January 24th, 2012

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so i am going to a 19 year old's birthday, and i have to go because i am in love with his nose. what should i get him? (details: he's gay, stylish, i think he's turkish. oh and i am poor)

also, i'm 30 and i think most of the people there will be really young and fashiony and i don't know most of those people and how awkward is that going to be/how drunk should i get?

aaand to make this post less specific:
how do you behave at friends' parties? do you get drunk, are you quiet, are you loud, do you open christmas presents for yourself while other people watch and get nothing?

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okay so ive started modeling, goth alternative modeling. and i need to come up with some kind of stage name. i do a vampire look most of the time. i want some kind of vampire name. people said i should use vampire boy and i was thinking of that but i dont know if its too cheesy or not? any suggestions on names?

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how green are you? 1= not very... 10= i compost my feces

Mean: 4.44 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.00

I just got a LED wind-up powered flashlight...i give myself a "3"
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Do you listen to video game soundtracks? Ones from movies, or TV shows? Songs folks have put together for books? Will you share some of your favourites? They can be originals, orchestral versions, fan versions, covers, A Cappella, music box, I don't care. Just share it!

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oh mr. tea

Garage/shed rent?

I live in Richmond, VA and someone possibly wants to rent my shed to house their motorcycle. How much should I ask for in rent (estimate)? Any idea on what's reasonable per month to suggest?
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Book recommendations?

the boyfriend is looking for either 

a) A book that outlines different political systems/forms of government, and isn't to academic/is fairly easy to read - bonus if its something that can be read on kindle
b) A book about outlining/ the history of any (current) political issue (can't think of a better word) 

Er, one last thing -he's really liberal, and probably wouldn't read anything by a super right wing pundit.
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Cultural thing? She's from Barbados.

My mom today asked me, "When I can't take care of myself, you'll take care of me, right?"
To which I said yes of course, I'd make sure she is somewhere very nice.
Then she got mad because I told her she wouldn't be living with me.

Would you let your parents live with you?

Oh yeah, I'm 19 and she's 54, so this is nowhere in the immediate future.
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My former roommate wants to chill with me in LA on the weekends. He moved to San Jose and is going to fly in every weekend in Feb.

What's a reasonable rate to crash on my couch/use my shit/whatever for four weekends a month?

My rent is 1K. Utilities are cheap.
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Hey TQC!

So, I'm pregnant, 11 weeks now. My son is SO excited to be a big a brother and to have a sibling. When I found out about my mom being pregnant with my younger brother I don't remember being excited. I don't think I really cared until he was born.

If you have a younger sibling(s), do you remember being excited?
If you don't have any siblings, did you ever want any?

If you're the youngest I have no questions for you, sorry.
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carter arrested

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does anyone here have any experience with jailbreaking/unlocking an iphone 3g, or can point me to some good resources? i've been following step by step instructions, but the phone keeps getting stuck in recovery mode.

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When do you want to retire? When do you think you will retire? Do you think you'll be able to draw social security (or something like it) when you are retired?

What's your favorite kind of cheese to have in a grilled cheese sandwich?

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Did you ever go see a movie in theaters you were too young for? What happened?

My dad took me to see Jurassic Park. I would have been 4. He thought it was going to be a Land of the Lost adventure type movie. I don't really remember it, but he said I spent the first half so bored I sat on the floor, and the second half so scared I sat on his lap and silently cried into his shirt. He bought me some candy and and that's the only way I was able to stay through the whole thing.

Then we saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was 14. I had never seen that sort of violence in a movie before, and I got sick. I didn't vomit or anything, but I felt like I was going to and had to sit outside in the hall for a minute. We went to Taco Bell afterward and I couldn't eat anything.

Another is Titanic. I was 8. I guess it wasn't that bad for me, but I was bored and all of it went over my head. Don't know what my dad was thinking.
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Has your day been productive?
Fairly... I slept in until 11, showered, Skyped my Dad (long overdue), put chicken and potatoes in the crock pot, met with my professor about senior presentations, sent out some important emails for an organization that I'm in, and put laundry in the wash.

Do you have any tips or tricks to staying on a roll with being productive?
I still have loads of homework to do and I don't want to lose the streak... but I also don't want to sit still and read for hours.

What's your favorite crock pot/slow cooker meal?!
Chicken and potatoes is defs my fav because it's so easy and the entire house smells like rosemary and garlic. Mmmmm!

Do you like birds?

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After reading that the city I'm from has the second highest unaffordable realestate (after Hong Kong...I think its based on income+cost of housing) I have a question...
Do you guys think you'll ever be able to own a house where you live?
Or do you think that home ownership is an unrealistic goal? Is the idea that you're "supposed" to own your home going to become less common?

