January 19th, 2012


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how many first cousins do you have?
are you close with any of them? all of them?

i have seven cousins, but only two that i can count on seeing at family holidays. i haven't seen two of them in probably 5-6 years.
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Work rules

So TQC, this question has been weighing on my mind. It's about a work situation, so if you don't care about that tell me what you do when you've got a problem on your mind.

I was at work after I had clocked out for my shift. Seeing that there was a wait to speak to HR, I changed out of business casual into the clothes I intended to bike home in. After perhaps a 10 minute wait, an HR lady came out of the office with a piece of paper. Aaaaaaand… condensed script format!

HR: What did you need help with?
ME: Well, L told me earlier that she'd had an update on my schedule. Have you-
HR: L's gone home, so I can't help you. (I move to leave.) But just come with me to this conference room here.
ME: I'm off my shift, so I -
HR: No no no, come with me. What's your name?

It transpires that she's dragged me into this conference room, while off the clock, for breaking the dress code. I immediately tell her I have a problem with this. Then we get this:

HR: I'm getting a lot of pushback from you. I'm seeing a lot of eyerolls, and facial expressions.(this is true) Do you know who I am? I'm a supervisor in HR, I'm YOUR supervisor. Are you happy working here?
ME: (weirded out and a little threatened) Yes.
HR: Because you never look happy here. You always look really unhappy, whenever I see you.
ME: Have I mentioned I'm off the clock?
HR: Well you've spoken. You've spoken loud and clear. All you had to say was what you said, right there. If you'd just said that then I could have avoided this whole thing. But you've spoken lo-
ME: I'd like to point out that I am not on the clock right now.
HR: Fine. You've spoken loud and clear. (gets up, I leave.)

It's not perfectly verbatim, but it captures the sequence of events. I am not going to lie, I was tired and hungry and I was probably more that a little snotty being ambushed like that. But, she was no peach either. She didn't even ask for my name until it was time to fill out the paperwork, she never introduced herself, she got personal and defensive all on her own, and tell me it's not just me but is "Are you happy here?" a threatening question coming from a supervisor?

TQC, what the fuck should I think about this?
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What's your favourite James Bond movie?
Who is the best Bond?
Which was the worst?
Favourite Bond girl?

Who is your favourite crazy Hollywood actor/actress? I mean a famous one, like Sharon Stone-level

Does one poop more when it's cold?

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My 12-yr old daughter is just about to finish up a semester of perfect attendance, all on her own initiative (I usually don't wake up until after she leaves). I think this deserves a reward, but what? She loves anime, draws manga-style (lives on deviantart), hates makeup, her favorite band is Blink-182, and she is a really good writer but pushes back when I encourage that. the sensible choice seems to be a gift cert to the book store but that's so blah. Ideas?

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lets say you meet somebody on vacation, and you hit it off. granted you only hung out for a week, you plan on keeping in touch and possibly meeting up at a later date (you only live a half hour away from eachother). when you return from your vacation, you go to look for that person's contact information that you had written down, but find out you lost it/left it in the hotel room. how would you go about getting in touch with them? i'm an idiot, tqc. she was a good girl too :(

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When do you feel some of your favorite shows jump the shark?

Edit:Do you think "jumping the shark" means the point at which the show starts going downhill or the point at which you know the show is at it's pinnacle and it will never be as good as it is after that point? nevermind

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What could I give my super religious mother-in-law for her birthday?

She doesn't wear jewelry, and only has one tiny room to put her personal belongings in, so I don't want to give her something that will just sit and take up space. She's trying to lose weight, so I don't want to give her candy/food. I don't want to give her cash because she and I have money issues and that would be awkward.

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When was the last time you heard a song that totally "took you back" and what was it?

A little while ago The Offspring's Pretty Fly For a White Guy came on Sirius and I was immediately transported 14 years back into high school. I completely forgot about that song! Totally weird to have all these attached memories come with it, too.

Do you like Snapple? What's your flavor?

Diet Snapple's (and Bret Michaels') Trop*A*Rocka is growing on me.

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Which is correct?

This new record player (and these records I've been hoarding) is treating me well.
This new record player (and these records I've been hoarding) are treating me well.

I know the parentheses are unnecessary but let us pretend they are necessary.
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What do you think of Anonymous? RIAA.org, MPAA.org, copyright.gov, and Universal are all now down because of Anonymous.

And regarding SOPA, yesterday someone asked the question whether the site blackouts would do anything to raise awareness. And most of TQC let out a ramble of stupid comments stating how annoyed they were about wikipedia being down because they couldn't "work" or that the blackouts wouldn't do anything.

Well here ya go! Proving even the TQC cynics wrong.
One Of Those Days.
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As a student: Do you think textbooks should be Federally subsidized to control price gouging by college campus book stores?

