like and I'm going to see if the principal will allow the students to choose what color I'll dye my hair if the kids meet their goals for the year)

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in your personal opinion...

is it better to be a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician's Assistant?

I'm currently back in school to fulfill a million and a half prereqs for what I thought would be an accelerated nursing program... and eventually a nurse practitioner degree. But now that I'm in school, I'm wondering if it'd be better to just go straight for a physician's assistant degree instead, which requires only two more undergrad classes and 500-1000 hours of hospital experience.

Any anecdotal knowledge is welcome.

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What are some good wedding songs?
Daughter/Father dance and first dance as a married couple would be great!

If you're married, did you have a good luck dance?

ETA: I'm thinking either "You're A Big Girl Now" by The Stylistics or "Cleaning This Gun" by Rodney Atkins for the Father/Daughter dance.

 What do you think?
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best flea treatment for dogs? what do you use on your pets?

i currently use advantage on my pommie, but i feel like it's not working as good as it used to. it's time for something new. i looked into comfortis because my uncle uses it on his dog, but i've already read two stories about pomeranians having very strange reactions to it. :/
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I forgot to ask people these questions for a survey in my sociology class so I was hoping y'all would help.

How do you define race?
What is your racial and/or ethnic background?
Have you taken a class on race now or ever?
What age are you?
How often do you hear racial slurs?
What is your response when you hear someone use racial slurs?
Do you think most people embrace diversity and people of different races?

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What did you eat today?

I had a lemon scone for breakfast/lunch since it was like 11AM when I ate it. For dinner I had a pesto chicken sandwich and a bowl of butternut soup.

Was there anything you were supposed to do this weekend, but didn't? What was it?

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what are some simple, mundane things that you really hate doing? what are some irrational fears/anxieties you have?

i hate writing bibliographies and taking the trash outside. the latter is because i'm afraid people will see my trash even though it's in an opaque bag. i'm also afraid of people seeing my laundry.