January 22nd, 2012

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I have a technical related question!
I'd use google but I don't even know what to look for, so maybe someone here knows what the problem could be.

I use a laptop, and the sound has been working just fine all day while the external speakers were plugged in.
But if I unplug them, suddenly the sound is gone. I don't know why that is, I've never had this problem before and I certainly haven't been messing with the setup.
Why won't my laptop play any sound on it's internal speakers?! Any idea what I could do in this case?
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have you heard the David Guetta/Usher song "Without You"?  Does it drive you crazy like it does me??  It's on the radio every 15 freaking minutes!!!

He's not even saying "with out you".  He's saying "without chew". 
If I had done that in choir, my teacher would have killed me.  They do it on Glee all the time too.  I just want to scream "ENUNCIATE" at them!! 
Any other annoying songs you want to share?
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paging dr. tqc

I'm all sniffly, have a runny nose and have had violent sneezes for the last two days but otherwise I'm fine. Should I go to yoga?

How are you feeling today? Any plans for the next 12 hours?

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TQC, I could use some new friends. Want to tell me a little about yourself and see if we could be bffs? I like British movies/television (Sherlock FTW), reading novels, writing fiction, riding horses and have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest and historical revolutions (French and Russian specifically). Oh, and I'm a foodie.

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Hallo everyone :)

1.) What are some of the ways you spend less money at the grocery store?
2.) What are some inexpensive meals that you like to cook?
3.) Any miscellaneous budgeting tips or ways you save money?
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Do you have a dog? Or dogs?

In what ways is he/she a good dog?

In what ways is he/she a bad dog?

Essentially please brag about your dog's good behavior and share his or her not so good habits.

Also, would you post a picture of said canine(s)?
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My cat Squishy is anti purring, pets, and cuddles. She has recently discovered however that she loves when people pee. She has to be in the bathroom with you where she'll purr and meow until she's pet. Once you leave the bathroom, you're the worst thing to have ever existed and you better not even try to touch her. If you lock her out of the bathroom, she'll cry. TQC, what is wrong with her? Why does she love people peeing?

Srs/non-srs answers.
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what is the worst injury you've ever sustained?

mine: i got my face smashed in yesterday. broken jaw and all four of my front teeth are badly chipped. ETA: thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. :)

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a good friend from high school just messaged me the other day inviting me to his wedding in August. obviously i would love to go, but i have nobody to go with. it's a long time away, but do i RSVP for 2 in hopes that i'll have a date, or what? i don't want to go by myself because our old group of friends will be there, and they each have an SO of their own. i don't want to be the odd ball out. WWTCQD?!

Bad Business Idea?

The guy I have been seeing for a short while has asked me to join his business in a secretarial/organizer extraordinaire capacity.  He runs the business out of his home, has hired both his mother and his stepfather as agents, and just simply isn't very good at keeping the office portion of the business together.  He fully admits this; not just an observation.

I mentioned to my mother that I would be "helping him out" for a while, until I find a new job (I was laid off from my company of 10+ years on Halloween).  To say she was not supportive would be an understatement. 

Does this sound like a bad idea to you?
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My upstairs neighbors are LOUD AS HELL.  Like, amazingly loud.  We cannot figure out what they're doing up there either.  My SO woke up the other night to some repetitive banging at 4am.  These people have a ~6month old baby and a dog, but it sounds like they are constantly pounding on the floor.  We have done everything from leaving them a note, knocking on their door (we can hear them up there but they refuse to come to the door) and occasionally, my roommate will bang on the ceiling when it gets really out of control.  We spoke to the apartment manager and she just said, "It never occurred to me.  We don't hear you."  (They live under us.)  I'm at a loss, but it honestly sounds like The Hulk is up there throwing furniture around.

Anyone have any suggestions? 
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A breakthrough in science allows you to design a custom pet for yourself. What do you pick? What kind of personality and attributes would you want him/her to have?

I'd make a pygmy t-rexelcorn. That's part t-rex, unicorn, and elephant. She'd be the size of a great dane. She likes to frolic in the grass and look for treasure. She glows in the dark, and her horn is detachable. She has magical powers.

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In the mood for a zombie movie.

I've been playing Rebuild 2 over at Armour Games. Thanks to for_lillian for showing me that site. It's a game about rebuilding a barricaded town, fighting zombies, and trying to survive. It has really good artwork and music that sets the mood. Now I really feel like watching a zombie flick.

I know this has probably been talked about before but I never paid attention. What are some really REALLY good zombie movies? I know there's a lot of bad ones out there. None of that "so bad it's funny" stuff or spoofy Shaun of the Dead stuff either. What are some genuinely good zombie movies you recommend?

28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake were both good. I've already seen them.
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Dear TQC,

I've been sick all weekend with what I'm pretty sure is one of the worst sinus infections I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Today I'm pretty sure I have a fever, but my thermometer is broken so I'm not positive. What do you do to feel less sucktastic when you have a fever?

DK/DC: What's your favorite kind of cookie?
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So I was at a club with some friends and my drunk guy friend "came out" to me. I was kind of confused because he's regularly hooking up with this girl and flirts with girls a lot so when he said it I honestly thought he was kidding around with me. But after that he kept pleading to me not to tell a single soul and that he didn't know why he was telling me he was gay etc. He said all he wanted to do was go dance with this other guy friend we have (which he was doing earlier in the night "jokingly").
Turns out that he was so drunk that he doesn't remember what we talked about. We sent a few texts that night in which I said I wouldn't tell anybody what he told me. Today he asked me what we talked about because he says he doesn't remember. I don't know what to say to him. I don't want to tell him he told me he's gay in case he really didn't want it to get out so I'm considering telling him that I don't remember either. On the other hand I considered telling him the truth and talking to him about it because he said I was the first person he's ever told.

What would you do? What do you think of the situation?

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tqc, it is my birthday tomorrow and I'm going out for dinner. can you please help me choose a dish for tomorrow night off this menu?
I don't eat pork, lamb, or veal. And I struggle to eat any more than 150g of red meat.

will you tell me about the best meal you've ever had?

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1. Have you ever used polyisoprene condoms? How do they compare to latex, polyurethane, or sheepskin ones? Are they good enough that I should finally switch and stop using plastic sandwich bags?

1. Speaking of, what's the advantage of adding lube to the inside of a condom? Do you, or anyone with whose penis you share in merrymaking, do this?

2. What's the greatest number of times you've orgasmed in a 24-hour period overall? What about just through masturbation?

3. Have you ever masturbated and forgot you had something spicy on your hands?

5. How much do you enjoy spicy food? How does the limit of what you enjoy compare to those around you?

8. Are you growing a garden this year? What are you growing?

13. How good is the soil where you live for growing things?

21. How many books do you have checked out from the library right now?
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Kindle flash problem

My Kindle automatically updated, and now I can't view movies or listen to pandora due to some Flash problem. I tried to click the download Flash 10 link on websites, but the Kindle said it didn't work, and it refused to install it.
How do I upgrade my flash player on this thing?

arguably a silly question

In general, I've noticed that it's more socially acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman than for an older woman to date a younger man. If you've noticed the same, why do you think this is the case? 

Assume all parties are 18+.
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Which DVD(s) or Blu-ray(s) are the pride of your collection?

Either my box sets of Doctor Who S1-6 including specials (plus Torchwood S1-3), or my LOTR collection. I've got the theatrical versions on DVD and the extended editions on DVD and Blu-ray. Special mentions to my copy of Island signed by Colin Morgan and Qi S1-3 signed by Alan Davies :)