January 11th, 2012

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Have you heard there's a shit storm about Peanut butter Cheerios? I heard that they are starting to make them, and parents are up in arms about them being peanut butter, with all the peanut allergies out there. But, they already make Honey Nut Cheerios....so what the hell is the big deal?
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i'm guiding a group of exchange students around DC for two weeks. the program they're going through will take them to all the typical touristy spots during the day, but i'm also going to have time with them in the evenings and on weekends to do whatever. i want to take them someplace where they can just have fun, but not have to be taking too much in like they would be at all the museums they're slated to go to.

can anyone in the DC area (or at least familiar with it) recommend places for me to take them?

ETA: if it helps, Collapse )

the list is tentative so there are others that aren't set in stone, but i know we're definitely going to those.

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Where would a noob learn about retirement funds not on the internet?

If I spoke to my banker about this, would he try pressuring me into starting one on the spot? I always get out of these but I'm not in a good place to deal with social pressure right now.

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From 1-10 (10 being totally comfortable) how comfortable would you be sleeping in a room with your SO and another couple?

From 1-10 how comfortable would you be sleeping in a room with your SO and another person (not a couple, just one person)? Does it matter who that person is or what gender they are?

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Are there any native or fluent speakers of Hebrew here who would be willing to record a short phrase for me (gam zeh ya'avor)? I want to do a linguistic analysis of the change of pitch/intensity/etc shifts, and can't find audio online.

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Can you use liquid laundry detergent in a washing machine that doesnt have the .. uh I dont know what it's called. Spot where youre supposed to put the liquid laundry detergent in. Ha. ??
If so, how?

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Hey Dr. TQC. I'm going to the doctor in the morning but I'd like to have opinions in the mean time.

Last night, I felt completely fine before I went to bed. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat and nasal drainage (that I'm spitting up) that is a dark yellow color. Over the course of the last few hours, my temperature has shot up to 100.5F. I am freezing! I have a headache as well. My first thought was a sinus infection, due to the drainage and sore throat. Does that sound like the closest?

Ever since I was little, my fevers always get the worst at night. My boyfriend just ran out to get me Motrin because that is the one that thing helps my fever. Urgent Doc doesn't close for another 2 hours-since my temperature seems to be climbing, should I go? Or just wait till tomorrow for my doctors appointment? I get kind of paranoid so I'm mainly worried about it being something more severe than a sinus infection but the reasonable side of me is telling me it's not. Thoughts?   

And how do I get warm from having fever chills?!


Hey guys,
I was gifted a jar of strawberry kiwi jam this christmas. My SO and I noticed it was runny but figured putting it in the fridge would help. Its been in the fridge for about 2 weeks now and we just opened it to try this morning. It tastes great but is so liquidly, comparable to eggnogg or cream. I can still kind of use it, but it makes it a bit hard.

Is there any way i can help thicken it? Ive tried googling but all it tells me is to recook it and add more pectin or other stuff...im hoping maybe there is a way i can just thicken it a bit in a way that doesnt allow me to potentially totally ruin it, since its only one jar.
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well crap. I had a question all ready, and I did one more google search, and found what I was looking for.

When's the last time your google skills paid off? and, what in the world did we do before google??
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I saw a blog advertised somewhere that had literary quotes paired with celebrity photos, and I was curious to check it out. However, I cannot remember the blog title. Any chance someone in TQC knows what I'm talking about?

DK/DC - What was the best thing that happened today? The worst?

doggy hell

My father in law and his girlfriend are visting this week. They are bringing a camper to stay in while they visit. 5 months ago when they were planning this trip they said they were bring their 3 small dogs. I said fine but they have to stay in your camper I don't want them in my house. He agreed to that. Now they have arrived and his girlfriend said that they would be in the house in their kennel during the day.
Also I am 500 miles away and my SO doesn't want to tell her dad how I feel becase it puts her in the middle and I agree. How do I handle a situation like this over the phone?

I have a small baby at home and I don't want the dogs around her in or out of a kennel.
Should I compromise and the dogs stay in their kennel in a spare room that I don't use? (It gets very cold in there)
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If there was a pill you could take that would sober you up instantly, would you use it? Do you think it would curtail drunk driving? What are your thoughts? Could it have negative effects?
kimi ni todoke

Engagement rings...again!

So my SO and I have been talking about the next big step, but the pricing of rings are a bit of a hassle. My main question is: Does it have to be a diamond ring for it to be considered an engagement ring? Can it be anything you want it to be? I found these amazing pearl rings that are beautiful, but my mom highly suggests a diamond ring, due to the type of care, etc.

Lend me your thoughts, experiences, suggestions TQC! :)

DK, DC: What's your favorite type of dessert? I can always go for some pumpkin pie!

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Say you're in this situation:

A guy you've been interested in for a while has expressed little interest in being anything but your friend. You're overweight, but over a period of time you lose some weight, and then around that time he actually asks you out. Somehow, you find out that he would not have asked you out if you were still fat because he did not find fat you attractive. Maybe a dumb question, but do you date him or no?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Every night, my roommates come home, sit down/take over the living room, and watch sports. Really loudly. And the furnace in the living room is double sided, so it goes through to my room and I hear EVERYthing. Am I right to be a little annoyed by this? I'm usually in the living room doing homework so I don't have to do it on my bed but I can't concentrate with noise, and if I put headphones in then I have to contest with being distracted by my music. I just don't know how to bring this up with them, and the noise is never a problem in the morning because they're quiet and go to work, I'm just starting to become increasingly peeved.

What kinds of responsibilities do you handle with grace?
When do you start to become a little frayed?
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Where did the term "chromatic" as opposed to "person of color" originate? I'm trying to find a blog post or anything arguing for the use of "chromatic" over "person of color", as I've seen the term used in many places (usually relating to fandom), but Google isn't helping, and I would really love to know more.

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There is some sort of demon beast animal trying to crawl in my window through my air conditioner, what do I do?



I looked out my window and it's apparently just raining really hard. I guess the demon beast is just the rain.

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How do you keep your nails? Check all that apply:

as short as possible
I just kinda let them do their thing; they figure themselves out
I like 'em long
I wear fake nails frequently
I wear fake nails occasionally
I wear nail polish frequently
I wear nail polish occasionally
I chew my nails
I don't have nails, thanks for reminding me you insensitive cucumber
other, which I will elaborate on in the comments