January 7th, 2012


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soooo Scooters uncle the parolee lives with us and he has this stench of funky balls, stale cigerettes and ass sweat....

how do I go about telling him to scrub his funky ass?
also, he has athletes foot....is this tranferable to furniture and floors if he walks around bare foot in my house? right now he's curled up on Scooters leather recliner bare foot and i'm worried that the funk will trandfer to us somehow

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Do you have a person in your life that always seems be around when bad things happen?

Like, for example, hell breaks loose when you're at the theater watching Snow White or when you are working in the laboratory. You happen to turn around and see that person on both instances. You have to wonder if they had some thing to do with it.
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Why is it that the only thing that helps with depression is getting up and doing stuff (cleaning, baking, interacting with people), but the depression itself is so damn demoralizing that all you have the energy to do is sit on the couch and watch Cupcake Wars?

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Working professionals of TQC:

When you are looking for work and are enlisting the help of a recruiter, do you contact them first if you find an ad for a job, or do you submit your resume on your own?

I've been asked by a recruiter to contact him about any positions I find, to see if he has any contacts with that company. I think he's just trying to pad his pocket, but on the other hand, having your resume go to a specific person is more helpful than it going into the huge public pile. Thoughts?

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My hamburger expired yesterday without me noticing. If it doesn't smell off, will I die if I cook it and freeze it (with the intention to eat it later, I don't just cook and freeze meat for funsies)?

I promise not to hold any of you accountable if I do die.
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On a first date, do you feel awkward letting the other person pay? I really hate it, even when the guy insists, because it makes me feel guilty if I'm not interested in a second date. (Even if I am, I hate it, but I feel like in that case there's more of an opportunity to make it even.) Especially if the other person does not make more than I do. I know it's supposed to be gentlemanly and a kind gesture, but I find it automatically assumes gender roles I'm not interested in and puts me in the position of debt, which I don't like (especially if the dude expects me to put out).


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I have a tattoo that I'm considering covering - a tattoo that I got with a really good friend of mine (but we were dating at the time).  Aesthetically, I've grown to dislike the tattoo so my reason for covering it is purely that - I still cherish the memory the tattoo gives me.  My question is, should I ask the person I got the tattoo with first to make sure they wouldn't be incredibly offended?  If you had matching tattoos with someone would you be offended if the other person covered theirs?

ETA: Worded oddly - not ask, but tell them beforehand.  Permission isn't needed.
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I think this has been asked recently but...

Have you ever eaten anywhere that has been on TV? (i.e. Food Network, Travel Channel etc)

I have twice. I ate at the Green Mesquite BBQ in Austin, TX - I actually found them by searching out places that HAD been on TV so I would know my Texas BBQ was going to be some good shit, lol. Also last night I went to the Taco Bus in Tampa, FL. They make your food IN A BUS!!! :D Both places were on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives at some point.
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I'm starting a big crochet project soon (making a blanket!) and I'd like to watch some movies while I do so! I'm not a big movie watcher by any means, so I'm wondering: what movies do you think everyone should see at least once? What is your favorite movie of all time? Or your top 5?

I like fairly light-hearted, cheerful movies mostly, so can you recommend any movies in that style as well? I like comedies best.

Basically, what should I watch?

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Sorry if this is a completely idiotic question but for those of you who own a car bike rack: Do you just leave the rack on your car or do you only take it on/off when you're taking your bike somewhere? I have a bike rack and I want to start riding regularly and there is a bike trail nearby but it would be far safer to drive my bike to the trail then to bike there on the local roads (Trust me, I learned from experience D:) and I feel like it would be a hassle to take it on/off all the time but I also have no idea if bike rack theft is a common thing lol

Hey also: post links to your local bike trails! Here's mine:

Upper Tampa Bay Trail - haven't done this all in one shot yet. I've only gotten to about mile 6.5ish, there's a HUGE bridge you go over and I've gone a little past there.
Pinellas Trail - haven't biked on this one yet but I would like to!
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Meatballs or tacos for dinner?
I am starving!

eta: I'm making tacos. Less time consuming, and I discovered I didn't have any eggs. But, Meatball Tacos sound interesting!!!
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How many tacos can you comfortably eat in one sitting?

For reference, I am using Mexican-style soft corn tortilla tacos, the kind that just has some meat and onions, but you can also use Taco Bell tacos or w/e.

I am going for a new record of 4 today.
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Have you ever had to interact with someone who could be classified as "flirts with everyone around her, but is completely oblivious to it" on a regular basis at work/school?

Has this person ever macked on the person you had feelings for? How did it make you feel?

How do you deal with persons such as this?

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My man person and I are moving into an apartment together. Obviously this is good news, but I've never lived with the person I was dating before.

We work at the same company so we understand each others' finances, for the most part. We keep the same general schedule. But I'm still nervous that something will go horribly wrong. So for those of you who live with a significant other type person, what should I be prepared for? Is there anything that will probably annoy this shit out of me that I should practice ignoring?

Will you post an item you think every awesome person should own in their real life grown-up apartment?
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What's new in TQC? Any drama I missed? How's your life in general.

Catch me up on what happened in the last week, just got internet in my new apartment a day back.

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My cocker spaniel is 12, but other than that very spritely and people always confuse her for a puppy. We took her on a long walk today, which she was fine with. However, her back leg has started shaking when she's stood still. She seems fine walking on it and is otherwise her usual self.
What's going on?
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To the regular bike riders here- have you ever been hit by a car? Can you tell me about it?

I got hit today and am still quite rattled. I vented by writing a privated journal entry about it, and am curious to hear about other peoples' experiences.

I'm gonna wind down by having a whiskey sour and watching a movie.

What movie should I watch?

Fright Night (2011)
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Do you know any people that you are attracted to sexually at a low level, but have no desire to escalate your relationship to actual sex/dating? And it sort of plateaus and stays at a constant, sort of like friendzoning, except there is a minor amount of attraction constantly present?

In my case, someone who you're attracted to, and they are clearly attracted to you as well, and you flirt/indulge in other small exchanges, but you don't really feel like actually initiating any "real" action.

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What celebrity (or individual in the public eye) are you the most embarrassed to be attracted to? I'm sitting here watching Kim & Kourtney Take New York and am wondering why the hell I find Kris Humphries attractive. :/ Oh, my life.

Don't know/don't care? What potential presidential candidate would you vote for if you had to vote someone in right now? Why? (I'm certainly not here to start any sort of debate, btw! I'm just curious.)