January 10th, 2012

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The women of telephony?

I've been puzzling over this for days and can't figure out the answer.
I want to know more about the woman that says "we're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again" and the one that says "that Verizon wireless mailbox is full", or "please hold for a representative". Who are these women?
How did they become the voice of Southwestern Bell, Target, and Verizon and other places?
Can anyone refer me to the right place to learn more about these women?
How does one get to be the voice that tells you menu options?
What is the right search term to find out about these voice talents of the phone industry?

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What are your favorite "if you watch it backwards" jokes? Mine are:

-If you watch The King’s Speech backwards, it’s about the King of England losing his crown and slowly losing the ability to speak coherently.
-If you watch Black Swan backwards, it’s about a dancer who cures her insanity by sleeping with Mila Kunis.
-If you watch Memento backwards, it makes complete sense.
-If you watch Harry Potter backwards it’s about a young wizard who gets sent into witness protection after a violent altercation.
-If you watch Cinderella backwards, it's about a woman who slowly learns her place.
-If you watch Lord of the Rings backwards its about a midget who gets a cool ring, goes home and gives it to a wizard.
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So there is a new Project Runway season, All Stars. WHERE IS HEIDI? WHERE IS TIM?

Also i need to buy my friend a birthday gift. he likes pink, crafts, pink, unicorns, bright colours and pink.. any ideas?

If you shipwrecked and you and some people are on a raft or a small island without resources (or crashed with a plane in the Andes I suppose) and one of the others died, would you rather eat them and live or die of hunger?

Speaking of cannibalism, what do you think of this:

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Real quick:

What the shit is this new facebook meme? "I am going to Germany for 2O months...."

I saw one the other day, "I'm going to Hong Kong for 22 months"

What the eff?

Completely and utterly non-related:

You're visiting someone and staying in their house with your spouse/SO, do you have sex?

Someone is visiting you and staying in your house, do you have sex?

Do you ever put the sexy times on hold because of where you are staying?

(no subject)

In this online game that I'm moderating, a lot of players have to speak to me through Google Translator. I've been noticing a common mistranslation: A lot of Spanish-speaking players are using the word "dude" in place of "question". Like, they will say to me, "I have a dude" or "can I ask you a dude?", and I cannot figure out how this mistranslation is happening. TQC, how is this happening?

Dk/dc, will you use this and tell me what you get?
  • queensj


I really want to go to St. Petersburg.
Have you ever travelled on a visa? Is it a complicated process?
Have you been to Russia? Can you tell me anything about it travelwise?
I especially want to go to the Alexander Palace. Is it easy to get there from St Petersburg?
I don't speak Russian :-/ . Can I get by on English or German?

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My grandparents live about 6 hours away from me and my family. We weren't able to go down for Christmas like we do every year because of my dad's recent surgery, so we all (mom and dad, brother and his wife, me and my boyfriend) decided to go down for my mom's birthday weekend, the first weekend of February.

My whole family is very conservative, and my boyfriend and I are not allowed to sleep in the same room.

There are four bedrooms: One for parents, one for brother and his wife, one for my boyfriend, one for me.

Now. My aunt and uncle are PROBABLY going to hear about my whole family giong to my grandparents place, and are PROBABLY going to decide to come as well. Which leaves one person or couple without a room.

How should the room situation be handled if my aunt and uncle decide to come?

Aunt and uncle sleep on a cot/bed somewhere in the house or get a hotel room - they were the last to decide to come and therefore get last dibs.
Boyfriend sleeps on a cot/bed somewhere in the house or gets a hotel room - he's only one person and he should give his bed up for a couple
OP sleeps on a cot/bed somewhere - her boyfriend is a guest because he isn't family and should allow everyone else to have a room
Something else - posted in comments

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What advice would you give someone who's taking an online class for the first time?

My friend is taking one this semester, and it's been so long since I've taken online classes that I'm unsure what to say other than "make sure you find a way to motivate yourself" and "save all of your assignments on your computer."

(no subject)

What should I go as to a 90's party?
I'd kind of like to go as something a bit off the mainstream (think Nirvana etc) but I also want to keep the attractive factor in there - I need a confidence boost.

ETA: I should probably add that I was a young child in the 90's so a lot of things will need explaining/pics!
Gargoyle Eye

Holiday Clusterfuck

My birthday, my SO's birthday, Valentine's day, and our first anniversary will occur within three days of each other. 
How would you attempt to celebrate this lump of holidays without being boring or starting to hate romantic gestures?

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job application question--
about a year ago, i interviewed for a job at a publishing company. while i didn't get it, they sent back an e-mail saying that i was seriously considered for the position and a strong contender. a friend who works for the company told me that they are about to begin hiring for a similar position and that i should try for it again.

should i indicate in my cover letter that i interviewed with them previously?
i can't decide if it would remind them of the things they liked about me, or the reasons they decided not to hire me.

