January 14th, 2012


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My mom forwarded me an article comparing "web addiction" to alcoholism (um, not that I think alcoholism is a moral failing, but she does). Should I feel insulted? On a related note,do you consider reading paper books better or a more justified than use of time than online reading?
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Have you watched the 180 Seconds documentary? Warning: If you haven't, there are some graphic and icky images that may be quite triggering, so please shy away if that makes you nervous.

Some girl just posted this on Facebook and I had no idea what it was about. I'm really upset and disgusted that she would post this and I want to make some kind of comment, at least to let her know that if she's going to post videos like that, she really needs to attach a disclaimer that there is graphic images. Normally, I wouldn't say anything but we often share our opposing views with each other on Facebook. What would you say, if anything?

ETA: It's basically this interviewer asking people questions about Hitler, to start. He asks if they would have killed Hitler or his mother if they had the chance, in order to save all these people. Then, he goes on to basically compare abortion to genocide. I can't even make the connections here because he does it all so strangely and in such a convoluted way. But, basically, the message is that abortion = genocide of Christians or something.

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People from tipping countries: A special "no tips" restaurant has opened up in your town. The menu prices are higher than other restaurants that have similar food (say it costs ~$15 for your average main), but you know the servers are paid a minimum of $16 an hour, and aren't expecting tips, so you don't have to tip unless you really want to for some reason. Would you go? Why/why not?

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do you have stress dreams? are there any recurring themes?

i have pretty frequent dreams about school, both high school and college, even though i'm nearly two years out of college. usually i've forgotten to do any of the homework, or i can't find the classroom, or i can't remember my schedule. i also dream about missing high school swim practice. sometimes i have stressful dreams about failing in my hobbies, and failed romantic attempts.

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TQC, would you tell me about the last time a fun event turned into a horrible one?

Inspired by my morning, which consisted of getting stood up by relatives for a breakfast date, and then my uncle getting mad at my boyfriend and I, which led to all of us storming out of the diner we were at. We're probably not talking for a while. This was supposed to be a fun family breakfast meetup!

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iTunes makes my older computer lag like crazy. Does anyone have any recommendations for a free music player that has itunes playlist support?

What will you be doing in the next 24 hours?

How much cash is in your purse/wallet right now?
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Housebreaking a Chihuahua puppy

I have suddenly found myself in possession of a 6 month old Chihuahua puppy.  How do I properly discipline him for doing his business inside?  He's really timid and tiny and I don't want to scare him to death, but I also don't want to spend the next 20 years cleaning up messes.

I am currently taking him out every hour and a half and waiting until I see him go, and at night he is in his crate, but we've still had a few accidents.  How do I get it through his head that going inside is verboten?
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I just got an XBox 360 (with kinect). What are, according to you, the must-have games ? 

I already bought Batman Arkham City and Kinect Adventures. 

dk/dc : What's the best gig you've ever went to ?

HP pavilion in San Jose, CA seating

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Just wonderin if any of you know (from past experience) if any ticket will give you floor access? Like lets say you have a upper level seat, but want to get down to floor.
I know some venues do not allow that, but some do. It just depends how quickly it fills up. Basically first come first served.

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i asked about this maybe a year ago, but am hoping there will be some fresh ideas.

i'm a musician but i need a "day job" to support myself. most jobs i can find, though, really, really stress me out. jobs where i have to make a lot of decisions/judgment calls, deal with a lot of pressure, etc, give me enormous anxiety. i'm a little bit socially anxious, too, which contributes to it.

therefore i'm looking for a job that's completely routine and mindless. where i'm just following a standard procedure. the lack of stress is important to me because i need to be working 30 - 40 hours a week in order to support myself, which doesn't leave a ton of time for me to work on my music, so if my job is stressing me out and making me think and worry about it during my non-work hours (which is the case with my current job) i'll have even less time to focus on music. i need something where i can go in, do the work, go home and forget about it, go back the next day, etc.

does anyone have any ideas? i've been applying for some data entry and proofreading jobs but i'm wondering if there are other things i might be overlooking. i live in toronto, if that helps. and i have a BA in psychology.
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Is there any way to resize an image without losing its quality/making it pixelated?

I have an image that is supposedly to be 5 inches by 7 inches (571 x 800) and I'd like the image to be big enough for at least an art print or maybe a small poster.

DK/DC- What do you think of Washington Irving's short stories? I was really looking forward to reading them but ended up being really disappointed. Sleepy Hollow is not as spooky or as great as I hoped, The Pride of the Village is terrible and the girl was an idiot and Mountjoy is... hard to get through. Am I stupid and clearly not appreciating a genius of American literature or is he just a mediocre writer?

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Today I woke up nearly late for work (7 minutes before I was due in) and managed to clock in only 5 minutes late. Luckily I had my work clothes laid out, and my workplace is only five minutes up the road.

Would you tell me about a time when you had to rush out the door?
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How do you get over new-gym anxiety? Should I buy sparkly and metallic spandex and a sweatband just to look like I really dgaf?

I want to start going to my university's new gym, but it's going to be packed with young, spritely people my age who are going to be in much better shape than I (volleyball and football players, for example).
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What are your favorite candle brands (or just candle scents), ones that impart rich aromas or actually make a room smell nicer?
I'm trying to think of this one candle I bought a couple of years ago for twenty-five or thirty dollars, in brown glass with a cross imposed on it. It smelled fucking luxurious and I miss it so.

What are you doing this weekend?

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If you were planning on a buying a used, compact car for not much more than $5,000, which makes and/or models would you consider? Also, where would you look (other than CraigsList, CarMax, and cars.com)?