January 9th, 2012

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My friend and I are going to a concert and getting tickets. We asked another friend if they wanted to go with and they said, "well, buy me a ticket, I'll pay you back no matter what, but I don't want to commit to going." Basically, the general gist was, "I'll go if nothing better comes up."

Obnoxious or what? What would you do?
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Four hours until my first day of my last semester! So excited!

If you're taking classes this semester, what classes are you in?

I'm currently signed up for Political Anthropology, Early LGBT Literature, Women in Modern United States, Interdisciplinary Women's Studies, and Health Disparities. Ideally, I'll drop Health Disparities if I can get into a Critical Medical Anthropology class. I just picked that up on a whim after I dropped a Science and Fiction class because the syllabus didn't make it sound like a class I would enjoy.
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what songs make you want to dance?

i start a new job today where i'm dressed up and waving a sign and i need some dance-y tunes!

to you, what's the strangest job you have ever had?
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Want to play an association/images game?

In the comments, post a word. Others will post a picture in response, either one they took or one they've found.

I am interested in seeing what folks come up with. (Yes, this is a distraction from yesterday's news.)

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What do you think about Ron Paul?
My friend, who is normally really left leaning - she's pro women's rights, pro LGTBQ rights, anti-war, pro-drug legalization, thinks he would be awesome. I was like ><.
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Hey guys,

I need to choose an accountant to help with our taxes, etc. My husband and I both work full-time, plus I see a handful of clients privately, so I want to make sure I dot my i's and cross my t's.

I googled for local accountants, and found a long list of options, but none of them have been reviewed. I figure I should start calling around, but...

What questions should I ask to find a good accountant?

How do you feel about avocado?
What's your favorite soup?
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
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iPhone vs. Android? What are your opinions?  I have an iPhone already, but I'm looking at switching to an Android phone with my upgrade. 

Specifically, do any of you have the HTC Vivid or Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket through AT&T?

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TQC, do you ever have dreams that actually happen later in life? Example: Last week I was at my job and had a flashback to a dream I'd had months earlier where everything was set up just the same and the people were doing and saying the exact same things as they were doing in real life, word for word. Sometimes the actions will be different, and just the setting and people will be the same. I thought it was really weird, but I mentioned it to my boyfriend who said that he sometimes has that happen to him. Are we all secretly Miss Cleo? Has this ever happened to you?

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A heterosexual woman tells you she's never been good friends with a heterosexual man without at least one of them developing feelings for the other at one point. Said woman has/has had many male friends. Do you think this information alone is a cause for concern? 

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I am making a bean soup and I just realized I am completely out of regular salt. All I have is sea salt.

My question: do I need to somehow grind or crush up the big chunks of salt or will it dissolve in the hot soup? Hope this isn't a dumb question. :/

Thanks for the help!

Edit: Thanks for the quick responses, everyone. :D

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so i have scarred skin on my face stemming from a car accident. 
i have atrophic/pitted scars which really does look like acne scarring (but its not) 
it makes me feel super self conscious. 
anyway, do you know of any foundation to help the look of these types of scars?  right now, i use vichy normaderm teint.
i also hate when the foundations are sticky/oily to the touch.  the one i use is a matte look. 
also, any fancy/miracle creams that help lessen the look of scarring would be helpful too?

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One of my favourite but not well known singers is playing in a small venue in my town at the end of January. It will sell out.
I'm happy to go on my own but would prefer company. Should I buy two tickets and hope to find someone in the meantime, or just buy one for myself? I think the seats are probably numbered so someone couldn't get one later on and sit next to me.

ETA: never mind, in a wonderful turn of synchronicity, my friend said she wants to come just as I was about to click buy!
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new glasses=glare streaks?

TQC, I just got new glasses and this time I sprang for Teflon coating to repel scratches and also special anti-glare plastic. I was particularly hopeful about the anti-glare, because headlights etc. at night drive me bananas. So, I just got back from driving around and OMGWTFBBQ: with every light I see, there is a white streak emanating from the light all the way to the top and bottom of my field of vision. For headlights, that means two streaks. Multiplied by a lot of cars on the freeway, street lights, parking lot lights, the moon...that seems to me to be a LOT of glare. I feel like I'm seeing detail (away from light sources) a little better, but the streaks from light sources are intense.

