January 4th, 2012


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what is the best thing about the current state of your life?

i'm happy that i get to spend 4-5 days of my week playing and performing music.

are you good at keeping houseplants alive?

mine aren't dead yet...but i did pick ones with a tag that said "virtually carefree!" on them. my mom gardens and she said over-watering is usually worse than under-watering, so i think they're ok.
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If you had a cover band, what songs would you cover? Would you play them "straight," (in the style of the original artist), or would you do them in a different style? Personally, I think it would be awesome to have a band that did songs in goofy styles-- "Enter Sandman" as a surfer tune, "Welcome to the Jungle" on bongos, things like that.
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I have frozen chicken breasts and thighs (want to eat one or the other, not both) and two cans of cream of asparagus. Dinner ideas? (sides will be sauteed zucchini and fried potatoes).

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Your best friend thinks you prioritize your SO (who they hate) over them. They want you to choose between the two. The best friend will not be happy unless you break up with your SO. What do you do?

I'm about to be on a bus (hopefully with wifi) for 7 hours, what should I do?
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Parents of tqc: Do you ever do handmade crafts and in particular JEWELRY with your kids? Can you link to stuff you have made? How old are your kids?

Everyone else: Do you ever hand-make jewelry? Will you link also?

*I am the jewelry teacher at a summer camp in Pennsylvania and looking for new inspiration for next summer*

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Is there anything on this menu that you think would still be tasty after sitting in a fridge for 2-3 hours and then reheated?

I got a gift card to these guys and two other sister restaurants for Christmas, but none of the locations are where I ever am...except for today, I'll be near Maggiano's around 2p but I need to eat lunch at noon.

What was the most useless/worst Christmas gift you got this year/ever?
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I'm going to be in Manhattan from 1/16 - 1/19, staying near E 26th St and Park Ave South.  I'm there for work, so I'll really only be free in the evenings. Any suggestions for awesome food or bars with local beers? Any suggestions for places I have to check out or maybe plays that are awesome?

Right now my plans include a trip to Brooklyn to check out the One Stop Beer Shop, frozen custard at Shake Shack (fingers crossed for the pancakes and bacon flavor being on the menu), and fawning over the rare books at Strand.

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Zombies are coming, and there's a lot of em coming. Most of them fresh, coming from recent kills, I mean 'conversions'. You have unlimited ammunition and a safe perch to fire from. Which of the following zombies would you kill (again)? Any you don't check are the zombies you couldn't bring yourself to execute and would allow to continue shambling about

Little girl zombie, still clutching teddy bear
Old lady zombie, still wearing the Easter bonnet she was buried in
Michael Jackson
Your math teacher from third grade
Your boss
Pope John Paul II
Gary Coleman
Your neighbor two houses over (or two doors over, if you live in an apartment)
Steve Jobs
David Beckham (was attacked while swimming and is only wearing speedos)
Martha Stewart
A furry (you can't tell what gender, but it's a tiger suit)
Christina Hendricks (she was attacked while changing and is walking around in her underwear)
I'd shoot them all. Not one of them gets out intact
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Sort of a legal workplace question...

So, I work for a small company. There was an altercation between the boss and one of my coworkers that ended with the coworker resigning from the company, although it is unclear whether he was forced to leave or he left on his own accord.

Now they are asking us to produce a written statement if we witnessed the altercation. It was more than 3 weeks ago. Yes, I witnessed it.

I feel like I shouldn't be required to make such a statement unless someone's going to court over this. To my knowledge, no one is. Also, I can't say my memory is that reliable after 3 weeks. Should I make the statement or not?

*EDIT: Do you think it could be a ruse by the boss to see who is on his side and who isn't? How can I protect myself from retaliation if I indicate the owner was at fault?

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I've got a little budget tracking app on my phone. It keeps a track of both 'balance' and 'posted' - when I make a new entry it will affect balance but not posted, and if I tick it it will be listed under posted as well. I have an option to 'purge posted transactions' (and also restore them). What does posted actually mean in this context?
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Have your parents/caregivers/you ever done any of these behaviours?
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My mum always argues with the GPS and dad used to always have those sarcastic conversations with cars. I'm going to be a terrible parent driver... I always sing the wrong words to songs ("You make me feel like I can fly/So high!/ Ex-ca-vation!") :(

Job hunting

I had a job interview today and was suprised to be interviewed by 4 seperate people. The interview itself lasted about 2 hours and everyone I met with was very detailed about the job description.
The job is 40 hours a week plus overtime, full benifits (medical, dental and vision) after 30 days. 8-10 weeks of training and decent hourly pay rate.

