January 28th, 2012


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tqc, will you help me choose which dress to wear? Tomorrow night, I am going to a Ska Trojan night at a club (1960s Reggae-themed, in case you've never heard of it) http://www.trojanrecords.com/

Dress one

I like this one, it's two-tone and looks quite modish for the occasion. I'm not sure about the arms though (vest cut)

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Have you ever had a successful relationship from a set-up with a complete stranger?

Suppose you've met someone and you've got a strong mutual attraction, despite extremely differing opinions on topics that are important to a relationship (such as getting married or having kids), on which you do not plan to change your opinion. Would you still engage in a relationship, knowing it was doomed from the beginning?
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Have any of you traveled through the Living Social website? (The escapes specials they seem to have: $736, for two, Puerto Vallarta, all inclusive ..etc..)
Where did you go?
How was your experience and would you recommend it?

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Does anyone here watch Real Time With Bill Maher?

Good god, most annoying panel ever. Between that Kennedy bitch interrupting everyone and that doofus saying teachers are having to waste their time teaching the dumber Mexican kids, I almost had to turn it off. And I usually like this show.
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it's my friends birthday tomorrow and she loves baking, especially pies. I was hoping to find some pie accessories that are helpful/awesome/etc. Do you have any suggestions?

What are some of your favourite baking tools/gadgets?
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Should the US dump the dollar bill?

I’m tired of carrying around a fat wallet filled with singles. Canada and Australia successfully replaced their dollar bills with coins, and I found them much handier when traveling in those countries. A number of studies that suggest that it would save the government money in that coins last much longer and thus printing costs drop.

What is your opinion? Drop the dollar and go to coins, or not

While we're on the subject, should we dump the (nearly worthless) penny?

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I bought this painting at a benefit auction and just got it back from the frame guy, and have this nagging feeling that it's upside-down.

so does anyone know anything about Asian characters who could tell me something about this, and whether the guy framed it right? sorry to sound so ignorant, I just really loved the shrimp.
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Have you ever dyed you eyelashes, or know anyone who has? Any horrible disaster stories? I feel like all the warnings are exaggerating a tad about how risky it actually is.

or talk about whatever else involving hair dye.
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Library etiquette

What are the basic rules in the public libraries where you're from/live? Is food/drink allowed inside? Is it supposed to be quiet?

(I've started coming to Frankfurt's central library these last weeks and I've already seen tons of people eating (messy stuff like chocolate muffins and crisps) and drinking, playing videos with the laptop speakers on, answering the phone or even singing and clapping... Any of that would have you marched out of the libraries I used to go to in Spain or the UK back in the day)

DK/DC/don't use libraries: what's your favourite crisp flavour?
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What movie or television series could you watch every single day?

What movie/television series/album/book are you impatiently wait for?

What is your latest pop culture obsession?
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If a friend is going through financial trouble, do you think it would be helpful or insulting to give him/her a little money-gift? (Like $100?) If you've been in this situation on either end of the deal, I would appreciate it if you commented with your experience.
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I'm on the last chapter of The Hunger Games and am rushing to the bookstore for another book.

Anyone have any suggestions that is vaguely in the same vein as The Hunger Games? Something like a suspenseful thriller that is difficult to put down? I love dystopian novels, too, so anything like that would be great :)

Also, if anyone is in/has been to Melbourne, do you know of a good bookstore somewhere near Southern Cross station? They closed down the big Borders and all the other ones are closed. The one bookstore I know of that's nearby is a little WHSmith at the station which doesn't have a huge collection :(

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do you have a charm bracelet?
where did you get it/who's it by?
what charms do you have?
will you take a picture and share with the class?

I got my first charm bracelet for Christmas and my first charm is Collapse )

should I stick with this theme only or add other special charms to it?

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In about a week, I am teaching the other teachers in my school how to get their kids blogging for class. I am hoping to at least get all the reading/language arts teachers on blogging.

After the meeting, I have to create a survey to determine the effectiveness of my presentation. What questions should I include?

(I am already going to ask who has assigned a blog entry, how many they've done, if they prefer it to paper assignments, and if the students prefer blogging to paper assignments)

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This has probably been asked before, so my apologies if you've answered this recently, but I'm genuinely curious...

What's your favorite movie and why? What makes this movie so great to you?
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For those of you who are in a relationship...
Who initiates conversation (by text, phone call, w/e) more often? Do you think it's unfair if it's the same person all the time?

Nova Scotia, Canada?

Does anybody live there? Is it super expensive there? Is the HST thing that bad? I currently live in BC, Canada.

What do you like/not like about living there?

Thanks! Any input welcome!

EDIT: Also, are there any job opportunities for young people?

Bathing Suit Help

Collapse ) I don't even know what it would be called besides "high waisted". I don't usually buy swim suits so I'm kind of in the dark here, but since I'm trying to lose weight, I need to have some sort of motivation. SO THIS IS IT.

Picture under cut.

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just things

On wrongnumbertexts.com why does every one say their age and where they are from? ( like "you have the wrong number. I am a 40 year old mother in NY" )

Have you gotten a wrong number text?
Some girl texted me & I told her she had the wrong number. She wanted to know who I was, as if she knows everyone in the area code....

