January 17th, 2012

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Poll #1811320 What do you think about this?

There's nothing wrong with being an outsider as long as you create someting vital and new.

I don't get this phrase
I don't care
If possible, give your reasons for your answer

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There's a coworker at work who is telling everyone he might quit because he put an ad on craig's list looking for a new band and this band that apparently has a record deal and is touring constantly wants to take him on as their new guitar player. They said they'll hook him up with free new equipment, too, because they're sponsored. A lot of people at work are slightly skeptical of this.

Not that it matters, but what do you think, TQC? Could this be for real?

I think I found the ad:

"All original, hard rock/metal/etc... nationally touring band seeks 2nd guitarist. Must have pro gear, pro attitude, pro commitment, ablity to tour, and lots of stage presence. 18-35. Send work,samples, pics, gear list, and contact info. We have endorsements, tour bus, road crew, booking agent, management and more... Contact us asap... you could be the missing link..."

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You're on a first date and he/she picks you up. As you get into the car, you notice what's playing on the stereo. Your date quickly becomes aware of what's playing and turns it off, but you heard. Which of the following would be deal breakers, like you'd immediately judge your date by what he/she had playing? Anything you don't select would be acceptable enough, or maybe something that the date could explain away

Insane Clown Posse
Justin Bieber
Rush Limbaugh (radio)
Howard Stern (radio)
Celine Dion
Wu Tang Clan
Jeff Foxworthy "you know you're a redneck" cd
Christian televangelist (radio)
Motivational cd for beating addiction
It sounds like your voice. That's weird. Why would he/she have a recording of your voice?
I wouldn't dismiss someone based on their choice of listening material.
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What types of sushi would you recommend for a beginner?

My friends are ordering it for lunch and I have no clue what to get. They are also being asses and refuse to tell me what's cooked and what isn't.

The website doesn't work so here's a picture of the menu.

ETA: I can't eat any of the ones with avocado in them :c

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is there someone/something that annoys you at work, even if you feel like it shouldn't? (replace work with life or school or whatever if you're not employed).

I am usually not a 'grammar nazi', but I work at a call center, and the guy who sits in front of me says on literally every single call: "ok that's tooken care of/I've tooken care of it" and it drives me absolutely fucking bonkers. I want to say IT'S TAKEN!! TAKEN, DAMN YOU! but I don't want to be rude lol.
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If I try to hack my blu ray player (LG BD370), if I fail, will it destroy it? Or should I go the route of buying one from places such as world-import.com where you can get ones that are already done and can play on any TV?

Has anyone ever bought anything from world-import or a webstore like it?

As per rule 8: I'm not trying to show off the link, I just found out about the site and I'm curious if anyone has every bought anything from them.

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I'm moving again (you may remember the saga of the food-eating, racist roommates that led to me moving almost two years ago), and so the plethora of moving questions begins.

1. How often do you replace your toilet brush? What about your plunger?

2. How often do you replace your mop?

3. Do you always buy a new broom for a new residence? (I do, which I know is superstition, but that's all right by me.)

4. If you were a college student and someone offered you money to pack up her books and such for her, probably an afternoon's worth of work, and the local minimum wage is $10, would $15/hr be enough? (Edit: NO CARRYING. I'm getting movers for that. Just putting them in boxes and sealing them with tape. Maybe stacking them in the corner of the room.)

5. Have you ever used movers? How was your experience? Tell me stories!

(Edit for userpic. Figured if you guys recognized anything you'd recognize this one.)
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Commando, boxer-briefs or briefs?

Commando, boyshorts, thongs, bikinis, briefs, or grannies?

No write-ins like "boxers". We'll know you're stuck in the 90s. Respond in the "and/or" sense.

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I have a tiny hard pimple in my eyebrow and it hurts like hell when I touch it.

How should I get rid of it?
I'm assuming I shouldn't get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow because of it right?

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Do you pee after PIV sex? Why/why not?
What if you make a heartfelt attempt and no urine comes out? Am I at a higher risk now for UTIs?
Is that a myth?


Do you ever eat parfaits? What do you do if come across a layer you don't really like? Eat it anyway? Or dig through?
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Inspired by the Facebook post about chain status updates, what is, to you, the most annoying/obnoxious/make-you-want-to-delete-it-and-never-look-back thing about Facebook? Ranging from general to the specific. I eventually got so fed up with it that I permanently deleted mine.

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We are having a potluck type thing for our meeting this month at work. Our theme is "healthy snacks."

I don't eat healthily so I'm not sure what to bring. Any ideas? Inexpensive and easy are a big plus. Thank you!

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What's your favorite cupcake flavor? I'm really partial to lime buttercream with pistachio cake.

If you could name a kitten anything (boy or girl, or both!) what would you name it?

Have you ever had to move somewhere against your will? How did you adjust? Did you eventually get to like the place you were living?
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Help! Chlorine stinging eyes

I think I've been spoiled since I've been learning how to swim in a saline/salt water pool (the only one on my island). It had no effect on my eyes whatsoever. Right now, the pool is under construction, so I'm forced to go to a pool that's full of chlorine and it's stinging my eyes like crazy and I can't swim as much as I want to as a result of this. Does anyone know how to prevent my eyes from stinging? The 2 goggles I have aren't helping because water seeps in.

