January 15th, 2012

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My condo building is relatively soundproof. Even when my neighbors party I can't hear them. However, my hubby and I very clearly heard a man scream twice, even to make us jump. We called security but ultimately don't know where it came from so he can't do much. TQC, why would someone scream so loudly at 1:30 AM? If someone was being attacked, is it typical to scream rather than yell a particular word, and having there be no other sound effects? I'm really hoping someone just thinks this is a hilarious joke.

Srs/non srs answers.

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Last night my husband was quite mobile in his sleep, a lot of thrashing and yanking the blankets and such, along with his typical snoring.

Why was my husband such a violent sleeper last night?

Why did I dream about France twice last night?

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So, I'm watching A Haunting and have been for the last 48 Hours. I'm always interested by the various kinds of people these families turn to when shit starts to get real in the house.

So, if your house was haunted, who would be the first person or people you'd turn to for help?

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Inspried by the dream post a couple down from here:

Can we please have a most fucked-up dream competition? Mine are by far more strange than anyone else I know (or at least, than anyone I know will admit) but I think TQC may be able to give me a run for my money.
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Hi Baby Girl

OMG! Do you want to see the creepiest video ever?

A guy professes his love for this girl named Briona. He emotes all kinds of creeper status.

OMG at "Hi Baby Girl".
Closed the internet.
Unplugged my modem.
Formatted my harddrive.
Threw my PC into the ocean.
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hustle and flow

Do you sit back and think wistfully about the player who fills their spank bank with scenery so when they're rubbing out a giggity while waiting for you to be the next addition, they have to pull images from the spank bank to occasionally substitute them for their thoughts of you?

This is a gender neutral question.
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Inspired by previous post:

Do you distinguish between family members through marriage and by blood? Apart from say, parents and siblings-in law. If someone is your uncle/aunt through blood or through marriage do you distinguish? What about the spouse of a cousin?
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Cat Question

I have a 17 year old Siamese/tabby, Rosie. Yesterday we took her home from the kennels (she boards at the local vets and is monitored every day) after a week away and she seemed fine- she ate several meals and sat on my lap for several hours, purring and cuddling.

This morning, she threw up and when my mum called her, she barely lifted her head. Also, Rosie normally has morning cuddles on the bed with my mum, which she waits next to the bed for, however this morning she wasn't interested. She just lay on the bed, not really moving. At some point, she jumped on her pillow at the other end of the house, where she's been for about four hours. It's pretty hard to rouse her, when you stroke her she doesn't respond too much, or at least like she did before (if you woke her up from a nap before, she'd purr for you or snap her head back under her paw). Rosie also hasn't eaten since last night.

We took her up to the vets and she didn't have a temp, but they're keeping her over night to run blood tests and give her fluid. We also found out that she's lost about 200 grams since December.

TQC, what's going on with my cat? Is she dying? Is she just tired? Have you ever seen this before?
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Last night I had a dream about being saved be Jesus.
In a quite literal sense, actually. I was trapped, and Jesus appeared and... teleported me away, I guess.

Now, I've been an atheist all my life, a very fierce one too.
So why did my brain decide to put Jesus as the saviour in my dream?
I've been honestly thinking about this for hours.

DK/DC: What do you think about dream interpretation?

Moving blogs?

So before I wrote a blog called over labeled which was all about the fact that I had been labeled with so many titles aka ADHD aspergers depression and insomnia. 

Anyway the whole point of the blog was for me to be able to help people because well there are parents out there freaking out that if their kid has been labeled like I have, that they won't have a future and I wanted to prove that they did.

The problem with this blog was I'm pretty sure no one saw it....

So  do you think that kind of blog would do well here? Can you have more then one blog under one account? If not can you have more then one account? Thoughts? Comments?
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¡Hola, el club de la pregunta!

I recently moved, so all my nail polish is just sitting in a box. At my old place, I had a nice long windowsill to display them all, but no longer!

