January 21st, 2012


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Do you keep track of whether the movies you watch pass the bechdel test?

What was the last movie you watched, and did it pass? If so, how?
(Eg. Code word was spoken between two women agents in Captain America).

Question for Aussie's, specifically those in Adelaide.

We are Canadians thinking of migrating to Adelaide.  My research has brought about questions about venomous spiders.
I have found some information on the net, but the following questions have not been adequately answered.

How common are spiders in the house?
How frequent are bites?
Have you seen a Sydney Funnel-Web?  
Where have you found red-backs?
How often and where do you find white-tails and huntsman?
Can any species bother you whilst sleeping?
How do you deal with them if you are squeamish about spiders?
How do you keep them out of the house?
How do you educate children how to avoid bites?

Or any other information would be appreciated. 
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I just got one of my textbooks in the mail and it's the instructor's edition.
It didn't say that anywhere when I ordered it but it *does* say it's the same as the student edition.

Should I keep it? Do you think it will be harder to sell?

How's your morning going?
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What's the use of voicemail is you don't use it?

Is it just me or is it irksome that the same unknown number calls me several times over a couple of weeks.... but never leaves a voicemail? My voice mail works. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE! I don't ever  answer numbers I don't recognize or come through as private. I hate being caught off guard. I wish they'd leave me a message.

Then again, I know some people who don't bother checking their voicemail at all. They will call the number back or answer even if they don't know who it might be.

So what do you prefer? Do you answer unknown numbers? Or do you wait for a voicemail?
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Why does my DVR/Cable box keep turning itself off and on? I switched everything to a power strip instead of a extension chord that has 3 plugs but it still keeps doing it! Is my room haunted? The box in the living room doesn't do it, just mine. 
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TQC, I keep getting a call from a eleven digit number (50487762879).

Is there a way to lookup who the hell this is? I googled, but the eleven digits throw most sites off. They've legit called me 13 times since 8am this morning and are not leaving a message.

Leaky Pipes

The pipe behind my bathtub is leaking and all plumbers are closed until Monday. FML.

What do you hate about the placae you live the most?

What do you love about the place you live?

What does your dream house/apartment/ect look like?

Pictures welcome.
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sex ?s

What is the craziest misconception you had about sex before you had it?


For those of you who are chaste, what's the craziest thing you've heard regarding sex?


Did you ever have to watch any videos in middle school that does the different types of venereal diseases you can catch?

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First post

If you lost a finger (or toe) because of your job, would you stay? What if you really needed this job and won't be able to get a different one for at least a few months (for whatever reason)?

(Inspired by the fact that in the last week alone I've managed to burn my palm, jam my thumb in a sliding door, and cut about halfway through the tips of my ring and little finger at work. )

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What should I get for my friend's boyfriend? It's his 19th birthday do next week, and I'm invited.   I don't know him that well, but the three of us used to hang out occasionally whilst at our previous college.  From what I've gathered, he likes clothes and subcultures like Mod, Indie and Skinhead.  There is a book he said he wanted that I have, which I'm considering giving to him (it is in new condition) but am not sure if I should get him something else instead.
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I'm going to try word this as well as I can.

I can't pay my credit card off in full this pay check I realized. If I take some cash out, and then put it right back in there again will it reset the time on my credit card so I have more time to pay it off?

I feel like they wouldn't know the difference between cash,  I just need more time to pay it because I don't want to pay interest on it.

halp please

EXAMPLE: Say I owe 100 dollars, it's almost been 21 days and I don't want to pay interest on it. If I take out another 100 dollars, then send it to my credit card, it will cancel out the first 100 dollars, and I'll have another 21 days to pay off the new 100?


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What is the next project you will be working on? 

Last night, I made a hat and a fascinator.  This last week, I have been transferring handwritten family recipes to my computer.  LONG process.
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This spring break...

Poll #1812860 Spring break 2012

What should I do this spring break?

Backpacking in Utah for 10 days
Take a sea kayak guide leadership class this semester and then go on a trip to the San Juan islands for a week to test our skills
It's my last semester as an undergrad, and I have some extra money/time to spare for our 2 week spring break. I want to take one last advantage of our school's outdoor opportunities before entering the real world. 
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Have you ever tried Nutella? I see a new sudden interest in it all of a sudden.

Also, what is the craziest thing you've ever heard eaten on peanut butter sandwich? My grandma eats peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It's actually not that bad.

Inspired by the fact that I'm craving a PB&J sandwich right now but I'm out of peanut butter and jelly.
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- Who is using iCloud? Is it worth downloading and using?

- Have you seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Thoughts?

- If you could a sloth for a day or a squirrel for a day which would you choose? (Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day)

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Mitt Romney is being attacked for not paying enough taxes, and for making decisions at Bain Capital based on capitalist business principles.

These are Republicans criticizing him. The sound like Democrats. What's up with that?

[Edited to add a line]

The Magical Theory of Dishwasher Machines

Does anyone in your household subscribe to the Magical Theory of Dishwasher Machines?

The Theory is as such: If you put a dish in the dishwasher and turn it on, the dish will become magically clean. The important part is only that the dish is in the dishwasher.

The opposite Theory says that dishes need to be placed properly, so that the working surface of the dish faces the spray and large objects on the bottom shelf don't block the spray to the top shelf.


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So, last year I applied at this costume and theatrical makeup shop that I'm way overqualified to work at and immediately got an interview (they called me on my way home and asked me to come back even though I wasn't dressed for an interview). They made it sound like I as good as had the job if they could make my (tight) schedule work. Well, I never got a call back so I'm assuming it didn't mesh. I saw today the store is hiring again, so I applied again. I didn't want to say I'd already applied there (because I'm pretty they wouldn't remember me anyway), but they specifically asked that on the application so I said 'yes' and also mentioned I had pretty open availability.

Anyway, how good do you think my chances are of getting another interview? Is it weird that I've applied twice? TELL ME I'LL GET THE JOB THIS TIME, TQC.


Who's your most recent crush?

Bruno Mars 
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out of curiosity, if you vote in U.S. elections, who do you plan to vote for in november?

Obama v Romney


Obama v Gingrich


Obama v Santorum


Obama v Paul


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What is your policy on sharing food with roommates/live-in SOs?

Do you share all your food? Only specific items (milk, bread, sugar, for instance)? Nothing?

Does it matter to you whether or not they ask before eating your food?

How often do you specifically cook for the whole house, making enough for everyone?

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People in NEPA just had thier reguraly scheduled programming intrupted by Collapse )

Noone knows the truth as of yet that I know of

Do you take the info you see on the news at face value?

or do you investigate it before reposting it to blogs, Facebook, whatever ?
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I know nothing about baking bread. If I were to mix the dough with a hand mixer (mix all of the ingredients with a hand mixer) is that okay, and then knead it by hand? Should I always mix and knead by hand? Oh God, what am I doing?

What's your favorite thing to bake?