What do you like about living in this era?
I like how everything is instant.
Small cars.

What would be great about living in the past?
Generally people dressed more nicely. (I'm thinking 40's-50's)
I like the style of reto appliances. Luckily for tons of money you can buy appliances that look retro

What will be great about living in the future?
flying cars :-)

What are you looking forward to?
An author visit in February, a museum exhibit in June (Ezra Jack Keats at the Eric Carle museum)

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So, for this question your parents have been married for 26 years but known each other for over 30. You live at home with them and are 22ish and you have an older sister.

Your mom tells you she's having an affair. The man makes her happy and they work together. This man is married. She asks you not to say anything to ANYONE including your older sister. Your mom tells you some of the "cute things" he says to her. Looking through her phone one day to find another message, you come across one of their conversations. It has details including them hinting at the sex they've had at work before and other details I will spare you all.

What would you do? You're keeping this a secret from everyone except your S/O and best friend.
Would you tell your sister? Would you keep it to yourself? Would you tell your dad?

ETA: I'm the product of a previous affair with a different guy, I have no where to go if I get kicked out and have a 4 month old son.

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what are some good 5 minute icebreaker games one can use in a ESL course? (so basically, a pretty basic game or something interactive, teaching SOMETHING about a basic topic (food, animals, colours, etc), meant for 6-8 year olds) 

and yes, specifically can be done in 5 minutes?

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Okay, so I know this is incredibly broad, but I need your help because I'm drawing a stupid freakin' blank:

At the end of February I'm going to be key makeup artist for an independent post-apocalyptic film, and I'm putting together a folder of concept images. I'm looking for movies that feature women with worn-off makeup. Like, they had makeup on, but then had to do some rough work or got caught in a disaster or something so it's present but very worn/smeared/whatever. Infinite extra points if it's a period piece pre-1960.  Will you please list some?

I know, this is like every movie ever. I don't know why I can't think of anything.
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Has anyone here ever had LASIK eye surgery to correct vision?
Did you still need glasses/need glasses later on? If the latter, how long could you go without glasses?
Please tell me anything else related to the topic. I'm considering doing it in the next couple of years.

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Does coffee make you ill?

It makes me sick apparently and I've stopped for a while but had one today and it made me sick again.  So that's the end of that.

Other than coffee, what wakes you up?
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Does anyone know of a community where I can ask people about Yu-Gi-Oh fic?  (I'm looking for one that I read a long time ago but can't remember the title.)
Do you read Yu-Gi-Oh fic?  
What was the first piece of fanfiction you ever read, if you have?

If none of the above,  what's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

I don't; that's why I'm asking you people.
Not anymore, but it used to be one of my loves.
I'm pretty sure it was this sappy  'Yugi/Tea' thing. I was eleven, in sixth grade and had *just* found FanFiction.Net.  I was so happy to see that other people were writing about shows that I liked too, it was kind of ridiculous.  (I was kind of a 'young eleven'.

Generally my favourite kind of ice cream is the kind that I am eating.

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I'm trying to get to a book online through my local public library. It's in my library's catalog, so library card holders should have access to it. When I click the link in the catalog, it takes me to an EBSCO sign-in page, which asks me to enter my library card number. When I enter that, it takes me to an EBSCO search page, which tells me that it can't find the number my catalog sent it. I've tried using that page to search for the book variously by title, author, file number in the catalog and ISBN number, and it still can't find it. Has anyone ever used NetLibrary successfully who can tell me how this works?

DK/DC: what did you have for dinner?

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If you got a doctor's excuse for an illness or injury, would you take the full amount of time that was excused or suck it up and go to work?

My iliotibial band has been really inflamed for quite some time, at one point this past week, I couldn't even walk on it. While I can walk on it, I'm still in pain...it just seems to radiate this achy pain. I have a doctor's excuse for 1-2 weeks. So, far its only been a week(last weekend and yesterday...I only work weekends cause of school). I work at a grocery store and standing aggravates it a lot, so I'm thinking of just calling out tomorrow and calling a physical therapist on Monday. But I feel like shit for not going to work and I know I'm pissing a lot of people off at work in the process. I don't know what to do.
but i have been so unbridled.
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riddle about two criminals with their crimes tattooed on their face; must guess their own crime?

So I have vague memories of a riddle/short story/fable/morality tale, possibly relayed in a TV show or movie, about two criminals hanging in cages who have had their foreheads tattooed with their crime -- and they don't know what their crime was. They're not able to see their own tattoo, only the other man's. Criminal A sees that Criminal B has something utterly terrible like RAPE + MURDER, and tells him so -- but when it's Criminal B's turn, he reacts with utter shock/terror/etc so that you're left wondering what Criminal A did that could be worse.

Either you're supposed to figure it out yourself, or there was an answer provided -- I can't recall anything. Is this story ringing any bells?

EDIT: It was a story within the play "The Pillowman" by Martin McDonagh! Hooray for this community. :D

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I'm super excited about our upcoming trip to Florida in May. We're going to Clearwater for a week.

What should I expect when I get there?
What should I pack?
What do you take with you when on vacation?
Seeing i'ver ever seen the ocean before, should I get a mason jar of ocean water and sand?