Do you guy have any creative or practical ways of organizing 60 odd bottles of nail polish?

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TQC, I need dealing-with-suitemate advice. I moved into this family home that the elderly landlady rents out by the room back in November. One other girl and I have adjacent rooms on the ground floor. Other tenants and the landlady live upstairs. She's an immigrant and ESL, so there is that complication.

I freely admit to having made mistakes, since it's my first time in non-dorm shared living. But this bitch is horrible: loud in the very early hours, such a negligent cook that she's set off the smoke alarm half a dozen times, and above all?

She blames me and apparently the other tenants when the landlady catches her messing up. Left a raw chicken out on the counter for hours? Blame it on me who has never bought a whole chicken IN MY LIFE -- and that's just the latest. Blamed me for breaking our shared bathroom toilet seat over Christmas -- when I was visiting family on the other side of the country.

WHAT IN THE FUCK DO I DO, TQC? I made the mistake of signing a year lease in November! HOW DO I DEAL??
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pants with small waist measurements?

I have trouble buying pants that fit. I can deal with the fact that they're too long - hemming is not difficult. But my problem is that overall I wear a size 6, but my waist is apparently a 4 (waist about 9" smaller than hips). Are there particular brands of pants that have smaller waist measurements than average?

ETA: I'm especially looking for pants that aren't jeans (as well as jeans, always looking for those).
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Ok, so I've been around here for quite a while I think, and I have a question maybe no one even knows the answer to.

For some reason, a random memory of an LJ user popped into my head and I'm a little fuzzy on cold medicine right now, so I figured I'd ask y'all about it. The person I'm thinking of was active in a community I was active in about 4 years ago. She was pretty attractive and often posted a lot of pictures of herself for whatever reason. A lot of people said she looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones (had very dark, wavy hair and pale-ish skin, similar face I think). I believe that she lived somewhere in Northern California, but that could be totally wrong. I think there was some sort of hullabaloo about whether or not the pictures of herself were heavily photoshopped or not.

ETA: I think she had a baby while she was around wherever it was that I encountered her? Also it could have been a lot longer than 4 years ago.

Answered!  New question: What's your favorite thing to eat when you're sick with a cold?  I cannot get enough brothy soups (as opposed to cream-based). 

Do you remember who I'm thinking of? Am I hallucinating? Who is this person, TQC?

DK/DC/Holy Shit she's gone batty: What's the most effective way you've found to deal with postnasal drip?
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Have you ever used a celebrity endorsed product? How did you like it?

My fiance and I used the Larry the Cable Guy beer batter fish fry tonight (although we used it for chicken instead of fish), and we've had the cheeseburger macaroni thing (it's like Hamburger Helper, but slightly healthier). Both are surprisingly good!!

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You're invited to a wedding!
The invite says the ceremony will be a bit odd and the reception will be Middle Eastern.

What do you expect for both the ceremony and the M.E. reception?

ETA: What would be something you expect to see at the reception?

Would Hookahs be one of those things?

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What would you do if your SO were uninterested in discussing future plans (e.g., moving out, marriage, possibly starting a family) and were more interested in living life day to day? Assume both of you are in your early to mid 20's.

eta: You two have been together for a year+.

Can you lie with a question?

 Do you think it's possible to lie in the form of a question?  My wife says that you could by asking a question that you know the answer to.  However, I say that asking such a question is just is just trying to find out if the asked party knows...  Otherwise on an exam, I would just write, "Quit lying to me you bastard!"
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photos appearing/disappearing/appearing again on my camera

I have a Nikon Coolpix, bought it about a year ago, and it has a PNY 8 gb memory card. Some time this summer it suddenly lost a bunch of pictures and video I had taken. They weren't in the memory, they weren't archived, they weren't anywhere. I just went to offload some photos I took tonight and ALL MY LOST PICTURES CAME WITH THEM.

How did this happen?