January 25th, 2012

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While cleaning you find a gift certificate to a local restaurant dated December 23, 2003. There is no fine print or expiration date. What do you do with it? Try to use? Throw it away?

Edit: Do you think it's definitely worth calling the restaurant? My aunt told me I shouldn't even bother and should just throw it away.

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To girls who like guys and guys who like guys:

Would you be able to be in a relationship with a guy who was impotent and/or didn't have a sex drive that matched yours even if you really loved him?
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TQC, I fucked up really bad.

I lied to my dad about how far my bf and I have gone (3rd base) (oh, btw I'm 18) and that we weren't going to do anything terrible....Obviously we did and obviously my dad found out, he's ticked. I have to break everything off with said bf, I'm not allowed to hang out with him anymore inside or outside of school, and I have to tell my bf this later this morning. I feel so stupid and irresponsible because I knew something like this would probably happen because I can't hide things from my dad and I went ahead with it anyway.

TQC, How should I tell my bf that we're not allowed to see each other?

When was the last time you did something that you knew wasn't going to turn out well, but did it anyway?

Edit: Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and support and encouragement. It really helped me when I got home from school. I will be talking to my dad and try to work out my situation. I hope it goes well. :)

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Do you know anyone who is in an atypical style of relationship? Or people who have unusual requirements to make their relationship work? What things about your own relationship would you consider atypical or unusual?

I happen to know an older couple (both in their late 50s) who are married and have kids but maintain separate homes. They're perfectly happy in their relationship but have both accepted their need for their own space. My boyfriend and I have not slept in the same bed in a couple years now, since we have very different needs when it comes to sleep.
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people with English (or other liberal arts) degrees: did you end up getting a job in a field relating at all to your degree?

people on facebook: do you have your relationship status posted on facebook? if you are listed as "in a relationship," did you and your SO have a discussion about it first?

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I'm having friends over next Saturday for a game night. I'm not making dinner but having crostinis and appetizers. I was thinking of making a shrimp appetizer as well. Help me pick which one to make!

Do you think people would prefer this shrimp dishthis shrimp dish, or this shrimp dish?

I'm also making these cucumber humus crostinis which are always the biggest hit at my parties, these endive and ricotta bites which are my favorite "fancy" appetizer, and these traditional tomato crostinis. I'm also making BBQ chicken quesedilla bites (chicken, Mexican cheese blend, BBQ sauce, jalepeno peppers, in a tortilla).

All links are to realsimple.com recipes


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People are pretty attached/dependent on their cell phones. If it's not by their side, they act like they have 'phantom limb' syndrome. So I'll ask you fine (some fiiiner than others) people. Which of the following would be enough grounds to ditch your cell phone? Anything you don't click are annoyances you can live with. Most of them are fictional (in case you didn't know)

Cell phone radiation are rumoured to cause cancer in lab rats
It's reported that some gang initiations are to shoot at the first person they spy texting on a cell phone
The frequencies given off by cell phones cause overhead birds to defecate immediately
Cell phone usage contributes to testosterone deficiencies
Cell phone usage contributes to estrogen deficiencies
Cell phone radiation leads to early menstruation, as well as a period that lasts one day longer than normal
Kids who use cell phones are rumoured to be 50% more likely to do drugs
Kids who use cell phones are rumoured to be 25% more likely to become a sexual deviant, specifically the kind who like to wear animal outfits
Cell phone frequencies scramble brain signals and memory distortion, making it a 1 in 1,000 chance that you'll become more conservative in the next election
Cell phone frequencies stimulate sexual urgings in feral possums, who will follow the user
Cell phone users tend to gain one more pound per year than non-cell phone users
Cell phone usage is reportedly linked to a 35% increase in back hair
People who use cell phones WILL GET AIDS. Guarranteed
Cell phones get hacked a lot and your information will get stolen by a hacker
Cell phones get hacked a lot and your kidney will get stolen by an organ thief
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What's a food you love but rarely keep in the house because you know if you do you will eat it all in one or two days instead of over a more normal time period?

