January 3rd, 2012

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To those with longish hair:

What is your "let's get down to business!" hairdo? (ex.: cleaning the house, fixing your car, cooking a huge meal)

What is your sleep hairdo?

I like to do two tight pigtails for bed because it gives me awesome waves in the morning, and I like to do a big bun right on top of my head for messy business--keeps it out of my face and off my back.
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Your fwb breaks things off with you in a text that is something along the lines of "Hey, I thought you should know that I'm probably going to start dating someone else so I need to break things off with you. Hopefully we can still be friends."

Are you pissed it was in a text or does the casual nature of the relationship mean a text is ok?

unemployment ideas?

Ok TQC, I need your collective brain power! On 12/30 I was politely walked out the door where I used to work. Aside from looking for work (obviously) how should I fill the rest of my days? A job hunt isn't going to take me 9 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Thoughts?

Before anyone asks, I'll already be cooking most nights now, looking for work a few hours per day, and doing small projects around the house. There might be a little Wii golfing in there too. I'm not interested in volunteer work at this time.
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How often do you get paid?

For those of you that get paid twice a month, or every 2 weeks-- which is it really? Occasionally, like this past month, the first Friday of the month falls the first day or so of the month and thus there are 6 Fridays. Would you expect three paychecks in one month, or would you just expect your first paycheck of the next pay period to be larger?

My husband and I have been arguing this (it was an issue when budgeting for Christmas). He says he gets paid twice a month-- on the first and third Fridays of the month. I say he gets paid biweekly, and if the sixth week happens to fall in the same month, he should get a third paycheck within that month. The thing is, neither of us really know. He's just going on the belief that he only gets paid twice a month, no matter what, and I'm just using what to me seems common sense reasoning along with my vague reminiscences of many eons ago about what getting paid twice a month actually means.

tl;dr-- Where's ma' money!?

*ETA* Yeah, I'm good at maths. So, no there were not 6 Fridays in December, but he got paid the first Friday of December, which was only the 2nd of the month.

He texted me from work. I was right. :P
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Do you write thank you cards?

Do you know anyone else who does?

Do you make your own cards, or do you buy them?

If you don't write thank you cards/notes, do you just tell the person who gave you the item or helped you "thank you" over the phone or by other means?
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TQC, will you be my doctors until I see the real one tomorrow?

2 days ago I was driving and next thing I knew I was waking up in an ambulance to them telling me I had a seizure and crashed my car. At the ER they could not figure out what caused it so I'm seeing my regular doctor tomorrow. Tell me TQC, what could have caused this? Is it normal for people to have a "one time" seizure? 

some facts: I had not eaten yet that day, neither of my parents have ever had a seizure, I take birth control and celexa for anxiety, but I didn't think celexa caused that....


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My boyfriends birthday is in April, he loves when I play my violin for him so I want to make him a cd as part of his gift.
What is the best (mac friendly) software for me to accomplish this goal with? Bonus points if its available from the app store and under $50. My lazy ass can also flip into Windows if there is a better option, but I have a gift card for the app store. :)

Do you play any instruments? :)

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Can anyone recommend me a reliable smoke detector (brand or exact model) AND a reliable carbon monoxide detector? I'm going to buy both today and am not sure what's best--they have ones that talk, ones with digital PPM meters, etc. I just want to make sure I get the most reliable and accurate one out there, if there is any difference between brands/models.
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You've managed to catch a tiger by its toe. It's starting to holler. What do you do?

Let it go
Proceed to poach it
Wait for your partner to say the safe word. The mores of furry sex are difficult to interpret
I'll let it go only if it tells me where the Frosted Sugar Flakes are
I can't let go because the wonderful thing about a Tigger is that a Tigger is a wonderful thing!
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TQC, I have had what feels like a hangover since I woke up about 6 hours ago, but I haven't consumed any alcohol.

Why do I feel like this?
Did someone spike my grape juice?

Tell us a tale of when you felt hung over without the aid of alcamahols

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Can anyone help me find Indiana (and Kentucky hopefully) laws on who has the right of way when it comes to horseback riders and buggies on city streets?

My google fu sucks apparently and when I called the Indiana state police traffic division they just kept transferring me around and acting dumbfounded when I asked.

Im on a committee organizing a competitive long distance ride that will be cutting through some busy city streets in and around Indianapolis and Clarksville Indiana at some points...in case you were wondering.

Dk/dc : Whats for dinner?

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The celebrity you have the biggest crush/attraction to starts to date someone who looks just like you. The resemblance is uncanny. How do you feel?

Indifferent. It isn't like I was going to meet them, so it matters not who they consort with
Jealous. No one looks more like me than ME. It should be me dating that celebrity
Amusement. If I can't date them, it's good that my doppleganger is having a go at it
I feel sorry for the celebrity that they should get stuck with someone who looks like me

After 6 months of happy dating, things turn ugly, and the couple breaks up. Your crush (the celebrity) is heartbroken, and says to the press "I never want to see him/her again, or anyone who looks like them. EVER!!". How does this make you feel?

Indifference. Outside of a passing similarity to one of the people in this story, none of it involves me, so who cares?
Sadness. Even if I were to bump into my celebrity fantasy, he/she would want nothing to do with me. There's nothing to fantasize about anymore
Amusement. In some Bizarro world soap opera, I got to shag my crush and I walked away, leaving him/her in emotional turmoil. My doppleganger is a heartbreaker
Worry. I wonder if my doppleganger could have turned my celebrity gay. Then my crush really wouldn't have anything to do with me on any level

TMZ starts to follow you around shortly afterwards, obviously mistaking you for your famous doppleganger. What do you do?

