January 18th, 2012

Funny pet story

What's the funniest thing your pet has done or you have heard of a pet doing?

Funniest thing I can think of at the moment... My dog chases my cat out of a sight, a second later they come back with my cat chasing my dog. LOLZ

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My birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to do to celebrate. I've had kind of a shitty year and I want to be fucking wasted coming into my next year on Earth. It isn't a milestone birthday or anything; I just wanna start over! Any ideas? I live ~40 minutes from beaches, amusement parks, a major city ...and we like to drink.

Also, I have a huge binder of family recipes that I am going to try to preserve, as these notes and magazine clippings aren't going to last too much longer. Is there a place online that I can type up the recipes and then download the whole of it? (I am terrified that if I get rid of this binder and leave them in Times New Roman, floating around in the InterWebz, I will lose them. Yes, I know this is dumb.)

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Is it better to try and fail or never try and never know?

If you had 7 days to live, what would you do on your 5th day?

Does Airborne actually work? What's the best brand of OJ in your opinion?

Medieval armor and injuries

Setting: medieval fantasty
Research: Googled variations on "medieval armor" "medieval armor worn during duel" "expense of armor" "boiled leather", "cutting through chain mail" etc.

So I'm writing a story where a character fights a duel for a woman's hand and is basically disemboweled. While I was researching armor it occurred to me that he probably wasn't wearing a breastplate- which made me wonder what he could have been wearing.

Would people fight duels with minimal armor? Did it depend on how rich you were? Was leather a common alternative to metal? Can you disembowel someone through chainmail? I'm getting differing opinions on that last one.

I know that's like, five questions, but generally I'm curious about what a medieval noble would've worn in a legal duel, and what kind of things he would wear (that would still get him slashed across the chest).

Thank you!


DK/DC Would and/or have you ever been to a ren faire?
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does anyone else watch homeland? im on the 10th ep and am loving it so far, but it's no breaking bad.

what new tv shows should i get into? ideally ones that already have a first season out.

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What grammatical/spelling mistakes annoy you the most?

the you're/your and their/they're/there thing really riles me up in anyone over the age of 12, and on person I know says 'though with an apostrophe. WHAT?!

I applied for a job with a closing date of the 14th and proposed interview dates of 20th. Should I ring? It's a national company and I applied to one branch of it so I don't know who deals with the applications.

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weird situation.
so sometimes i enjoy putting up silly ads on craigslist just to see what kind of response i get. last night, i was bored and put up an ad asking for somebody to buy me a steak dinner. this morning, i have 25 responses in my inbox, some of them even kind of nice-sounding.
would it be a terrible idea to actually go on a steak date with a craigslist guy?
do you think i can trust the ones who say they're not expecting sex?

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Inspired by the billion dollar bank post:

Have you ever found a large sum of money in your account that you (legally) got to keep?
Have you ever won a large amount of money?

I had a SO put his rent money into my bank account. I only had like 25 cents in there at the time so I never checked it until months later.


What's up? How are you today?
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Acne scars

Do you regularly pop pimples? If not, how do you resist the urge? I've popped so many of mine when I was younger and now I have a acne scarred chin and have been using Ambi to clear it up. Slow going for sure.


What is the weather like in your area?
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Do you or anyone you know have a job that has office/work spaces divided into cubicles? Does it really feel like a prison cell in the work sense? Would you rather it be more open or do you enjoy the privacy it allows?

I'm fortunate enough to work a job that I can move about the building although I have to stand up for the whole shift. In addition, I work by myself a majority of the time. I enjoy the solitude most days though.

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So...as it turns out, my old college English professor's daughter-in-law is Melissa McCarthy.

I see him every day at the gym. I should totally become his best friend so I can meet her around the holidays, y/y?

Have you ever met anyone famous?

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What is the.most ridiculous thing you have heard lately?

My boyfriend of three years told me to 'get lost, you're a fucking idiot' on Friday and I haven't heard from him since. Why? I changed from a pay as you go plan to pay monthly for my mobile phone. Because I'm on a different network to him he will no longer get free texts to me.


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I have leftover chicken McNuggets in the fridge how long should I microwave them to make them warm and delicious?

DK/DC what was the last thing you microwaved and for how long?

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What foods have you had a weird craving for that you would usually NEVER eat or maybe just not normally crave?

I like jelly donuts, but don't normally spend several consecutive days thinking about them. Once I waited a whole week to see if my raspberry filled jelly donut craving would pass. It did not.