Do you think this means I might have the job, based on the number of people I met with and the information provided?

dk/dc: what are you wearing right now?
post a pic?
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Do you eat tofu? If so, do you have a favorite brand? Do you eat it often? What recipes do you use it in? How do you like to cook it?

I'm vegetarian and I used to use it as a bit of a protein crutch. These days I don't eat it very often any more, but when I do its usually in soups or stirfrys. I also like to fry it with a little salt and dip it in various dipping sauces.

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I have laminate floors.

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I am currently using a swiffer-type thing to clean the floors with  Mr. Clean which is labelled as safe for this type of floor.  However, my floors seem dingy after cleaning them this way and you can see the wiping marks from the swiffer thing on the floor.  Other than switching over to Mop and Glo, what would be a better way to clean my floors?  Please note that I have VERY LITTLE room to store things here, which is why I went with the swiffer thing in the first place.
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What color are your eyes? 

What color eyes do you find most attractive?

Who has the prettiest/most interesting/etc. eyes?  (celebrities, people you know irl, whoever)
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This is a long shot, but I can't find anything about it on Google and my lecturer isn't replying to emails:
If I want to cite a TV episode in the MLA form in parentheses, do I cite the title of the episode or the season and episode number?

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Have you ever stayed in an unhappy relationship because you were either unsure how to break things off or you were scared of how the other person would react to your breaking up with him/her? What eventually ended up happening?

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what's the worst pain you've ever experienced? (if you've given birth, don't choose that as an answer)
have you ever been on an all inclusive holiday?
how's the weather where you live?
what's the last thing you regret?
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My mother-in-law brought over a container of "chicken soup" and I was delighted! I thought I would have a wonderful bowl of chicken soup for lunch on a cold day. Well, I was shocked to see that it had barley in it. I am somewhat traumatized because I thought it was rice and I have never had barley. I tried to eat it but I just could not get past the texture.

When was the last time your expectations fell short? Food or otherwise?

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does anybody here have a professional career in the arts? bonus points for professional singers.

how did you organize your resume?
do you think there is any point for me to make a resume as a choral singer if i didn't go to school for music and just have a lot of experience and references? i'm not planning to apply for any solo work, but it would be nice if i could audition for paid church choirs and such.
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the things I think of while watching TV.

I was watching These Amazing Shadows, which is a documentary about the National Film Registry and the films that have been selected for it thus far. In addition to movies of all sorts, the Registry is open to music videos, short films, and home videos, which means that in theory, one day YouTube videos could be on the National Film Registry list.

What YouTube clips do you think could one day make it on this list?

Also, how many of the movies in the registry have you seen? (My count is at 41.)
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In the Star Wars universe, could a Wookiee and a human have sex? How do you feel about that idea-- curious, revolted, aroused, or something else?
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My family and I have just had to put my beautiful dog Lady to sleep and I'm devastated. Can we please have a pet spam post, with pics of past, present and future animals you have had or want to have in your life?

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How many pairs of shoes do you own?

(brought to you by the fact that in losing 90lbs I have lost 2 shoe sizes and am now able to buy shoes at thrift stores, and thus have gone from 7 pairs to 21 in the space of a month)

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Hey TQC,

I work full time as an RN on night shift and make pretty good money, but I'm still paying off a student loan. Can anyone recommend any kind of at home stuff or something similar that I can do for a little supplemental income to get my loan payed off quicker? I'm in FL if anyone has anything state-specific in mind.

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I'm getting my wisdom out tomorrow morning. I'm currently stuffing my face with pineapple because I was told by my high school gym teacher to eat pineapple the night before to help cut down on pain and swelling.
On a scale from 1 to Rick Perry, how stupid is this idea?

DK/DC- Do you have stupid little old-wives-tales that you still believe actually work when they probably don't?

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Why does the coughing always seem to get worse at night?

Any suggestions for making the coughing stop ? (I have no cough syrup until I see the dr Friday)
cough drops/tea/vodka/OJ/AJ/sprite/popsicles/soup have all failed me :(

How are you feeling?