January 6th, 2012


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I was thinking of buying my mom an iphone for her birthday in February.
Would it be weird if I asked my sister to chip in whatever she was going to spend on a gift to put towards the data package? Is it crappy to buy someone a gift that they have to pay $30 a month to use?

What are you up to today? Anything you want to talk about?
I had plans to take down Christmas decorations but I feel like crap so I've been hyper-organizing my paperwork and opening a savings account for school.

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I bought 2 lbs of salmon the other day. Which things should I make with it?

salmon is gross
something else which I will tell you about in comments

http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/cranberry-bean-salmon-salad-spinach-radicchio.aspx for link that doesn't work
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Let's say you havea job. It is not what you have a degree in, but you like it. Now, you have been offered a different position in the company. A little more money, your own office and freedom to do what you want, and it is what your degee is in. Your hours would change from opening to closing.

Would you take the new position? Why or why not?
Closing is 9 am to 6 pm.


What, if any, plans do you have in place for retirement?
How much do you save monthly? Where do you put it? When did you start?

How much, if any, do you save per month? What are you saving for? Where do you keep it? When did you start?
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i need to prepare a mock-EFL lesson for beginners. what should i talk about? i'm thinking adjectives but i feel like that's too unoriginal.

dk/dc: if you could teach a course on anything, what would you teach?

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One of my good guy friends (also my first boyfriend, back when we were 15) is getting married. Apparently it's not going to be for like 2 years, but he proposed on New Year's Eve to her. Anyway, he asked for my address today so he could send me an invitation to an engagement party in March.

What is the etiquette for such a party? Is a present required or anything?
This is my first friend who's getting married, so I have no idea.
Steph - always

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Which TV series and movies of the last 5-10 years do you think will stand the test of time? Will we still be talking about them, watching reruns, etc. in many years to come*?

I'm a little sad that my son might never truly appreciate the awesomeness of Chandler and Joey, but relieved that he probably won't have girls wishing he sparkled in sunlight.

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here it is, January 6th and we still don't have any snow and unusually pleasant weather for the Northeast....

what do you think this means for the summer season?
are we going to fry like eggs on the hot pavement?

*side note...I didn't get the awesome job I applied for :(

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i have a bunch of weird random questions. 

1. does anyone have the book The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein in a PDF format/or so I can read it on my computer, and if not, does/can anyone find one for me?! 

2. For the bakers: do you have a cookie scoop?  If so, what is the typical "regular" cookie size for cookie scoops?  I want to get one, but I dont know the measurements. 

3. For the cooks: what is a MUST HAVE cookbook, in your opinion?  

4. What did you eat today?
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Do you know of any Tumblrs that feature pictures of "business casual" fashion?

(I'm about to start student teaching, and while I don't want to wear power-suits every day, I want to look professional, and I need inspiration.)

If not, what is your favorite blog in general?

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tqc, what would you name this cat?

Collapse )

she is 11 months old and quite sweet toward people, but doesn't like other cats. she also has normal kitty eyes. :P i guess she was in the midst of blinking when the rescue people took her picture.

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Is there such a thing as current "Alternative" music? The reason I ask is I noticed a bus going past with an ad for a radio station claiming to be Kalamazoo/Lansing/Battle Creek's Alternative music choice, and I was like "cool!". So I've been listening.

And more or less, I've been enjoying their selections, but I realized that I know a whole bunch of these from decades ago. So is "Alternative" just a category of oldies these days?


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What was for dinner tonight?
I had butternut squash pizzas.

Where do you get your ideas for meals to cook?
I look at food blogs, cookbooks, and magazines.

Also, would anyone be interested in participating in an email based recipe swap? If you are, message me your email address.
last unicorn

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For the new year, I've decided to go for all small, fairly easy resolutions, because big ones overwhelm me and I never end up doing them properly.

Some examples:
Learn to knit
Crochet at least one afghan
Read a lot
Bake and cook new things
waste less time online

I also want to learn more "big" words and use them more day to day, in order to express myself better. Will you suggest some big, interesting, useful words I could pepper into my day-to-day talk? I like "nevertheless", "magnanimous" and "succinct", so far.

What are your small improvement-style resolutions for 2012?