January 26th, 2012

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Street Lights

In parts of the UK, local councils are trialing an idea of switching off street lights between midnight and 5am.

If your local authority decided they would do this to the lights on your street, how would you feel?
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We are in NY & I'm asking This question for my cousin. She's unemployed (I'm not & have no idea who to ask???).

She's been unemployed for awhile & she's not sure if her benefits are gone. I told her to call the unemployment people, but figured I'd see if anyone on here knew.

It says her benefit year ending date was on the 15th, but the remaining balance in her account is almost $3.000. She gets like $400 a week...so her question is "has she exceeded the time frame for benefits and will she continue to receive unemployment for a few more weeks because she has a remaining balance of almost $3,000 or does that not matter that there's a balance because the time frame is up"?

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Washing clothes

Is it true that if you wash clothes in hot water it can help to set stains and smells?

I have some shirts in my house that no matter what I do, I can't get the armpit stink out, and they look "wet". I've tried hot water, cold water, and I've tried the pre-wash stuff... Last resort is to just throw the shirts away but I really don't want to do that if I can help it.

Thanks :)

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(no subject)

I'm waiting for Van Halen tickets to go on sale (PRESALE, BABY). I'm not really a fan, but my husband loves them. The tickets are $170 EACH after tax and fees.


Would you ever spend $170 on one concert ticket? Because I always said I wouldn't but...

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If you've ever been on crutches for a few weeks, what are some tips you learned for getting around/doing things?

Who taught you how to drive? Did you learn on an automatic or manual? Was that person a good teacher?

Have you ever been accused of stealing someone's girlfriend/boyfriend? Were you guilty or innocent?
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(no subject)

1. If you ever lost a loved one, about how long did it take for you to continue with your life pretty normally without constantly being plagued by sadness and mourning?

2. Have you ever moved completely out of a city, moved away to another city pretty far away and then move back to the other city?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend loves country music. I know nothing about it at all.
For valentines day I'm thinking about getting us tickets to the International Country Music Festival. I have no idea if it looks good or not tbh. The tickets are not cheap. I can afford them, but only if I think he's going to love it.
If there are any country music fans (!) on TQC, could you take a look and tell me if I should book it or not?

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Ummm... so I think I screwed up majorly.

I worked at Company A from Jan 1-Jan 4 in 2011. Then I had short term disability pay when I had my daughter Jan 15. I quit that company and started work at Company B in May. I got W2s for both companies and filed my taxes. Company A showed that I made over $2,000 in those 4 days that I actually worked there, so I thought my short term disability was included in that.

WELL. Today I get my short-term disability W2, and I'm freaking out. Looking back, I had vacation time that I used at Company A, hence the $2,000.

Am I going to go to jail?
Should I just add it in to next years taxes?
How should I fix this?
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(no subject)

Say you got a job where you had to wear polos to work with their logo on them. When it came time to order, you get 5 shirts and have a choice between red, black, navy or white. What would you choose for your 5 shirts? (You can wear khakis or black pants, if it matters)

When you floss, do you do it at a random time, before you brush your teeth or after you brush your teeth?

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the buses in your city are quite probably going on strike for up to six weeks starting in february. you don't have a car, can't afford a cab, don't know anyone with a car on your route and would have to walk 40+ minutes each way in often below freezing temperatures to get to and from school.

what would you do?

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Have your set yourself a monthly or weekly budget?
What does yours look like?

I'm having the worst time trying to keep up with bills and various other things because I have no idea how to budget myself (if that's the expression).  

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For those of you who are into nail polishes...

What is your experience with Color Club?

I just bought two bottles, Worth The Risque holo and Revvvolution holo. I read the reviews before purchasing but they go back and forth. I'd really love to hear first hand opinions.
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(no subject)

You know the unibrow baby in the Simpsons opening that shakes a fist at Maggie? Does he ever show up in the actual show? What's his name?

Do you pack full-sized, travel-sized, or no toiletries when you fly?
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(no subject)

I recently learned I am to receive significant monies in about a month. With the exception of my car payment, this divine gift will render me debt free in one fell swoop.

How should I celebrate?

What's the last thing that absolutely blew your mind?
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I have a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth (basically a piece of wire glued to the back to keep them straight). I've developed the habit, especially when I'm trying to sleep, of running my tongue over and over it, to the point of making my mouth sore.

I asked my dentist about having it removed, but she said it would probably make my teeth shift. So, any ideas for how to stop playing with it?
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(no subject)

What parts of your life or which people make you feel the most insecure, or have the most negative impact of your self-confidence? What do they do to make you feel this way?

Have you ever had to remove someone from your life because they made you feel bad about yourself? What did they do? How did you remove them?

What do you do in order to feel good about yourself?

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I just watched Vacancy, and am very creeped out! Have you ever had a scary experience at a hotel?

When I was about 10, my parents rented a room with one of those doors that lead into the next room if you unlock both doors. All night someone knocked on the other side. Both my parents were too freaked out to aggressively pound back on the door, and they were too nervous to even walk to the office and complain. I don't remember being that scared, but maybe there was more going on than what I can remember.

Whoever it was, they were dedicated. They knocked softly on that door for hours.