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my partner (with whom i live with) is attending school in a city about an hour away from where we live. he only has classes on tuesdays and wednesdays, but he has to be there all day, like from 7am to 9pm, so he's decided to find somewhere to stay overnight on tuesdays.
so, i am all alone on tuesdays and wednesdays. wednesdays aren't so bad because i have classes (i'm attending university in the city we live), but i have nothing going on on tuesdays, and end up very bored and very lonely.
what are some things i can do to pass the time? the internet gets boring after a while. i listen to podcasts and do word problems, but i need some way to split up the day. i don't have a car, but i can get the bus downtown or to the mall, but my health isn't great and i'm very sensitive to cold, so the weather often discourages me from going out.

blah blah tl;dr what entertains you or cheers you up when you're bored and lonely?

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Would it annoy you if your friend selectively responded to your texts? Assume the texts to which s/he doesn't respond are usually ones that should merit a response--e.g., questions you have for him/her or about potential plans, and not just monosyllabic nonsense. Also assume s/he has in fact been receiving your texts and you don't communicate via another medium.

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TQC, if you work on salary, do you work more, less or the same amount than if you were at an hourly-wage job? If you're not on salary, would having salary affect the amount of time you were in the office?
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I recently got Chrome after being frustrated with Firefox constantly failing on me. I like how Chrome runs, but miss some aspects of Firefox. For those with Chrome, what are your favourite extensions, or tips and tricks?

ETA: Thanks you guys!
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1. Do you believe that things play out the way they're supposed to play out?

2. Have you ever experienced a breakup where you and your ex still had feelings for each other but felt that a breakup was necessary due to timing or whatever reason? What happened?

3. What's the longest amount of time that you've been single between boyfriends/girlfriends?
of course

Exes and Woahs...

How do you get over a relationship, TQC?

I was with someone for 4 years.
I had to ask him to move out...had to. It had become increasingly abusive and awful, and details would make this worse.

But because of the BS that kept happening, I just find myself full of rage, and resentful. We bought a house together. We had dogs together. And now he's gone, but we work together. And I don't know HOW to get over it, move on, feel better, everything.

TQC, can you possibly make me feel better?
Or offer some good advice?

Anyone who has experience with a long relationship ending, don't hesitate to pass coping mechanisms along. I really want to stop being so damn angry all the time.

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I have horribly dry skin this winter and now my T zone is flaky and red :(

I put moisturizer on my face 3 times a day and nothing is helping....

Can you suggest something to help my poor face?
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Hey TQC tv junkies, 

What's a reality show that is entertaining and full of drama? I'm definitely not looking for Jersey Shore, or anything with people in their 20's necessarily. It can be so bad that it's good, or just plain addictive. My latest reality fix just had a series finale, so I need something new. I've never watched a Housewives group or a Basketball/Football/Baseball/Mob Wives show. Any and all recommendations are much appreciated. I am specifically looking for something with lots of outrageous drama though. Just not Jersey Shore. 

Thank you again!

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Kinda curious.

Since i don't know anyone locally I was wondering.... Is anyone out there Bipolar? Would you be willing to talk to me and maybe be friends?  I feel kinda awkward about asking this since its my first time but eh. Or if you could reccomend some good resources on bipolar disorder? Thanks in advance~
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Inspired by the Heidi Klum/Seal split: what celebrity couple will you be most upset about if they break up?

I am always and forever rooting for Matthew Broderick and SJP.
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If someone bought a game but they didn't have a computer capable of running it so they installed (using a product key) on someone else's computer, would that cause them problems down the line when they were trying to install on their own new PC?

Basically, how many times can you use a product key?

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TQC, I come to you asking for advice!
I teach grade 2 & 3 and for social studies we are doing an environmental awareness unit.
I hate to say it.. but I am not the most environmentally aware teacher in the world, so I came here to ask you guys your advice.
What do you think are some very important things to introduce to children to increase their environmental awareness?

We are already doing the 3 R's (and we have added REFUSING instead of REDUCING where applicable), we have a great recycling program in place in the classroom, and we are doing composting in science.
I could end the unit here but I just know there are other things I should introduce to them! Give me your ideas!

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Anne Sophie or Anna Sophie? What if you were mostly going to be called by the first name only?

My friend thinks Anna Sophie sounds better, but I prefer Anne Sophie. However, if you're only going by one name, Anna > Anne. What do you think?

(Has nothing to do with true blood. Promise.)
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Vespa vs. Motorcycle

I bought a motorcycle (Honda Rebel) , took a class, and it just didn't work out. I was kinda getting the manual transmission thing but my coordination is poor. The classroom part of the class really intimidated me because motorcycles require a lot of maintainence, which I'm just not up for. It seems like my friends who have motorcycles are always working on them.

If I were to get a Vespa- 50 cc - I would not need an M-Class license and the transmission is automatic. But do Vespas require as much maintainence work as motorcycles?

Any Vespa experience that you'd like to share?

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I'm driving to the station tomorrow and need to leave my car for 2 nights. Security isn't an issue. Do I park in the supermarket - I've done this before, I'd be buying something in there, there are warnings saying for customers only - or in the station car park, it's £10 on an already expensive journey and no more secure or convinient than the supermarket?