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Which would you rather do?

Descend yourself in a window washing platform from the roof on that glass building in Mission Impossible 4
Crawl through a 500' sewage pipe, like in the Shawshank Redemption

Which would you rather do?

Have sex with a Nazi skinhead, who has a swartiska tattoo on his/her shaved scalp
Have sex with a double amputee (both arms)

Which would you rather do?

Forget your computer cam was on, as you masturbate to porn on your computer
Forget your computer cam was on, as you take a poop with the door open. In this reality, the camera can see into the bathroom

Which would you rather do?

Wear a burlap thong
Wear a bra made of sandpaper

Which would you rather do?

Zipline through an enormous spiderweb (with a spider). This happens within the first thirty seconds. You have to contend with the web for the next few minutes until you land
While swinging for the pinata, you mistake it for a beehive, which you do crack open. Blindfolded, you're not sure what's happening except there's buzzing and screaming all around you

Which would you rather do?

Swallow 100 pennies within one hour
Swallow a quarter you found on the floor at a gas station restroom. You can't wash it off first

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I'm interested in mythology surrounding language; all sorts, but particularly involving specific deities or supernatural beings and language-creation myths. For example the Tower of Babel, Enki as the confuser of languages, Mnemosyne, Hermes, Saint Brigit.

What other interesting figures or stories are out there?

Edit to add: any Classics buffs know if there's a specific story or association with Hermes' rooster symbol? It seems the most obviously connected to his communicative aspect but I'm not finding anything specific.
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(no subject)

I've been working at a company on a 6 week contract. My role was basically just to cover while everyone went away during the holidays. This is the last week of my contract.

What's the best way to ask my manager if there is a possibility of them hiring me permentantly afterwards? Should I just ask if there will be a possibility of freelance opportunities afterwards or is there a better way to ask? And if Friday is my last day, is Wednesday too early to ask?

I don't really think they have enough work at the moment to keep me longer...but when I first arrived I definitely picked up on there being some workload issues before I arrived (files being done late) and after I started they all kept saying it was a relief to have me here. Last week my manager wanted to move my desk from one side of the office to sit closer to him (why would he suggest that if I would only be here 1 more week?) (The move never happened because the person whose desk I'm swaping with has been away).

Idk. What's an easy way to ask? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
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If you realize that you don't like the book you are part way through, do you stop reading it or finish it? Does it depend are far along in the book you are?

ETA: What are some books you've stopped reading part way through and what was the reason?

(no subject)

Does anyone in this community speak conversational German or French?
Just in case I need someone to chat (IM) to practice for a (potential) upcoming trip.

If no, what countries would you like to visit where your native language(s) are not spoken?
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kickin' out the jams

You are making a mix CD for an 18 year old boy who pretty much only listens to really crappy dubstep and you want him to experience what "good" music is. What do you put on it?

edit: "crappy dubstep" was probably the wrong term to use. I definitely enjoy/appreciate dubstep, but when you tell me that this random guy on Youtube's remix of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is better than The Beatles, I am gon' get rulll swoll. 
╚ when it's all said and done
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My fiance is trying to find cheaper alternatives when it comes to cigarettes. His brand hit almost $7 a pack recently and I find it to be ridiculous. He won't use cigars, like me, for reasons unknown. He actively enjoys smoking so quitting is not something that is on the table at this moment. So we have taken to looking for other options since we need to cut costs.

There is either the roll-your-own option or electric cigarettes (like blu). I also like the idea of electric cigarettes because we are both attempting to go organic/be environmentally friendly in most other aspects of our lives. The question is, how similar is it to smoke an electric cigarette? He likes the taste and everything of his cigarettes, and it's not like he is using this as a way to quit because he likes smoking in general, so I want to know if it is a feasible option for a smoker? Do electric cigarettes give the same type of taste/satisfaction as regular cigarettes?
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(no subject)

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a chubster. My thighs touch so when they rub together, I often wear holes in my pants. Is there something I can spray on the inner thighs to lessen the friction so they last longer?
computer bug

Two questions...

Can anyone recommend a treatment for dry mouth? I tried switching to the 'dry mouth' version of my mouthwash, but it kinda nauseates me.

How outdated is it to dye the lower half of your hair a different color (underneath, not the ends)? I'm kind of bored with my hair (used to dye it/cut it all the time, but I'm trying to look 'adult' or something... I was a teacher for 5 years and now I'm in nursing school, plus I want to have my natural color while I can in case it goes white). I've also had to take out a lot of my piercings for clinicals and am feeling blah. If I do it, what color (punky vegetable-based) should I use? I'm thinking bright red, purple, pink, or black. I'm not going to bleach it first because I want it to wash out eventually. My hair is the color in my icon, slightly longer than shoulder-length, layered with long bangs.
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What Would You Do...

