January 8th, 2012

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Say you go away for ten days, and don't have internet access. When you get back, how many back entries of TQC do you read through? Or do you just pick up from the moment you get back? I've only got as far back as yesterday but it feels like I've been reading for hours.

If you had a 50/50 chance of inheriting a horrible disease that would totally screw you up in middle age, would it affect whether you chose to have kids? Reasons appreciated.
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Getting rid of region codes on DVD drive

Due to being an idiot, I now only have one CD/DVD drive on my computer. This means I'm stuck with only watching things from one region. It's set on PAL/Region2 right now, but I really want to watch something that's NTSC/Region1!

Googling around a bit tells me that you can actually get rid of the region coding -- BUT IT'S SO CONFUSING. Some sites state that you need to burn a CD and "flash" the drive, while others tell you to find and download a specific file that matches your kind of drive. And then there's programs as well, that supposedly run in the background to cheat the drive and let you switch region codes however many times you want (or something IDEK).

Here are some of the places I've been looking at:


I just don't know what to do, despite reading up on it for hours. I don't want to just randomly test something either, as there's plenty of "this could potentially ruin your drive!" warnings -- and I definitely can't afford to buy a new one right now.

From what I can tell my drive is called TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223Q. Any and all advice will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

Want muh hair did

I have a fancy event for work coming up so I'd like to use it as an excuse to get spiffed up. I've never had a professional dye job and I think I want highlights. What would look good on me? How much? Which color? I was thinking maybe lightish golden brown? 

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I have a hard time throwing things away and getting rid of old, childhood toys. I'm not as bad as a compulsive hoarder, its more so that I don't clean often out of laziness, and when I do clean, I feel like keeping things if I like what they remind me of. I'm a "out of sight, out of mind" person and fear forgetting things if I get rid of them.

Are you like this? Have you found a way of dealing with it so that you can have a cleaner, neater space?

Can anyone offer advice as to how I can adjust?

I really love the idea of having a room/living space that has only what I really need.

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Today I applied for a credit card and was denied, so I decided to try to get a copy of my credit report. I went through annualcreditreport.com, and chose Equifax as the company through which I'd receive my report. However, while I was filling in my information, it said something along the lines of "It appears as though you took out a mortgage in or around November of 2007. Please submit information regarding that so that we may better identify you" or something along those lines, and then asked me a series of questions about it.

The only problem is I never took out a mortgage. I was 14 in November of 2007, so there's no way I could have. I spoke to my mom and she said it absolutely wasn't her, so I'm kind of stuck here. I'm going to file a dispute but I have no evidence of this mortgage existing, except for what the site told me. All the departments dealing with this stuff are closed today, so I'll have to do it tomorrow, but I really don't know exactly what else to do.

So, TQC, any advice? Has this ever happened to you? Who all should I contact, and is there any hope of it being erased from my credit score? 


I posted this to beauty101 but they are pretty slow, so here it goes again.

Does anyone here have skillz doing regular polish manicures? I'd really like to do a super nice manicure, like the ones in the zoya swatches in that other post down there. I can get consistency fine, but have trouble making the cuticle area look nice. I always paint all the way to the skin, maybe that is part of my problem. I just want it to look like a professional did it without having to go to one. Any tips for me?



What type of Dr. do I go to if I'm having issues with my shoulder/upper arm/collar bone?

And while we're at it, anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? I didn't have any specific injuries, that I can recall. About 5-6 weeks ago I was doing some super cleaning of my house, including cleaning the ceilings around the fan in the bathrooms. I woke up the next morning kind of sore in multiple places, I assumed from just bending/reaching weird for hours while cleaning. One of these places was in my left shoulder, around the rotator cuff. It's been hurting since, but not always bad. It was hurting whenever I'd move my shoulder or lift my arm. Then the rotator cuff stopped hurting and now it feels like there's almost a pressure built up in my arm, halfway between the shoulder and elbow. In addition to that there's aching/pain in the collarbone from my shoulder to my neck. It aches mildly all the time, but hurts badly when I sleep since I put my arm under my pillow.

ETA: I just got insurance and do not yet have a primary doctor. That may be important info :)
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Poll Time!

