January 5th, 2012


Les Miserables

With the new film coming out this year, plus my fascination with the storyline, is it worth it to read Les Miserables? I've never seen any previous film or musical adaptation.

Normally I would just take the plunge but since it's over 1,000 pages, I thought I should get some opinions.

Please and thanks!

Three questions

1. If you had a sudden urge to watch everything Tim Roth has ever made, where would you start?

2. Aaaaaaaand has anyone here been accredited to teach English in foreign countries? Is that ESL? How hard was it? Was it worthwhile?

3. DK/DC: who was the hottest person in Inception? (Mal. Totally Mal.)

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What do you pack for your lunch?
Nothing. I usually buy out, which I need to quit immediately.

Do you have a favorite age? Or month?
Favorite month is December. I loved being 18

How many pillows do you sleep on at night?

What is your favorite episode of The Office?
Secretary's Day is one of my faves

Who is your favorite character on The Office?
I love them all
Spart and Hen cuddled

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I need a big name for a little dog.  What would you name a rescue Chihuahua puppy?  7 mos old and 5 pounds.  My sense of humor says that it MUST have a multisyllabic name to make up for it being such a small dog.

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What's on your bucket list?

To meet Harrison Ford and get him to sign a body part
To punch a clown in the face
Skydiving naked
To be a part of the world's largest Thriller reenactment
To eat my weight in potato chips in one calendar year
To ride a dogsled
To see every episode of Full House
To get pepper sprayed
To get a face tattoo
To participate in a bar fight
To ride a mechanical bull
To have sex in a public place
To drive a car 200mph (if only briefly)
To attend a Super Bowl
I really have no bucket list. There's nothing new I feel like doing. I'm content with my life experiences as they are

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Who's your favorite Hanna-Barbera hottie?

Betty Rubble
Wilma Flintstone
Jane Jetson
Pebbles Flintstone (in The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show)
Judy Jetson
Jan (from Space Ghost)
Shelly (from Jabberjaw)
Any of the Teen Angels (from Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels)
other (share in comments)

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Do you find it gross when people share bathwater?

My parents used to tell me not to drain the water when I was little because they wanted a bath after me. I didn't think it was gross then, but I do now. That water's dirty. I just bathed in it. If you live in a country where you don't have running water or you're so poor the water bill may break you, I can understand it then, but my parents weren't in either situation.

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To those of you who wear skirts:

You are in a skirt with a stretchy waist band. When you sit down on the toilet, do you pull the waistband down, like you would with pants, or do you hike the skirt up around your waist?

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going to the Melting Pot tonight... what cheese/broths should I order? we'll probably get two of each. i've only been there twice. the first time we picked the best combos, last time they were "meh" but I can't remember what any of them were so I need your expertise.

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I'm completely new to this, so bear with me if this is a sort of unknown topic. 
I have a Toshiba Gigabeat, which won't work on my macbook. I've downloaded Rockbox as an alternative and got that working, but it's pretty messy. 
Is there any other sort of alternate music program which is very easy to use?

Alternatively, has anyone partitioned their mac to use the windows side of it for music control? How did it go? It looks very scary to me. 


I'm babysitting and waiting for his mom to come get him. He's currently coloring with my son and it's blissfully quiet.

Post funny things/links/videos/ whatever to entertain me for the next hour?

Discussion time!

So my little brother's learning about sex ed right now [he's in seventh grade so 12-13 year olds]. I was flipping through the book and came across this phrase:
"putting the other person first demonstrates [genuine] love and is a necessary part of a healthy relationship"
and "genuine love means putting the other person's needs before your own".

TQC, I take issue with this.

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What about you? Do you also have a lot of feelings about this?

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Do you have any pets? What are they like? (Pics please!)

How did they get their name?

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Melina is 7months and is a complete sweetheart. She cuddles into me like a baby and sleeps in my arms most nights! She's a polydactyl cat with an extra claw on each paw. Her special trick is playing 'fetch' better than most dogs I know. I initially wanted to call her Mercury, but it didn't really suit her. Freddie gave himself the nickname 'Melina' after a greek opera singer, Melina Mercuori and so I chose it for my kitty.

Fonzii was my previous cat. He was 6 when he died and was a complete grumpy bum. He'd frequently decide to steal my pillow at night so I'd end up pillow-less! Named him because of my love for the Fonz in Happy Days.

