January 16th, 2012

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Are there words that you can't pronounce the right way?

For some reason when I see "poutine" my brain reads "pootang".
vagina =/= cheesy fried snack.

I don't giggle, I don't say "tee hee", or anything like that.
Someone says "I like poutine" and my brain goes "I never had pootang, I wonder if it's good?".

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I have a bacterial sinus infection and laryngitis. I can't quit coughing. My chest and throat hurt from coughing so much and there's no way I can get to sleep like this. 

What can I do for the cough? It's 1am and I really am not up for going to Walmart or anywhere else at this hour. I don't have any cough medicine or things like that. I tried to take a hot shower earlier for the steam but our water heater has been sucking and I ran out of hot water 5 minutes into my shower. >:|  

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Does anyone know ways or have ideas on how to promote a self published novel? Marketing tips...?

This brought to you by my recently released book, which is in dire need of marketing. Obviously, I should have set this up beforehand, but at this point the process is already complete. Time to play catch up!

Serious and non-serious answers welcome!

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I bought something on Etsy Dec 26. I knew it would take a bit of time because it had to be made. I emailed the seller last week and she said it would be mailed out Jan 11. I emailed her friday and just asked her if everything was okay, no response. Should I email her again? Do I wait?

DK/DC: What is this? It's been on my boss's ceiling for 3 years, and she's never mentioned it. So I'm not even sure she's aware of it.
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My husband forgot to transfer our mortgage money to Wells Fargo until Saturday the 14th. The last day to pay before there are late fees is the 16th. Since today is a bank holiday, do you think we'll be charged the late fee ($60)? Are we insta-boned here?
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what kind of coffee do you like? what is your favorite order at Starbucks/cafes?

I personally love a good Columbian blend with hazelnut syrup or cream.

at Starbucks my favorite drink is a no water chai latte w/ soy milk & hazelnut syrup.
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Will you name one song that you immediately have to stop playing, change the radio station, rinse your ears out, when it starts playing because it's just that bad?

Every time I hear "Turn Me On" I immediately turn it off.
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TQC, what the hell is this reedy thing, exactly? It's sitting in the pond at the newest cemetery. It was previously completely covered in reeds, but thanks to the wind storms and snow we've had, the reeds have gotten totally flattened out and eaten by deer. It looks like a basket, but why would a basket be sitting in a pond?

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Should you do anything for love or do you enforce your boundaries and maintain a healthy place for love to come to you?

Which do you do and which do you wish you did (if not the same)?
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Do you ever buy something and then put off using it?

I bought a coloring book and gel pens a few weeks ago and I haven't used them yet, every time I think about getting them out I get very anxious.

DK/DC: what are you watching? I'm in the middle of a Wife Swap Marathon.

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Are any other firefox users having problems recently? Every time I try to watch a video it goes jittery after about 15 minutes, and lots of links aren't working quite right. I've updated etc.
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rabbit woes

I have a ~4 month old mini lop named Houdini. She has become very aggressive, so I'm going to get her fixed. Has anyone gotten their rabbit fixed? My pre-op appointment is Friday but, I wanted to hear from you guys before then. What should I expect?
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What's your reply to people who say they miss you but you don't miss them back? Whether it be on facebook, in person, text, etc.

Does your answer change depending on who the person is and the type of relationship you have with them?

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TQC, I have a puzzle. Today in the mail I received a parcel. Inside this parcel was a pair of earrings and a note saying 'We hope you enjoy your gift'. The parcel is definitely for me, but I don't recognise the sender's name. There's a number listed so I called and left a voicemail, and she hasn't got back to me yet.

What's going on here? Non-srs, obviously.

I'm making sushi tomorrow. What should I put in it? Last week I did avocado and prawn.

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TQC, should I have chocolate pudding or chocolate mint ice cream for dessert?

What's your least favorite dessert? Green tea ice cream doesn't really make me happy.

What's your all time favorite dessert? Chocolate souffle with black raspberry ice cream wins for me.

Are you "known" for making any desserts or sweet things among your social circle? I'm known for my Jello shots, haha.

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So every time I click the comments link on a friends locked post in here, it gives me an error message saying this post has disabled anon comments, even though I am logged in and am a member, and I never even wanted to comment in the first place. What gives?

Apologies if this is already a known glitch. I didn't see anything else about it.

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So, I bought this beastly sexy cobalt blue pencil dress. The problem is this bitch is TIIIIIGHT. I need some, uh, shape-wear to disguise my fat. Can you guys recommend some good stuff that will suck me in and smooth me out?

Besides the treadmill because I'm already on that ;)
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Guest room excellence

Guys Guys Guys!

I am making the most excellent guest room space and here's what in it so far:

Postie Cards
Fresh Flowers
Power cord strip
Basic computer with fast internet
Snack basket
Magazine basket

What else would we need?