Example: Sold on campus, the book I need for Nutrition (last year's edition, new) is $154.84. Yet the same edition is $99.98 on Amazon or even $35 on Bookbyte. As an impoverished need-based student at a state school, I am thankful that I am lucky enough to get federal aid; however, this also prevents me from buying my books outside the campus store. With all the political issues our country now faces, I know this is small potatoes- but it still combines into millions of wasted tax dollars and overstuffed publisher's pockets.

Does it make anyone else angry that so many tax dollars are so poorly looked after when it comes to for-profit educational institutions?

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What are your favorite kinds of documentaries?

I rather enjoy ones about the universe and its origins, as well as anything to do with nature and/or prehistoric nature. I am currently watching Cosmos.

Care to name any in particular?
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So, I was on my way to work earlier, it started to snow, and the roads were getting mega-crappy.
The woman in front of me went to stop at a stop light, and completely fishtailed. Her car went sideways and I crashed into her passenger door.

Needless to say, I am freaking out.

Have you ever been in a car accident? What happened in the accident? What happened afterwards?

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Ladies, how do you feel when you get your period?

Men do you do anything special for your SO when she gets her period?
Are you willing to go to the store for tampons and other must haves ?

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My ears are stretched to 8mm. I have a job interview next week where I need to disguise this fact, and i'd rather not loose the stretch if possible.
Does anyone have any experience hiding/temporarily shrinking stretched ears?
Mine will ping back to a smallish size if I leave them out overnight, but not small enough to hold a stud.

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Can someone link me to a reputable site that says you can't lose weight from a specific spot by working out that area?

My husband insists that if I tone my arms, I will lose fat from just my arms because I am toning the muscle. Which would be great, because then my new dress will fit better. But he doesn't believe you can't select areas to burn fat from. His reasoning is that, if you couldn't, people wouldn't do sit ups. IDGI.

{EDIT} Thank you, TQC! You always help me feel right when it comes to disagreements with my husband :)

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im soooo heartbroken and broken inside i feel like he took my heart and threw it on the ground. its the first time this has happened in my life. i fell in love with a man who led me on kissed me and spent a lot of time with me. he then did some crazy 360 saying he never had feelings for me and that he would be lying to say he did. i just dont understand why he had to do that all to me and why things changed. when i admitted i was i love with him he got really mad and defensive. i do really think he likes me but hes intimidated by how comfortable i am with myself and he is not. i just dont know what to do. its like i could just never talk to him again but i dont have a lot of friends who are as dedicated to me as he is. i feel so alone. what do i do? why do people act so strange when it comes to feelings?


What color should I paint the all purpose room in the basement?

It is a cave down there; it gets no light, the carpet is awful brown shag, and right now the walls are old rancid oatmeal brown. I would like something that will brighten the room, make it seem more open, and isn't going to make the brown carpet (which I can't get rid of) even worse.

only for curiosity

Setting aside my limited and broken knowledge of French, I am only able to converse in English. If I were to begin corresponding with someone who cannot (or chooses not to) speak English, using the help of online translators such as google translate, how realistic would it be to think that it's possible to actually learn a foriegn language?

For the record I'm not actually considering doing this, and I also realize it completely leaves out verbal communication which is easily half the battle of learning a language. I just sent a message to a friend in Portugese and my mind got to wandering. Could sustained correspondance using an internet translator (and some helpful hints from the correspondor, as well) actually help to the point where eventually I could converse on my own?

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Are you lactose intolerant?

If so, does it hit you with gas?

Yes? Fantastic! How quickly after eating dairy do the L.I. smellerific farts start?


Last time you got high, what did you crave?

Old Fashioned
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TQC, My mom and I are going to Vegas this weekend, to celebrate both of us graduating this year (me with my B.Sc., her with her Ph.D.)! Other than shopping/casinos, what should we do when we're there? What shows should we see?

Also: I am looking to buy a new book for the plame trip over- any recommendations?
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President's Challenge for Physical Fitness

Evidently, the President's Challenge website was hacked. I guess I must have signed up for it, though I don't recall doing so.

Does this have anything to do with SOPA, or Megaupload?

ETA: My favorite part of the email was After we learned about the attack, we quickly took down the President’s Challenge website on January 11...
Isn't that slightly bad protocol, to have the website hacked and then notify users a week later? Zappos sent out an email immediately.

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I have a stabbing pain in my left side that seems to slowly be getting worse. Im trying to describe it, but I'm unsure.. If the pain is directly level with my belly button, but on the left side.. is that considered upper or lower abdomen?? The diagrams I looked up say above belly button is upper, and below belly button is lower.. what if its level :'(

What is the correct variant?

There is an expression: “it says in the text that he was …”, is it wrong to use “it says” in this context, would it be more appropriate to use “it is said in the text that he/the character was ...”
When do we say “it says” and “it is said”? What is the difference between them?

Thanks in advance.

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How (if at all) would you respond to the following Facebook status? I keep telling myself: "do not engage; do not engage."

"******* ***** God created women with a womb- a place for a baby to be nurtured and safe, to grow and live. And yet so many people have turned this safe, nurturing place into a murder site and think its ok. It's not ok."