Is this what anti-glare lenses do--take the glare and condense it into these long light streaks? Do any of you have anti-glare lenses that do this? Did I just get ripped off? I don't know if I should return these or what.

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How do you do in interviews?

Historically, I don't do very well. I end up saying the wrong things and coming across as someone i'm not.
How can I do better? I have a 'pre-screening' coming up, then a full face to face interview.
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My mom used to make these .. thingies that were like two softish cookies with pineapple mixed in cream cheese between them. She wants to make them, but can't find the cookies that she made them with anymore. It was some italianish named brand. The cookies were like a solid cookie ball cut in half but they were soft. Like a unfilled creampuff with a cakey cookie middle.

Does anyone know what these cookies are called?

I think I found the cookies but they aren't made anymore. Anginetti cookies by Stella Doro.

Oh and hey also;

Do you guys have an recs for good ancient history books? I tend to stick to Asian but am willing to read European, African ect ect. I'd prefer nonfiction but fiction is fine.

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When's the last time you acted in a way that is uncharacteristic of yourself?

I have to have oral surgery on Friday and usually I am pretty cool with medical procedures but I'm internally freaking out and just want my mom to come braid my hair and make me some tea. BLARGH.

Alternately, wanna tell me how smooth and simple your wisdom tooth removal went? (I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth coming out, plus a canine tooth being pulled because it's a baby tooth)

Anyone here have braces as an adult? How did that go for you?

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How specific are you with the doctor's receptionist when she/he asks what the appointment is in regards too (if she/he asks at all)? I think I have a yeast infection, but I also want an STD test, and I have no idea what to tell the receptionist and I know she's going to ask. 

unrelated/related- How do you handle anxiety? 
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As my mum was coming downstairs, I was thinking 'put the kettle on, put the kettle on, put the kettle on' and she did.
TQC, is my mum a mindreader? Is yours? Have you ever had any moments like this with someone?


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Do you listen to audiobooks?
What are your favorites?

I like to listen to audiobooks when I drive, which comes in handy during long commutes. The only problem is that I need to stick with light material where, if I have to concentrate on my driving for a couple minutes, I won't be completely lost in the story. YA novels are great for this. The only problem is that I've exhausted the Harry Potter series several times over, same with the Hunger Games, so I'd love some new material.
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Do use the whole bar of soap?  As in, when your soap wears all the way down to a thin little sliver, do you use it until it disappears or at some point do you just throw it away and start a new bar?
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It seems simple, but I'm clueless

I've been bowling a handful of times before, but always with friends and I just tagged along, put on the shoes and followed them to the lane. I want to go bowling with another person as clueless as I am. What is the progression from walking in the door to making it to the lane? Anything I should know about etiquette, etc?

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I'm driving a friend to the doctor tomorrow and around town (doctor is probably around 80 miles round trip for me). I've also driven her around a few other times since she can't drive for a few weeks. She said that she wants to fill my tank but I feel weird about it. Do I let her or just let her put in $30 or something?

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Are there any sites like emotionalbagcheck.com where you can send a song to (and request songs from) strangers, but just for the sake of sharing music and not because you want them to feel better?

Horror movies

What is or has always been your favorite horror movie?

Would you like to see it remade?

Or would you rather leave it as is?

Me personally I have always loved Stephen King movies like Pet Cemetary, Cujo, and so on. I have always been curious on how different they would be if they were to make them these days. As they are starting to do that alot now.  But I'm not sure if they could keep the originality of what those movies represented.
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Have you or anyone you know ever worked for a large department store?
What was the interview process?
What was your experience?

I just had an interview and one of my references told me that she talked to them today and they really liked me and were planning to call me for a second interview, so I"m getting a little anxious because all of my prior experience is with small businesses and I don't know what to expect.

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After being happily married for a few years, you find out your spouse (let's call the spouse Pat) is a former assassin (killed 15 people in the job). Pat quit that job as soon as s/he met you and now runs a contracting business. From the time you first met, Pat said s/he was a contractor and thus lied to you for multiple years. The only reason the truth is coming out now, though, is because Pat finds out someone is after him, and people are offered 10 million to kill your spouse.

What do you do? Divorce? Help Pat? Something else?