I am addicted to salt and vinegar chips. Pathetically so. If I buy a bag it's gone in 3 days, tops. Usually less.
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Will you wish me luck?

I'm going to go talk to my dad about his unreasnoableness and hope to get a compromise about my situation. Um, if you want background info, here's the link to my post from this morning:
Sorry, idk how html works very well.....

And thank you to everyone who commented in the previous post.

Edit: I talked to my dad briefly (it was short b/c he had to go to work) but he said that he wanted to talk to my boyfriend and his father, and he would sleep on the idea of me continuing the relationship. He feels that I'm not responsible enough for my actions if I did get in trouble, and he doesn't want to see me get hurt. He's still bringing the religion aspect into it, but I understand that bit.

I will keep all of you updated and if it does work out I will most definitely tell you all. :D

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Hey guys!

I just got my fanciest phone ever (not an iphone, a little android phone) and I can download apps now! So excited. What apps should I download, and which are your favourites?! App party?

What's the best present you've gotten recently?

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If you do your taxes online, what website do you prefer?
I finally have all of my tax stuff but I don't know where to go.

What's going on in your life? Anything you're excited about?

I just set up my stuff for school and I'm totally anxious about it.

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Not sure if I`m going to be able to word this properly..

Does anyone here make random predictions in their head based on irrational thought?

For example I`ll sometimes think to myself
``oh, I just received a text message... if I check it and it`s from person X then I won`t get in a car crash on my road trip`

That`s a random & terrible example but it just seems like I am constantly (without realizing it) basing random events on wether or not stupid things happen. Like `if I look at the clock and it`s a multiple of 3 then my cousin won`t die of a heart attack`etc etc... I feel crazy.

Also I had to copy and paste my question mark because my question mark button keeps doing this ÉÉÉ arg.
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What's for favorite Law and Order series?
I'm partial to the mothership.

What time are you planning on going to bed tonight?
I'll be knocked out by 10 probably.

Is there something that as a child you wished your parents would have pushed you into doing/continuing?
Brought to you by me not letting my son quit TKD. He brings it up once a year and the wanting to quit lasts a week.
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I've spent a year unemployed and now I have a job. It's really hard to concentrate, especially working from home (I haven't moved to the new city yet).

How have y'all made the transition from not working -> working?
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Random Questions about Shower Invites.

My sister is throwing me a baby shower at a restuarant my friend owns. I'm not very close with this friend, but if it wasn't at her place I would still probably invite her because she's part of the group. She's going to have to work it. Do I still send her an invite? I don't want her to think I'm just looking for a gift from her (I'm not) but don't want her to think I'm not wanting her around.

Also, my boyfriend's boss is sort of throwing us a second shower. Basically it would be a free buffet, a deal on drinks and all tips go towards the baby. Obviously this one we are definetely not looking for gifts. How do you word the invites to reflect this? Or should there be no invites and just go by word of mouth?
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Food & Fitness

Like many of you in TQC, I am trying to eat better & be more active.
1) How do you reward yourself for being active/exercising?
2) Do you have any resources (books would be especially appreciated) on addressing one's relationship with food? (More in the sense of breaking the habit of 'rewarding' or 'comforting' oneself with food.)
3)When you really don't feel like working out, how do you get yourself to just do it? What motivates you?
4) What time of day do you generally exercise? Do you find it's difficult to schedule in?
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can someone explain to me the obsession with ron paul?! many of my "occupy movement" liberal peers are raving about him.

from what i've read about him, he seems to be quite the opposite of a liberal. he wants to repeal the civil rights act, privatize public education, abolish social security, kill medicare, re-establish dont ask dont tell, eliminate public housing, abolish federal student loans, take away planned parenthood, abolish the minimum wage, and disagrees with equal pay for women.