January 12th, 2012


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I'm going back to uni at 12pm tomorrow. It's 12am now. I'm mostly packed but have to tidy/sort. I'm fairly tired.
Do I stay up and finish it now and have a bit of a lie in, or get up early tomorrow to finish it? My usual wake up time at the moment is 10am.
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1) So I'm liking ticktockman's new picture. Is anyone else noting it and saying "Yay! He's looking good! I hope his dating website ladies notice that," or is that just me?

2) Parental sex: is it good they manage it, is it all a bit weird, or is it thoroughly Westermarcky ewww for you?

3) Will you tell me stories of your family members who've turned out to be absolute shits?

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Would you rather date a werewolf or a vampire?


If your SO/best friend turned into a zombie, would you shoot him/her in the head or keep him/her chained up in the shed or barn?

shoot in head
keep in shed

Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your choice.

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At what age are pictures of naked children inappropriate? Parents often take pictures of their babies naked, but at what age should that stop as it starts entering child pornography?

Ideal Movie

A producer comes to you and says he or she will make a movie with any plot/characters you want.

What's the plot of the movie? What four actors are the stars (obviously there will be more but which four headline the movie?)?

I want a road-trip movie with Betty White, Angela Lansbury, Grandma Yetta and the grandma from The Wedding Singer. They travel around the country badgering their grandchildren.
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What's the most interesting or uncommon form of exercise you've engaged/participated in?
(like bellydancing, less commonly taught martial arts, parkour, etc. as opposed to your typical yoga/pilates/, treadmill, weightlifting type stuff)
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Anyone who's following the Natalee Holloway case - with van der Sloot pleading guilt in the murder of the Peruvian woman, what does that mean for the U.S.? I know they want him extradited to face extortion charges here, but will they tack on murder charges as well? I'm pretty sure they've gone to trial over less evidence on other cases before.

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Which one?

Contracting a rare ailment, where the only cure is eating cupcakes
Contracting a rare ailment, where the only cure is eating hair. Not your own
That's a tough one. Do I have to floss after eating the hair?

Which one?

Being trapped in an elevator for 4 hours with Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen Degeneres, who spend the time telling their favorite jokes
Being trapped in an elevator for 4 hours with 3 sumo wrestlers who had Mexican food for lunch
That's a tough one. Do the sumos have any Taco Bell left?

Which one?

Accidentally stepping on a $100 bill while walking through the woods
Accidentally stepping on a bear trap while walking through the woods
That's a tough one. Can I get a sexy pegleg after I lose the leg? Peglegs rock!

Which one?

Having the attractive stranger you just kissed whisper in your ear "You're a great kisser, sexy"
Having the attractive stranger you just kissed whisper in your ear "You may want to visit a free clinic tomorrow morning"
That's a tough one. After I get herpes, I won't have to worry about catching anything in the future. What a load off my mind

Which one?

While exiting the supermarket, sirens go off and the manager approaches you with a large check for being the 1,000,000 customer
While exiting the supermarket, sirens go off and the security guard approaches you with a taser because he thinks you stole something
That's a tough one. Will the guard tase me on the genitals? That may feel good

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I know I just posted a couple of hours ago but TQC is slow today ...

I was wondering, when filling out an application for an apartment, what do you put down as the reason for leaving your current residence?

and how do you poilitely put on the app that your current landord doesn't pay his part of the bills (sewage/trash/taxes) leaving it for you to pay ect...?

also if I do stay here, the landlord is jacking the rent up to 900.00 a month plus all utilities and sewage/trash....that's a bit more than than this place is actually worth condsidering the area. Right now it's 550.00 plus 50.00 for the parolee so that's 600.00 plus water, gas, eletric, cable and sewage/trash if the landlord doesn't pay it.
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If I text someone " we still on for tonight?" and they reply "It's elementry!"..
does that mean yes?

What kind of an answer is that rly?

Edit: ashamed to have missed a Sherlock Holmes reference. What is the best ever sherlocky reply to this?!

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Is there any celebrity couple out there that you would be legitimately surprised if they broke up/got divorced?

What's the best thing that's going to happen to you in the next 24 hours?

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Were you adopted?


How do you describe your physical appearance?

Good looking
Average (body)
Average (attractiveness)
Medium (skin tone)
Too tall
Too short

Help me do my job

I will be taping an interview next week with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who actually invented the Web.  What question(s) would you like me to ask him?

I will also be doing a live interview with the guy who runs IBM's Watson group.  Any question(s) you'd like mt to ask him?

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what's the last bit of unexpected good news you received?

i found out yesterday that my obnoxious, smoke-so-much-it-wafts-into-my-apartment, drug-selling and fist-fighting over drug money, loud-party-every-night neighbors moved out!! :D yay sleep during sleep times!

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What's a good but not so obvious movie to watch while high?

ETA: I've watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Ooze while high. I've also watched porn, south park and various surgery shows.
One Of Those Days.

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So say you have something specific to do on a daily basis (IE exercising, meeting deadlines, eating well or like... showering) but you have a desperate time mustering the will everyday--- how do you get motivated to do something you dislike? Does it work every time or do you have to vary each day?
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Anyone here own Fluevogs? How many sizes above my normal shoe measurement do I need to order up for the damn things to fit?

Edit: I bought them anyway, so whatever. We'll see. Want to talk about the best pair of shoes you own or something? Pictures?
Arrested Development

Some like it in the pot nine days old

Here's a question about booze! My apologies if it is the most obvious thing ever, I'm an alcohol moron.

I like hot boozy drinks. I don't want to put in time and effort to mull wine or brew cider. Is it a normal thing to just buy hard cider and warm it up on the stove? Will that hurt the taste somehow? Is there a certain cider/whatever that tastes AWESOME prepared like this?
kesha rose

care package

i have a good friend living far away who just got horrible, life-changing news. i want to send him a care package, and i have one or two ideas, but any suggestions for things i can include would be very very much appreciated. what should i send him?

eta - also, maybe any book suggestions? he's a huge reader - literary, not into genre stuff; maybe something that you've found especially touching or transporting? (ugh sorry that's so garbled)

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Do any of these homes resemble ones of people you know?

I feel all warm and fuzzy because they remind me of homes from my childhood, and it's nice to know I wasn't the only one with acquaintances who lived in such colourful abodes.

What's the worst or most interesting home you've inspected?
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Will you go here and cast your vote for your favorite candidate?

I do not ask that you vote for me, just that you vote for someone!

In the event that your answer to the above query is 'No, you suck,' what is your middle name? Do you like it?

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What jokes in movies/TV shows do you think are overdone?

I hate this joke: "But he didn't know that I knew that she knew her brother knew about the thing his friend knew, you know?" "No."

It makes me cringe.

And I hate the "sassy black girl" from movies. It's like they don't know black women don't have to be sassy.