January 13th, 2012

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I'm about to try birth control for the first time and I'm so scared about all the possible side effects. Will you tell me positive stories about birth control side effects to make me feel better?

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Why do people send packages through couriers? It's expensive and means I have to sit at home for a day waiting for the package. At least if they sent it through the post I could collect the package from the post office when they inevitably missed me.

DK/DC: How many towels does your house have per person? To you feel this is an appropriate number of towels?


I've had a cold for a little over a week now and I'm getting really frustrated. I can't remember the last time I've been sick and I thought that something like a cold would only last a few days. I'm considering going to buy some Airborne today. Can anyone vouch for the effectiveness of this product? Is it too late for me to take it now? What else could I take? Day/Niquil have been ineffective.

I'm assuming this is just a cold since my only symptoms are nasal congestion, sore throat, and mild coughing. Please help!
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EDIT: thank you for your help, I think it's just broken on the website


Are you able to access this form on your computer? Could somebody please please PM/email it to me?

It's a form from the TX DMV and it won't load in any browser on my computer.


(Form 130-U from here)

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What would you do if you were from Indianapolis and you lived a mere seven minutes out of town by interstate?  Would you go downtown during the Super Bowl festivities or just stay the hell away and be grateful that you don't have to mess with it?

DK/DC  Can you describe "your type" to me, male or female?  I like lanky poet-type guys with long hair and soulful eyes.  My sister likes clean-cut guys with HUGE muscles.

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I'm having a debate online and I'm curious if anyone knows--if you smoked meth around a child, could they test positive for it just from being around the smoke? 

Sources would be cool, and this is not for homework! Just some news story that my local news posted on Facebook, lol.


Does anyone know anything about interrailing?

I really, really need a holiday, but I'm an unemployed soon-to-be student and I can't afford to go away. Not to mention I'm not interested in a beach holiday. I want to see the world, and I've been thinking about interrailing for a long time. 

I'm just worried because it seems to good to be true. The tickets can be bough for less than £200 but part of me is thinking there must be a catch. Like half the train lines not accepting interrailing tickets? 

Does anyone know anything about this or have experience first hand?
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Why are people never offered different flavors of tea in British television, movies, fiction, etc? I know that if someone comes to my house and I offer them I tea I bring out my cute little box with all of the tea bags in it.  Is there a general brand/flavor of tea that everyone in Britain uses?  Do people pick for their guests? Or is it more along the lines of when someone asks for a "soda" in movies/tv shows but never specifies because of copyright laws.  I have no idea why this question has bothered me for so long.

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A female coworker just got new boobs and she asks if you wouldn't mind feeling them up, to see if they feel real. What do you do?

Yes, I agree to cop a feel, to nullify her worries
No. That's just...weird
What did you say? I wasn't listening to what you were saying. Say, Diane, I really like the way your new tits feel (grope grope)

A male coworker just got penis enlargement surgery. He asks if you could look at his piece to see if it looks normal to you. What do you do?

Yes. I agree to ogle his junk, but just as a friend
No. That's just...weird
Sorry, I wasn't listening to what you said just now. You pulled out your penis, so I dropped my pants, thinking we were going to go for it. What did I do wrong?

A coworker just got his/her anus bleached. He/she wants you to look at it, to see if it looks good, or just unusual. He/she can't find a good angle on the mirror to see it for themself. What do you do?

Yes. I agree to look at their cornholio, just to satisfy their concerns
No. That's just....weird
Sorry, I wasn't listening. You pulled down your pants, and then so did I. I thought we were going to moon the boss. Did I get it wrong again?

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TQC, I made vanilla extract for the holidays and now it's time to filter it.
Would running it through a coffee filter get most of the bean residue out?
What else would you recommend I use? I don't have a fine mesh

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You're carrying a travel of fast food and a drink to a table, when someone walks by and knocks your drink over, spilling everything. You're about to say 'Hey! WTF!', when the guy says "Pay it forward". What do you do?

Simply get my drink refilled and go back to my meal
Pay it forward. I'll do something rude to the next person I see
Pay it back instead. Negativeity-spreading assholes are the last thing we need. I give him a peace of my mind
I call 911
I call my therapist

You go back to the counter to get a replacement drink, only to be told that there is no free refills. You'll have to purchase a whole new drink. You're pissed and about to complain when this girl in line pays for your drink. You're about to thank her when she says "Just pay it forward". What do you do?

Go forth and pay a good deed forward
Punch her in the stomach. I'm still paying forward the bad deed from the previous encounter
Go back to my meal, enjoy it, and forget about all this. Not paying anything forward, backward or sideways
I refuse to accept the drink. I question the girl's motives. Is she hitting on me?
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A week from today I am going for an ultrasound. It's my only one until the baby is born, unless my doctor feels like I need another one. We've decided to try and find out the sex. What will it be TQC?

What will the sex of the baby be?

Sorry, they won't be able to tell
Other...will explain in comments

If you have kids or are planning on having kids, did you find out the sex? Why or why not?

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do you keep your:
bread on the counter or in the fridge or other?

on the counter or in the fridge or other?

on the counter or in the fridge or other?

what did/are you make for dinner?
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How do you feel about seeing athletes swear on television during a broadcast game? Like, a player screws up or is mad, and you can clearly see that they're saying "FUCK!" Or they're jawing at another player and you can read their lips enough to understand that they're saying "asshole", etc.

Are you a sports fan? Who are your teams?
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I sort of doubt anyone will know this, but here's a shot!

There was an artist named Alphonse Mucha who did a series of paintings of the Muses, see at the following links: Music, Dance, Poetry and Painting.

Someone else did almost exactly the same paintings, but with slight differences. See the following: Music, Dance, Poetry and Painting (supposedly a Henry Altemus one, but signed Mucha?).

Does anyone know who did the second set?? I like them way more than the originals and I want to buy some prints! I've seen them attributed to Mucha himself (unlikely), an artist named Henry Altemus, and several other conflicting sources but nothing super solid.

ETA: I just realized that Henry Altemus is a publisher, not an artist. So no word on which artist they hired to do them. Also, according to this page, they only did the Poetry and possibly a Painting one, but not the Dance and Music?
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Does someone knows if there's a way of watching one of the complete performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Tim Curry on stage? I think it's the Roxy Cast.


Edit: sorry I forgot the interrogation mark. In my mother tongue isn't always necessary to use them, so, sometimes, I forget about them. SORRY.

And I've already google it, that's why I'm asking, because I f*cking didn't find anything.

Thanks for the people that reply in a good manner.
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A rat has been making its home in our furnace and walls. It likes to come out and eat our produce. Seriously, the fucker climbed up our shelving pantry and ate some of my apples. We told our landlord and he laid mice traps that the thing is OBVIOUSLY not falling for. When it starts scratching inside of the furnace that's connected to my room late at night it wakes me up and keeps me up. IT FREAKS ME OUT. Should I wait for our landlord to respond to my message, or should I just go buy a trap tonight? I normally feel SO guilty about killing animals but this is too much. A month of this is TOO much.

What freaks you the fuck out/can you not tolerate at all?

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I am doing a hot olive oil treatment on my hair & I had a bit leftover (1/4 cup) that I poured down my toilet stupidly. Now I am paranoid that it will affect my plumbing & solidify.. what do you think TQC? It's 100% extra virgin pure olive oil..

Have any of you tried the hot oil treatment? Did it work for you?

Planning a wedding.

Planning a wedding sucks. I've been engaged since June and haven't officially done anything because I can't find a venue that makes us/me/my mom happy.

Can you help me think of different places to look than I already have?  I don't need specific locations, just ideas of locations I can think about and seek out.

I've exhausted:

bed & breakfast inns
bowling alleys
dance studios
metro parks
nature reserves

What else could there possibly be?!  We're very eclectic people, so anything from backwoods to urban could satisfy. Ideas? 
ETA: I've been googling and running around like mad since June. I read Offbeatbride.com regularly.

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asking advice of strangers, woop woop.

so long story short, a friend i used to be close to cut me out of his life about three years ago. now all of a sudden he has been contacting me via phone, text, etc. he keeps talking about hanging out (or specifically "doing lunch"). if i post something on facebook, he's first to reply; and if i ask for advice on something, not only is he the first to give it, he insists that he's "the guy" to go to if i need help. he hasn't mentioned what happened at all. in fact, he's acting like it never happened.

has anyone ever been in a situation where a friend who more or less turned their back on you wants to reenter your life? if so, did you let them?

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My rat has a large tumor in her armpit. The vet says as long as she's still eating, moving around, and doesn't act like she's in pain, just let it be. Thankfully she's still healthy, but I realize she probably won't be here at the end of the year. I've decided I don't want her to be put down with an injection because it's very painful for small animals. What are some other ways a vet might humanely euthanize a rodent?

Cat moles

My cat has a mole/bumpy thing above her eye and it's all scabby. I (accidentally!) scratched one of the scabs off and it's not healing very quickly. Should I worry?
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Two ?s

Aside from the legalities of it all, can you justify how Kobe Bryant's wife is entitled to $190 million through a divorce? (ex. Justifying murder being illegal: "Because life is the most precious thing on this planet and you need to respect that, you only get one life, and for someone to take your life, yada yada yada).

Don't know, don't care are your toenails the same color as your fingernails?
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An acquaintance asked me to go to the movies with her tomorrow. We made our plans, picked a time and then she said "Okay sounds good! I'll tell my mom".

...Am I to assume her mom is going, too?
What the hell is this?
Should I ruin my diet with popcorn or milk duds or both?
and more importantly: do you get anything to eat at the movies? Do tell.