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Inspired by my mother's incessant (and unnecessary) nagging while I was home this vacation:

Is it actually possible to start a fire by forgetting to remove lint from a dryer?
Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?
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Is Obama's decision to avoid waiting for the Senate to return from recess to approve an appointment implying he believes this Senate's approval is a foregone conclusion?

Dear DR. TQC

I've had a cold for the last week and a half and have dosed myself with NyQuil every night, which knocks me out like a ball peen hammer right between the eyes. My cold is much better but I still have a stuffed up nose and the occasional cough, should I still take my evening swig of NyQuil?

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If the company you interviewed with for a job tells you not to call inquiring about the status of your application/interview result, do you still call?
sit and wait for them to call you?

or keep looking for work regardless?

I am going to continue to look for a job while waiting to hear back from them.
I learned last night that one of my Facebook friends applied for the same job as I and interviewed with the compnay this afternoon :/
Typing Monkey

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Pretend you own a comic book shop and a preschool teacher would like to take her class on a field trip to your store, because her class is studying Batman. Would you agree to let them come? Why or why not?

What is your favorite children's song?

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Question for iPhone users. I just got a 4S so have a few small simple questions.

Is there a way to show what time every text message was received? I can see what time I sent the message.

I'm left handed. Is there a way to make the screen unlock by swiping to the left instead of to the right?

DK/DC/Don't have an iPhone - What kind of case do you have on your phone, if any?

To those of you who work out...

What's your current workout routine?
Do you go to a gym or work out on your own?
How often do you work out?

my answers:
What's your current workout routine?
About to change up from 1 hour of cardio to circuit training for 30 mins and then 45 mins of cardio (either elliptical or walking on treadmill or running on treadmill.)
Do you go to a gym or work out on your own?
I go to a gym.
How often do you work out?
3-4 days a week.

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My husband and I have a classic 60GB Playstation 3, and one of my games keeps killing it. It just happened for the second time tonight and I don't think there's a permanent fix for it. I think it's the yellow light of death but it's red...whatever.

Should I try to salvage it, or trash it? Either way I'm buying a new one. I'd like to throw it against the wall but just wondering what you other gamer geeks would do with it.

Be doctors!

For the last few days, a red bump has been forming on my arm above my wrist. It never hurt or itched, just became its bumpy self and was chilling. Now it itches, but hurts after I scratch it, and the bump is in a red circle. Not like a ring, nothing is raised, and the whole thing is red, not just an outline (does that make sense?).

So, tqc, what's wrong with me?
bear hat

Dog Parks

I take my dog to the dog park semi-regularly and I'm always worried if I'm violating some understood rules, or being a bad owner when I do things.

How long do you consider it acceptable to let dogs 'be dog' in regards to barking? Does it matter what they're barking at? If they are stopping on their own vs just continuously barking?
My dog has a habit of getting an itch to just BARK. He's usually really good and quiet but now and then he just likes to bark non-stop. I try and shush him quickly whenever he starts, but a lot of people will comment like 'let him be a dog!', so now I try and wait a bit before shushing him to see if he will stop on his own.

If your dog is fixed, how rude is it for the dog to hump another dog?
My dog has been fixed most of his life now, but he still likes to hump other dogs, as dogs are wont to do. Not all the time or anything, but it does happen. I tend to let the dogs handle it themselves, although I might toss out a 'he's fix' so the other owner doesn't worry (I also usually add 'and he has really bad aim!' since he's often humping the lady-dog's shoulders or faces...).
If the other dog doesn't seem to care for it, and he won't leave the dog alone, I will stop him. But if the other dog doesn't seem to mind, or is able to handle it alone, I usually won't do anything unless it goes on for a while. And most people just seem to laugh it off, but I worry if it's... rude? It's not like he's the only horn-dog there. Other dogs will do it too, and sometimes they even hump my dog! So I feel like I'm within the acceptable standards but I still worry.

Am I a bad person to find it funny when... my weenie dog mix is trying to hump a Great Dane, or a GD is trying to hump him? Or the time a chihuahua dog half his size was just going to TOWN on him every time he sat down and he didn't even notice? Or the 'K9-centapede' when my dog started humping a dog that was already humping another dog?

Do you like your local dog park? Do you get to know the regulars at all?
I like our local dog park. I haven't gotten super close to anyone there, but I don't feel awkward sitting at the same table as them and chatting or anything.
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