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I'm an audible.com member and need some recs.

Right now, I'm listening to Tina Fey's Bossypants and enjoying it quite a bit.

I also like Stephen King and Dean Koontz, but I've read/listened to most of their books.

So, what should I get with my next audible credit?
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If you were bonding with someone via music what are the top #____ songs you'd share with them that you feel everyone should know?

And for the sake of being difficult lets pretend the only interaction you'll have with this person is the musical playlist you create.

Restroom anxiety

Is it only Japanese who feel awkward when they are going to meet someone,and they bump into them before the designated time? I read this article by Dr Kayama, a Japanese psychologist.

For many years, I wasn’t sure how to handle a situation where I encountered one of my patients in the restroom. If it was someone who had come in to the hospital that day but had not yet seen me, it would be odd to say ‘How have you been doing?’ and suddenly being the session then and there. In the case of a patient who had just finished a meeting with me, I was even less sure what to say. In my 30’s I handled the restroom situation by pretending I hadn’t seen the patient. In my 40s, I would say ‘Hi’ but the situation still felt somehow awkward. There was even a period when I purposely used the rest room in different floor to avoid the possibility of meeting a patient. It wasn’t until my 50s that I realized I needn’t be particular about how I handle the situation, that I could keep a natural expression and just say something like, ‘It’s awful rain, isn’t it?’ or ‘It’s been hot lately, hasn’t it?’In the end, my ridiculous restroom anxiety disorder took a while 25 year to disappear.

She has an intense self-consciousness or normally people feel that way? I occasionally felt that way when I was young. But most of the cases, I just say ‘Hi’ or ‘It’s hot today, isn’t it?’ How do you manage it?
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How many times do you try planning a meetup or get-together before you give up? i.e. how many cancelled dates does it take for you to go "fuck it".

Does it depend on the people you're trying to see? The place or event you're trying to go to or host?

Edit: What if they had legitimate non-flaky reasons for cancelling, or the date you picked just never worked well for everybody involved, would you feel the same as you would if the other people just kept cancelling for no reason?

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tqc, what does going out clubbing usually entail? (as in price of drinks, etiquette, etc, whether coats are worn on the way there)
I am supposedly going for the first time in my life tomorrow evening with some friends from college, and I don't want to make it obvious I'm a virgin to the clubbing experience.   Regards the price, I'm in the UK.
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head cold woes

Due to ridiculous, absurdly frustrating temperature fluctuations, I am currently suffering with my 3rd sinus/head cold in as many weeks. Other than fluids and sleep (I get 7-8 hours a night and have already had well over a gallon of water/Gatorade today) how can I keep my energy up during my day? Any (inexpensive) meds you can recommend?

Can you recommend me a good brand of work shoes? I work in a bookstore so sneakers are fine, but they need to have great support and a reasonable price tag.

Have you and an SO ever gotten into a rut before? How did you break it up?
I am very happy with my bf, but am looking for ways to add a little excitement to our lives. We cohabitate, if that makes a difference.
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Cooks of TQC:

I'm planning a special class for my 1st & 2nd graders next week where we learn the difference between baking, boiling and frying by using the same dough cooked three different ways to make biscuits, hush puppies and dumplings.

I want to use the exact same dough for all three, in order to emphasize the difference in cooking methods.

Do you have any suggestions for something basic that will yield edible (if not amazing) results for all three?
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What changes for in your life when it's "too" cold?

What is cold for you?

For those who have pets that need constant exercise, what do you do when the weather gets too cold? I just spent 30 mins standing at the top of the stairs while I threw the ball downstairs over and over again. 

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Sydney people/people who have been to Sydney before, I'm heading down there tomorrow for the rest of the week. What should I do while I'm there? I'm already seeing a show (twice) at the Opera House and I'm going to the Harry Potter exhibit.

Usually I'm happy to just laze about on my holidays but I'm going with a friend who has never been to Sydney so I feel like we should make an effort to do more fun/maybe touristy stuff.
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What was the last embarrassing that happened to you?

I was in my yoga class last Sunday (tight pants, all that bizness) and towards the beginning, I had to pee. I felt so bad that I interrupted the class that I tried to do it all really fast. It wasn't till the end that I realized like 5 sheets of TP hanging out of my pants. I don't know how I can go back to that class.

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Dear TQC,

I am currently booking a flight to Orlando for the end of February. Total, my ticket is $201, and I am staying with a friend, so there will be no hotel expense. Flight insurance is $13. Should I buy it, just in case? 

This is an explanation of it:
"Expedia insurance helps protect you against expenses due to unforeseen events
Insurer will reimburse you up to:
 100% of your flight cost if you cancel for medical reasons, job loss, traffic accident, or loss of family member
 100% of your original flight cost to change your return ticket if you get sick
 Cancel or change for medical reasons that affect a family member, traveling companion or business partner" 

My mother has been having heart trouble lately, so I think it might be a good idea, in case she has another heart attack before the flight and I have to cancel. What do you think? 

edit: thanks guys! I went ahead and bought it. If I don't end up using it, oh well; $13 is a small price for peace of mind. (: