January 23rd, 2012

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

So, I found this...

How does this site make you feel?

website: http://infanticide-canada.weebly.com/index.html

Excerpt from website:

"The Canadian Infanticide Society is a group of progressive intellectuals who have joined together to protect and reform Canada’s homicide and infanticide laws. Originally passed in 1948, Canada's infanticide laws provide a partial defense to parents (usually mothers) who dispose of their unwanted offspring. Canada has long been at the forefront of allowing parents to eliminate this genetic waste."
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Inspired from a post below,

Do you know all the 'bases' of sex?
I didn't for a long time, but then I found out.

How often are you horny?
All the time to varying degrees. Once or twice a week I get really horny though.

DK;DC: What show/book series/whatever are you obsessed about that has been awesome in the past but the most recent episodes/books have been sub-par?
I am totally into MLP, but the last few episodes have not been to my liking. They've been sloppily done writing-wise imo. :(

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I'm going to go talk to elementary/middle school kids in a few hours, to try to convince them that they want private violin/viola lessons. Any last minute suggestions?

What would have made you want private music lessons when you were that age (9-13)?

How would you combat public speaking fright with that age group? I can't exactly picture them in their underwear. :p

Macaroni Grill & Low Carb Dining

I am not eating carbs after 3pm, but I am meeting people for dinner at Macaroni Grill tonight. Judging from this menu, what would you order with the carb restriction in mind?

I'm leaning toward the pollo caprese with steamed vegetables instead of pasta. (Minimal carbs are fine, and I am assuming the carbs listed include the pasta side, I can't see chicken and mozzarella being 45 carbs on its own). I like everything, so what should I get?!


Fat, calorie content and carbs aside, what delicious meal would you order? I'd get the create your own pasta with angel hair, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, and tomatoes. YUM!

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If you could be any kind of supernatural being in the Buffyverse, what would you be?

As awesome as kicking ass with a stake would be, I think I'd want to be a witch. I'd just feel sassy saying I had magical powers.
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Do you watch True Blood? If so, who are your favorite characters? Least favorite? What are you favorite/least favorite plot lines so far?

Do you think Sookie will end up with Bill or Eric? Both? Neither? What do you think will happen in season 5?

I have to say that though otherwise I'm not at all into the whole vampire thing, I'm SO addicted to this show. It does have a lot of cheesy elements, but thats part of the fun, and I also have a feeling that they're almost making fun of themselves sometimes. Have you noticed that?
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Is there a reason I can see everyones IP addresses in LJ comments? Is this some new feature or did I accidentally click something?


What did you have for breakfast?
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I was all ready for work today before I realised: I have the day off! It's the perfect day to get things done like crochet baby gifts and study for the GRE. But I have no motivation at all, even though I want to do these things. All I ever do lately is sit around reading books.
How do you motivate yourself?

Every morning I have great anxiety when I wake up until I leave for work. It makes me stay in bed later, causing more anxiety. How do I get over it?

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How do you feel about viewings?

My grandmother passed away today and I was invited to the viewing, but I'm not sure if I want to go. I'm really iffy on the subject of viewings, the thought makes me uncomfortable. My brother and I will definitely be attending the funeral, though.

EDIT:: Thank you guys for your condolences. I uploaded some pictures of her on her wedding day to Facebook, so I thought I'd share here.

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SHORT QUESTION: Are religious-intolerant remarks akin to a racist or sexist remarks?

LONG QUESTION: I was reading my local Sunday paper and came about an advice column. The person is seeking advice in response to a friend. They had been close growing up but had grown apart. The advice-seeker married a "nice Jewish boy" (her words) while her friend married an Evangelical Christian and became a missionary. I'm going off of the assumption that the advice-seeker is (or at least grew up as a) Christian too. The friend sent the woman a book about accepting and living an evangelical lifestyle, and has been, over the years, expressed concerns about the woman's lifestyle (including marrying a non-Christian). The woman was writing in to ask advice on how to deal with the friend and what she should do about the book. At the end of her letter, she mentions that he teenage son "believe this is no different from a racist or sexist remark."

What do you think? Do you think this kind of religious intolerance is on the same level as sexism or racism? If the woman had married a man of a different race and the friend was concerned about her "lifestyle choices" that would clearly be racist but can the idea still apply when it comes to religion?
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Is the internet more read on social issues than people in real life? Or are social justice warriors more likely to speak up on the internet given anonymity? For some reason I feel like I encounter much more dumb shit in real life than I do on the internet (save for the stupidity on Facebook).
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Have you ever been to a career fair?  What was your experience with that?

I need to go to one and attempt to charm future employers but I'm pretty awful at pretty much everything needed for this sort of thing (bragging, appearing likable to strangers, speaking without being spoken to, etc).  Any advice desperately needed!

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What's your favorite place to get pizza where you live? What do you usually order when you go there (crust type, toppings, etc.)?

I really like Louie's. It's actually a bar/restaurant. They serve thin crust pizza and I order sausage, onion and pepper pizza because they make the sausage in the restaurant. I also like Eno's. They are sort of a fancy pizza place. Also thin crust. My favorite is the Central Pie with sundried tomato, rosemary, goatcheese, and pancetta.
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Do you keep butter, jam, peanut butter, mustard, ketchup, etc in the fridge?

I have a tiny fridge and way more cupboard space, so most things go in the cupboards. I buy a big block of butter though and keep most of it in the fridge, and just put quarters of it into my butter dish (which stays on the counter) as I go.

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I need to replace my laptop....and I'm leaning towards switching to a Mac. The only place that sells them around here is Best Buy. The closest Apple store is in St. Louis...about 2 hours away.

Where would be the best place to buy one? MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Is it really worth it? Or should I just stick with a PC?