On my way home from work, I stopped by a gas station just a few blocks from my house. While there, I saw a girl I went to high school with. We knew each other but could not even be considered acquaintances. She was an odd but very sweet girl with a rough home life.

While there at the station, I saw that she was not able to pay with her food stamp card/EBT/whatever the thing is called. She tried a few times and I don't think it was successful as she started to dig and count cash. She had her twin girls (around toddler age) with her.

I was tempted to pay for her purchases (I am sure it wasn't much) but figured that could be awkward. I don't know that she even recognized me.

Would you have done anything in this situation?

(no subject)

I'm trying to write a blog about death and I want to reference this girl who I read an article about in the NYT about a year or two ago. She had a blog about her illness and then blogged about dying or something. It had something to do with Red in the title I think. She was beautiful. Her memorial service is on YouTube in like five parts. I remember someone photographed her and she was very pale with red hair and had a blue/red heart painted on her chest and the arteries/veins, so it makes me think she had some kind of heart/blood disease.

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT? I've googled vague terms that are leading to nothing.



Minestrone soup makes me fart....

what causes you to fart?

have you ever had the pleasure of a dutchoven?
have you ever dutchovened someone else?

stories please :)

(no subject)

If you had a year between graduating college and starting grad school, what things would you do in that time?

Which are your favorite movies that are available on Netflix instant view?

(no subject)

When you're sick, are your parents the comforting type? Or are they more like, "Oh get up off the bathroom floor and get a shower. You're fine. And don't forget to clean all the vomit off the toilet"?


Alright, I didn't have a job at all last year, but I had a baby.
So I'm wondering should I just file now or wait?

Being that I didn't work, I don't have a W2. Can someone help me with this?
I never filed for unemployment either.


When's the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?
Why did you want to punch them?
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(no subject)

there's a website where you can look up constellations/images of the night sky from dates in history (example: the day you were born). you can then order said print.

does ANYONE know what this website is? i thought i had it bookmarked (and found it on tqc long ago) but i can't seem to find it. thank you if you know it!


If a male coworker regularly stopped what he was doing to just... ogle you, would this make you uncomfortable? Would you tell anyone and/or say something to him? Assume said coworker is not in a position of authority over you.


1. What was your worst dating experience?

2. Your best one?

3. Ever tried online dating? How'd that go?

4. How many dates does it take for you to decide if they're worth keeping around or not?

(no subject)

I just got an iPhone today (the 4 model). Even with just the 3G on, having AIM open is draining the battery pretty fast. Is this just par for the course or is there something I can do to make the battery last longer? I don't have an issue with cutting back on app usage or carrying my charger around with me, but I'd like to know.

What are your favorite (preferably free) apps? I've already got Yelp, AIM, a French language tool, and Netflix, among others (like Angry Birds).

work history

A little more than a week ago I was fired from my job of 5 months because of more than 2 low till/drawer shortages as a cashier. I know one of the cases they lied, I asked a manager about it, and they removed it. I kind of think they lied about some of them (have no proof) and it seriously looked bad on applications when I have to answer if I was fired. On paper applications I have been writing "work ended" or "seasonal" because my manager said I could put it
. :/ 

My friend suggests I just completely leave it out all together and don't use that job on employment history. I worked almost 2 years at another job similar from 2009-2011 and then a job in between there temporarily. Now I did do telemarketing for a month and never use it. People have never asked me about it or commented on it. 

Should I not even use it or put it down anyways?
Have you ever left off a job you were fired from or quit because you thought it would look bad or give a bad reference?

I have a different friend who says she saw a background check done and it showed your employment history. Is this true?
(also i'm in college btw so this is a part-time job)

(no subject)

My very good friends housemate (who is a friend, but I don't see her without her housemate) has had a really rough time with her boyfriend for a good month now. They've broken up and she said she's having panic attacks and not eating. She's obviously in a bad place if she's telling me this.
What can I say/do (other than the usual hanging out, consoling words) to help her out?
I hate to see her suffer like this.

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why, why are boys so messy?
why do they leave their stuff friggin EVERYWHERE, after someone cleans up?
why do they insist on leaving drinking glasses everywhere? and then when you move them oh no, bc they were going to REUSE THAT glass.

seriously, theres like 12 glasses in 2 rooms. SO ANNOYING.
i left the house for 3 hours, and it seriously looks like my s/o and our tenant let off a mess bomb.  I DONT GET IT. 
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(no subject)

As a holiday gift from your employer, would you rather receive a cash bonus or a gift card for something really you want, but would never buy yourself?

Assume in this case that you are a single mom with three young kids and could probably use the cash, but that you never, ever, ever do anything for yourself and a gift card would force you to buy something nice for yourself.

Or should we just buy her the thing she wants?

ETA: and assuming we give her cash, how much should we give her? Double her weekly salary? More? Less?