Tell them about the mistake, that you're not who they think you are
Let them follow me around. I'd do some embarrassing things, like eat my food without utensils and wipe my hands on my shirt. The tabloid pics should be hysterical
Approach the paparazzi and tell them that I miss the celebrity crush, and apologize for every wrongdoing and hope they take me back, and if they do, here's my new address (give them your home address)
Never leave my home again. Being followed by strangers is one of my worst phobias!
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My SO and I are somewhat begrudgingly attending a friend's wedding this July in Denver, CO (its a dry wedding, no dancing at 11am on a Sunday). In order, to make the trip worth the flight costs, we hope to spend some extended time in the area. We've both spent time in Denver before though. Where do you suggest we vacation that is within a day's drive (up to 8ish hours) from Denver?

ETA: When we spent time in Denver, we also spent time in the larger area of CO around Denver, including Boulder, Breckinridge and Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park. I've found that Salt Lake City and Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah, Teton National Park in Wyoming, and Santa Fe, New Mexico are all a reasonable driving distance away. Have you been to any of these places? Which would you recommend?

DK/DC: What are your favorite recipes that require a food processor? I just received one from Christmas and I'm excited to not have to hand mash soups and hummus!


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i know i can google this, and i have, but i love advice from this comm too :)
so here's my question... tomorrow i'm getting a medium sized tattoo on the top of my foot. i've been looking online about aftercare. i'll be starting back at work on sunday and will need to wear socks, and of course it's january and i don't want to freeze so will be wearing socks anyway, and i read online that it's okay to wear socks if you put cream on it and wrap it up in a bandage, and keep making sure to clean it etc and put cream on it regularly. i am just worried that the tattoo will stick to the bandage and then taking it off will hurt the tattoo. or should i wrap it in cling film instead of using a bandage? what do you think?

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My boyfriend is taking me to see an improv show at Second City in Chicago, followed by dinner. He wants me to pick the restaurant, but I'm not familiar with the city. Any Chicago natives have suggestions for good restaurants in the area?


I think I'm going to get a tattoo. I'm 17 and old enough to get one, and recently decided that I really want one. I used to be indifferent and slightly opposed to them, but I love the idea of remembering in the future this period of my life - youth.

I want it to be small, and I think on or right below my left wrist.

I'm deciding between "respirer" which is French for breathe; "alive"; or a picture of a skeleton dancing or a mixtape. I know, these are all pretty different... all that said, will you help me decide which one to get?

Please and thank you!

How many tattoos do you have? When did you get your first, and why? Which is your favorite?

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Has anyone seen "The Celluloid Closet" which is a documentary about homosexuality in film. I think it was released by HBO.

It's one of my favorite documentaries. I think I first saw it a couple years ago, and I had no idea old movies could be so gay. ;)

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so im having a brain fart right now.

i need to get my dinner done and cooked generally at the same time, for it to be hot when my guests arrive at around 9:15pm (its now 6:45pm where i am)

im cooking everything in the oven.

acorn squash, which needs 1hr-1:15min cook time give or take @ 400degrees
and a meat pie which needs around 50min cook time give or take @ 350 degrees

should i put both the squash and pie in the oven and cook them together?
and if so WHEN should i put everything in the oven.

usually im pretty good at gauging cook times but tonight my brain is not working.
what are you having/what did you have for dinner tonight?!

Ammonia sweat!?

I took advantage of my long New Year weekend by visiting my yoga studio twice a day instead of my once a day regular schedule. I've been a member there for a few weeks, and have a pretty solid regimen for working out.

On the second session of the second day of doubling up, I noticed a gawdawful ammonia smell. Like seriously... cat pee strength ammonia. It took me several minutes to realize:

OMG~ It's coming from me!! I'm sweating ammonia!

I looked around on the intertoobs when I got home and showered. It seems it's not so uncommon for some folk with protein heavy diets and is a natural result of the rapid breakdown of proteins during extreme workouts. I'm pretty confident that I'm eating enough calories to build muscle, which makes the odor incidental to my diet if I don't make changes in that area. An apple an hour before the final workout seemed to make quite a difference but I could still smell the fumes. I stay very well hydrated; I don't have any symptoms of kidney issues.

Any personal trainer or fitness buffs want to weigh in - is there anything else I should consider?

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The cost per credit for my graduate program went up by around $100 per credit from the time I applied to the time that I paid... there's nothing I can do about that, right?

What was your last major disappointment?

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TQC, I am BORED.  It has been a long time since I've been truly bored.  I'd had my fill of exercise, Netflix, cleaning, eating, reading and playing fetch with my dog.  

When was the last time you were bored?  What do you do to alleviate that?
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RFK wrote "To Seek a Newer World" to talk about his policies during his campaign. Are there equivalents for JFK and Clinton?

I can only seem to find 3 titles actually BY JFK (Profiles,Why England & Nation of Immigrants)
I know Clinton's policies are available on his website but I'd rather book form and preferably primary source. I'm assuming "My Life" is just biographical - or does it get into policy?

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If someone proposed to you in a very big way (in front of a large crowd/your entire family) but you didn't want to marry them, how would you handle the situation?

How are you? Anything you want to talk about?

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I know this is a super stupid question but can anyone tell me what the grid thing he's using in Collapse ) is called? I am failing at google right now.

DK/DC: What kind of crafty/home improvement things are you going to do next you have time?
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I was walking by the river and noticed something strange. It was a golden ball, lying on ice. It is in the middle of a patch of untouched snow, and while there are some footprints around, they don't get even close. It could be a lost toy, but then how did it get there without leaving marks? And the river is cut off from any playgrounds by a road.

Collapse )

So, does anyone have any ideas what it is and why it is there?