January 27th, 2012


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Can you tell me your "hitting on" stories? By this I mean stories about being hit on or hitting on someone else.

Whether they were really funny, really cheesy, totally failed, etc.
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i have a bunch of garbage (passed to me from a relative) i'm finally taking to the dump. do dumps typically take debit cards? i never have cash and can't find anything online. i know it probably varies, i'm just curious because i'd rather not stop at my bank first.

unrelated questions:

where do you shop for comforters/duvet covers? i can't find anything i like in stores.

where/what is your favorite store/website to shop for home decor?

That really sucks donkey dick

TMZ is reporting that the next episode of Fear Factor will feature two contestants drinking a glass of donkey semen apiece.

How much do you think the guy who jacked off the donkey was paid?
How much would you have to be paid to drink a glass of donkey semen?
Manly man homosapien semen?
Are you going to watch?
If I charge my partner $100 to drink a glass of his semen, should I include that in the $200/week I expect him to spend on me or is that separate?

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My best friend is has been dating a guy for about two months now.

On a recent date, they got thirsty so they stopped at a convenience store to get a bottle of water. They each grabbed their own and walked towards the cashier more or less together (she was walking slightly behind him). When he gets to the register, he pays only for HIS water when my friend is pretty much right behind him.

She said this has been bothering her a bit as she would have just paid for his water, too (because, I mean c'mon, it's only $2!)
If you were in her situation, would you also consider what he did to be really selfish? Isn't a relationship about a healthy balance of giving and taking?
Would you consider this a yellow flag (maybe not quite big enough to be red) that potentially shows that he won't be a generous, considerate boyfriend in the long run?


Any of you have a Border Collie?


We are going to look at border collie puppies tomorrow and I'm really excited it's my favorite breed although I've never had one just love the ones I've been around.

Don't have one?

Spam me with pictures of your dogs as puppies :) (Or cars as kitties)
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Where is a good place to buy thick, form-fitting leggings that won't show my underwear? Or, barring that, thin, form-fitting pants? (No bootcut, or flares; have to be form-fitting right down to the ankle.) I'm revamping my outfit for the charity zombie walks I attend (as a human survivor / zombie-hunter), and I've decided to go for pants this time around. (Let's face it, booty shorts and fishnets photograph well, but they're torture when the colder weather starts, and I'm kind of a pansy about that.)

Also, cheap = awesome. I'm really not down to pay $50 for a pair of pants or leggings. What brands do you guys like?

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I'm having some friends round for drinks tonight before we go out.
I have a kitchen with a large table and loads of chairs, or my living room with 2 sofas and an armchair. I could bring more chairs upstairs.
Where should I bring my guests?
(When I say guests, I mean rowdy students playing drinking games)
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what is the clear, jelly-like substance on meat called? i usually see it on ham or beef roasts after they've been refrigerated overnight. is it just fat that changed consistency somehow, or is it gelatin? google searches aren't telling me anything, but it seems like gelatin has to be made from animal products, and it doesn't just happen naturally... right?

DK/DC: what fashion 'rules' do you ignore?
- never wear black and navy or black and brown together. i think black and navy look great together!
- no white after labor day.
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Dear TQC

I got a surprise in the mail along with a baby shower invite. I was one of 15 who were randomly selected make a onesie for my friend's baby. I get to make the one for when he turns one month old and am looking for ideas.

Do any of you want to give me suggestions?
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Have you taken the new GRE? What was it like?

I am taking it on Feb. 1st and haven't prepped for it at all yet, and I haven't done math in almost four years. How sunk am I? :(
I do have two days set aside before then to prepare, but I'm kind of overwhelmed at this point.

Would you describe to me your ideal house or apartment?
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What excuses did your parents give you for adult situations that you asked about when you were young?

For example: I was I was raised on a ranch, so I believed that cattle were "giving each other piggy backs" when they were humping. 

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Are you a jealous kinda person?
How do you over come it?
Will you tell me about the last time you were jealous?

Some girl just posted on my husband's wall "Hot firefighters always remind me of you : ) ha ha, don't tell your wife i said that ; ) j/k" and it sort of upset me.