My Toshiba was a good little laptop...it is just getting old and being a pain in the ass.

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TQC, did you ever book a spring break trip while you were in college? Particularly one of those tropical ones where you get drunk and sit on the beach all day on some exotic island?

My friend and I want to book one but not sure where to go. Our funds are also rather limited and we're trying to spend about 500 each on airfare and hotel... But of course, less is better. Idk how people afford all these lavish trips while they're in college. TQC, where can we go for a reasonably cheap price? We want somewhere warm, but we're willing to stay in the states, or ever go to Canada if that's all we can really afford. And we live in Philly if it matters.

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I rarely use my ipod- as part of my mother's birthday gift, I was planning to give her my ipod (I loaded a bunch of music that I know she likes) is there any way for me to present this to her while also saying: I would like to use this 3x a year? Or should I just hand it over and work the details out later?

also because I'm hungry:
What will your next meal be?

I'm going out to dinner with a bunch of friends for pasta night but I don't think we're going to be sitting down to eat for a few more hours.

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I've been doing ipod surgery all day on my dead classic, and have managed to open it up.
It won't switch on at all or recognise when its plugged in. Is this just the battery or a hard drive problem?
I don't want to buy a new hard drive if I don't have to, but want to get it fixed asap!

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TQC, I've been wanting a pair of cute rain boots for *ages* (we're talking, like, years here) and today I just decided to really start looking. I love these: http://www.zappos.com/gabriella-rocha-patrero-pink-paisley but my money-saving side is going "eehhh those are kind of expensive" and my less frugal side is going "yes but they are adorable, on sale and will last years." Which side should I go with? Should I keep looking?

What's your favorite accessory? I love scarves and hats!

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For those of you here who eat meat, are there any meats you WONT eat or even try?

Brought to you by the question 'Would you try human meat if it were legal" in a debate group Im in and me being the only person who said yes..as long as it was ethically and humanely harvested I would totally give it a try.


Dk/dc : Whats for dinner?

I made Mongolian beef :D


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What would go on the best salad ever?

I just made a dinner salad with mixed greens, avocado, tomato, carrots, chopped almonds, and cheese, with TJ's Goddess salad dressing. It is amazing.

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With my tax refund monies...........I am going to buy a new mattress.

What kind of mattress do you have/like/want? Super soft and squishy, in the middle, or extra firm?

What about those tempurpedic memory foam? Or the sleep number beds? Does anyone here actually have a sleep number bed?

How will you spend your refund money?...or save it..if you're responsible like that.

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Does anyone else feel like they're actually becoming more socially inept with age?

I feel like I'm always second-guessing everything I say lately, thinking I sound superbly stupid. Replying on Facebook is the worst.
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I want to see this documentary. It says it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and also mentions HBO. I do not get HBO. Will it be released online or on dvd?

What is the last thing you googled?
I looked up what happens to afterbirth in the case of a c-section and what happens to the mother's side of the umbilical cord. Not pregnant, just was curious.

Has being sick made you miss out on something you were looking forward to?
In 6th grade I got mono and missed the McAuliffe Center field trip. It's a lab where your class works to have an (ironically) succesful shuttle mission.

What's on your local news today?
All Patriots. A player injured his ankle and may not be healed in time for the Super Bowl. Not a football fan, so not really interested.

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I'm having to buy loads of books for my dissertation which are out of print, and thus at least £15 on amazon.
They're all free on the Kindle though. I'm having to be incredibly careful with money at the moment, but can't help but think that i'd be better off buying a Kindle once i've bought a few more books. I don't particularly want one otherwise.

ETA: The reason i'm hankering for a kindle is more because I can't pay attention for too long when leant over a laptop.
ETA2: I've just realised I have £30 in vouchers for a UK supermarket which sells the Kindle for £89.
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ISO women's magazine article?

I'm hoping someone here can help me find this - I'm trying to help my mother with finances and she is for some unknown reason completely fixated on this article she read in a women's mag a few months back (end of 2011?). She can't, of course, remember which women's mag it was. She thought the article was a regular/recurring one (like Suze Orman's articles in O magazine, but that's not the mag or the article), in which folks who generally had a lot of debt got help making a budget that would fit their circumstances. The one notable aspect (and the one she's fixated on) is that all the plans included some amount set aside to be given to a charitable cause, some discussion of how you had to give back to the community or contribute to community or something like that.
Anyone have any idea what the magazine or article might be?
(Long shot, I know...)
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How many pillows do you sleep with? How many blankets are on your bed? Is it cold where you live or hot right now? Do you like to be cold or hot when asleep?

One, and barely one as I notice I tend to fall asleep below it. Two (actual blanket and duvet cover). It's a Chicago winter. I like to be warm.
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Will you share your opinions on how books, stories, plays, movies, etc., should have gone?

For instance, I think that Juliet should have gone for Mercutio, on the grounds that he's way more interesting than Romeo, and wasn't feuding with anyone. Failing that, I think the play should have ended with both families casting aside their feud to join together in kicking the crap out of Friar Laurence for coming up with such a ridiculous plan that got their children killed.
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Long story short, I need your quickest, best, easiest way to clean off crayon wax from the bottom of the oven. What is it?
(I've tried scraping it D: ) Bonus points if it doesn't include oven cleaner!

When was the last time you cleaned your oven?
What was the last thing you cooked in your oven? (food or not!)
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I was listening to some of the music from the old Carmen Sandiego video games and I was hoping you could help me figure out the name of the song played in the background for a few of the countries... I've tried a few apps, but they won't recognise folk/tribal music. I'm pretty sure the songs weren't created for the game as I've heard them elsewhere!

  1. Morocco
  2. Japan
  3. New Zealand
  4. China
  5. Iceland

Thanks heaps!

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