I am a member of Postcrossing and I send postcards all over the world. I'm seriously into this and I am amassing a large variety of postcards so I have a selection to send out. I have lately been making my own postcards at Zazzle with my photography, pictures of my family from the early 1900s, stuff like that. But I wanted some interesting arty cards too and I found this great disc of royalty free art in my Mom's collection. I have narrowed it down to these 7 Egyptian designs, but I can only afford to choose 3. TQC, which ones are your favorites?

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"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

How are you a tyrant?
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Hi everyone!
Anyone any good with hair appliances? I'm hoping you can help me. I was cleaning out my room today and I found this hot air brush set I received for my birthday a few years ago that I never used. Thing is, I have no clue how to use it or where the manual and/or box is. All I know it's a Technostar HC 8100R Hot Air Brush set because it says so on the back! I tried googling the name with different variations, but nothing came out of it. Also, when I google 'hot air brush' in general it kinda looks like something entirely different? HALP! And I don't mean 'plug it in' but rather, where are those brushes good for? How do I use them? It would be kinda awesome if it was actually useful because I'm usually boring with doing my hair.

ETA: OK, so it's a hot air brush with one part called a diffuser. However, I still need to identify the other part...

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thanks in advance lovelies xoxo
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Hey TQC,

I just got myself an itouch while telling myself that this will help me track my spending, my eating, and maybe help with school.

Did you find life easier after getting your itouch/phone/portable device? How?

In regards to the spennding/eating/school, are there any apps you use for these things that you'd recommend?

Is there a non related app you think everyone should know about?

I was hoping to also be able to use it to make notes and compare prices between nearby grocery stores (wal-mart vs save-on vs farmers market); how should I best go about this?
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for the tech savvy....

i'm looking for something that will sync my outlook contacts with my linkedin contacts. is there anything like this, that would be able to automatically update my contacts' info as their jobs/information/etc changes??

(for a blackberry if that matters)
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How bad can tetanus really be that it's worth the smacked in the arm with a wrench feeling the shot gives you?

Why have you had stitches in the past?

I just got stitches yesterday because I cut my hand while working. Once in fifth grade I got stitches because I slipped on a rug into the corner of a wall.
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How are ways you distinguish what your gut is telling you?

I have some huge decisions to make, and I've been thinking about them so much that I don't even know what my gut instinct is telling me anymore :(


I have a million pet peeves and I'm not sure if I could ever put them on a scale of which peeves me the most.

But anyway, I'm really aggravated right now by one/two of mine.  Do you have a greatest pet peeve? Are you pissed off right now because of one?
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My friend is taking me to some fancy thing and there's valet parking. Do I tip when I drop the car off, too, or only when I pick it up?

What's the fanciest thing you've done lately? (Doesn't have to be expensive or anything, just something you did for yourself to feel like a ~lady or gentleman~.)
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How much rice should be in a bean burrito?

A bean burrito should be mostly rice for reasons of economy and moral rectitude.
Like the balancing forces of yin and yang, a bean burrito should be half rice and half beans.
The rice in a bean burrito should be a thin undercoating that unobtrusively provides cohesion and loft.
Rice is for Chinese food and weddings.

DK/DC: If you could wear any hat (and still be respected) what type of hat would it be?

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those of you in long distance relationships - how often do you see your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Added question 2 - what do you consider long distance? (my friend says my relationship isn't long distance (even though he lives in another country) because its only a 3 hour trip)
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Readers of TQC, do you know of any interesting non-fiction books out there about different epidemics, like tuberculosis or the black plague, etc? The only one I can think of is about Typhoid Mary.

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I'm sick (after a week) of black hair, so i'm going to take the plunge and use a colour corrector.
I'm anticipating that it'll go back to black if I try to dye over it immediately - is it ok to use a coloured toner or semi-permanent dye immediately after without risking it going back to black?
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laundry rooms

Those of you that wash your clothes at laundromats...

Do you use In-Building, In-Complex, or Public ones?

Are they coin operated, or card operated?
If card operated, can you refill them at the location?

How many loads to you do at a time?

Do you stay with your clothes the entire time they are washing, or do you leave and return when the timer is up?

If you leave, do you bring all your other items with you or do you leave any behind? (Laundry basket, etc)

If all the machines are full, but some are done or near done, do you leave and return later to see if they're emptied, or do you pull the clothes out and put them to the side?

Any tales of laundry rooms you want to share? Any annoying habits of other users? Have your underwear stolen out of your machine?
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