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Long shot, but has anyone ever worked at Papyrus? What was it like? Can you suck at gift wrapping and still work there successfully?

What should I do with the steak in my fridge tonight? It needs to be cooked and normally I'd just lay down some butter and garlic in a pan with some seasonings but do you guys have any alternate ideas? Its a little too thick for steak sandwiches, unfortunately.

DK/DC: How's your day been so far?
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Say that you and your parents lived in a different state/country. If one of them fell ill with a serious illness (like cancer) and your only obligation in your current location was a job and an apartment (that you could easily sublease), would you leave to be near your parent? Or, would you just hope for the absolute best but try to continue on with daily life?

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If you are/were a student: what is your preference for taking notes? Binders, spiral notebooks, what? Any particular reason?

I know a lot of us have some type of anxiety- how do you deal with it?
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i've been seeing a new dentist since like, november, with several visits since all in regards to root canal treatments on two teeth. now, i've had RCT before from different dentists and don't recall having such ridiculous amounts of pain after every visit. is this kind of pain post-dental procedures normal, assuming everything was done correctly? or is there something health wise that might be making me more susceptible to it? or is my dentist just incompetent?

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Is there anyone with some knowledge of latin here?
I'm looking for a translation of the phrase 'no time for fear'. Google translate is giving me 'nihil per metum' but I'm also getting 'nihil per metus' and I have no idea what the difference is! Help would be greatly appreciated.

DK/DC: If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?

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What are your thoughts on breaking up with someone via text message, phone call, e-mail, or Facebook? Assume breaking up in person is an option.

Has anyone broken up with you via any of these mediums before?
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Have you ever had a dream? That you, um, you had, your, you, you could, you’ll do, you, you wants, you, you could do so, you , you’ll do, you could, you, you want, you want them, to do you so much, you could do anything?

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I need some love and support, TQC.

I just got back from my first midterm this quarter, and I got about a 10% on it. Never in my life have have I ever done so poorly on anything, especially since starting college. I am shaking and I don't know what to do. My mind is a blur of panic and I thought I was going to pass out during the practical when I realized nothing was working and I was going down with the ship, so to speak. What should I do, TQC? If I fail this course it will seriously fuck up my graduation date.

ETA: For the record, this was worth a whopping 15% of my final grade, so it's already pretty much impossible for me to get an A in this class. I have Midterm Part 2 on Monday, another 15% of my final grade, and I'm understandably less than confident. :(

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When you block a number on Verizon, does the number appear out of service if they try calling?
These people (from one number) are apparently still convinced that my number is someone they want to reach even after 90 days of blocking them expired. And they only speak Cantonese and don't seem to get that I have no idea who they are and I'm not who they want. They like to call like 5 times in a row.

I blocked them again anyway. Just wondering what's wrong with them.
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Can any of you vouch for shareapod?  If not, is there another transfer-file-from-iPod-to-computer thing that you could reccomend me?  (I have about 220 more songs on my iPod than on my computer/iTunes, and it's beginning to make me nervous.)

-What's your favourite shape, if you have one?

Mine's a circle, I guess. 
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Have you ever become completely engrossed in a show that you really don't like? Because this is happening to me with Big Love. I can't stand the characters or the way threats are never carried out or that things like Bill falling through a barn floor are considered cliff hangers. But I keep watching this shit!
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TQC, can you help me find a link? There's a tumblr floating around by a professional tattoo artist that's about bad tattoos, but also WHY they're bad/how to search for a decent artist. Anyone know the link?

dk/dc: what are some of your favorite tumblrs?


What would you do if your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend was not very supportive of your career choice, or things that came along with your career?
Would it matter what the career choice was? Basically, would you take their thoughts into heart based on what you did or why they were concerned?

I need advice, but I'll go into it a bit after some people answer these general questions :)

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Have you ever taken melatonin to help you fall asleep?
Should I?! I'm sort of nervous about it...

If you were to do a facebook invite for a bar meet up for your birthday, how far in advance would you get goin' with that?
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Help me TQC, I am dumb tonight.

What's a better word for "took" in the context of taking orders?

I'm trying to update my resume to include my current job which is at a copy/print place. So for the part where I describe my duties, I'm trying to say "_____ and produced customer orders including [blah blah blah things I do]." All I can really come up with is "consult" or something like that, but I can't think of a non-awkward way to word the sentence if I use a verb like consult that needs a preposition to go with it. Although I suppose I could say "Consulted with customers and produced orders..."