January 2nd, 2012


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Yesterday I found a pretty big (about one full inch by one and a half inches)BRUISE* on my forearm. It looks really terrible but I have no idea where it came from. There's also a bump there and my arm hurts.

Should I be concerned?
Have you had any "what the fuck" moments recently? Care to share?

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So, TQC, I'm gonna be trolling tumblr and I picked trans-species [like transgender but instead of gender it's species] as something to co-opt/plan my tumblr around.
The next question is: should my trans-species ID be a dog [which I already sort of identify a bit as] or a dragon [for the hilarity/cliche factor]?

Please provide pros and cons.
Alternatively suggest other animals.


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How often do you have nightmares?
Have you had recurring nightmares?
Will you tell me about them?
What do you do when you wake up from a nightmare to make yourself feel ok with going back to sleep?
professor farnsworth
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Is it geeky or nerdy to make up a new game where the goal is to fill the most resident memory with the largest logical form taking the least linguistic input?

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Have you ever left your Christmas tree up all year?
What's the longest you've left it up?
If you walked into someone's house and it was decorated for Christmas anytime from February-October, what would you think?

I love our decorations and I feel like I *just* put them up.

ex dramllama

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what would you do? would you call him back? my husband thinks i should and wants to hear wtf this guy has to say. i want to hear wtf he has to say, but i was hoping for a juicier voicemail than what it was so that i'd have more information going into it.

dk/dc: what's your favorite type of waffle?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I am moving tomorrow, across a town - maybe five miles away. But moving still kind of sucks, regardless.

What are your tried and true moving tips, TQC? All my stuff fits in one Uhaul and a car, so it's a one-trip deal.
Braeakups are the new relationships

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Part of my New Year's haul is 15 dollars for barnes and noble. What book do I NEED to read before I turn 25? (no restrictions, just throw book titles at me).

DK/DC: are you cold now?
Stitch: guiar
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I want to see a movie but I don't know what to see. I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close the other day so anything will probably seem crappy in comparison. I'm looking at The Darkest Hour, Sherlock Holmes and New Year's Eve. I'd put Mission Impossible on the list if I thought I could watch Tom Cruise in a movie without my mind screaming "Crazypants!" through the whole thing. I might go for The Adventures of TinTin. Maybe. TQC, what should I see??

Is anyone else ruined on Tom Cruise?

Is there anyone you can't watch in a movie/tv show and put aside their real life self from their character?

Randomly, do you watch WWE? If so, who do you thing 1-2-12 is?

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I cashed in our change jar this morning and had 73 dollars roughly and that was just for the month of December...

How often do you cash in your change jar?
How much do you think is in your jar right now?
Do you seperate your coins?

What do you do with the cash you get back??

I am saving ours for our trip to Florida this spring
Clem & Joely

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Can you recommend any good albums or performers for French folk music? I haven't listened to much so I won't know about the different sounds of different areas. I want to hear a little bit of everything and am not for sure where to start.
Freakazoid pie

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What events are you looking forward to this year?

(Going to my first pro basketball game, Hunger Games movie, Summer Olympics.)

Unrelated second question: If you still take naps, how frequently do you take them? How long are they?

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have you ever lived in a different state/area beside where you were born? out of everywhere you've lived, which place was your favorite and why?

I ask because in May I moved from my lifelong hometown in Florida to Seattle, WA. and I fucking love it here.

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I want to do something good for the community this year.

I would really love to raise money. Maybe for like beyond blue (australia) or some sort of mental health organisation?

What should i do and/or how should i go about it?

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Has a stranger said anything strange or alarming to you in public?

Last year at the country fair, this old man came up to me and asked if I liked the rides at the midway. I replied, "Yeah, but I prefer the state fair." He said, "I did too, but then it got to have too many niggers." All I could do was stare at him like this 0.o as he walked away.

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I just bought some Skull Candy earbuds and they're awful, so i'm back in the market again.
Any reccomendations on headphones which are portable (so not the big over the head ones) and good quality?
If they have ipod/iphone controls too all the better.

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Is there a website where you can move money from one companies gift card to another company?

I have a 50 dollar gift card for Avenue and I can't find anything there that I want. NOTHING. :( This is maddening.

ETA: I don't have any friends who also shop there. I'm the fat one in my group :)
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How do you cheer up when you're in a bad mood?
Mostly I just try to sleep if off which is unhealthy. Otherwise going to work cheers me up & playing with my dogs.

I was driving thru some parts of Maine and this question came to me: If you live where there are few attractions, museums few stories/resturaunts, etc- what do you do for entertainment?
I don't go out all the time but I do love having everything so nearby.

What was your last surprise find?
I've wanted yellow Wellies for years & found some at an LL Bean store when I wasn't even looking. (I guess tech they're not Wellies, being LL Bean brand but you know what I mean....)

ETA: If any, what kind of pet will you always have? Any specific breed?
I love all dogs, but I will always have a shih-tzu

Question About the Gym

I just started going to the gym again (as in today). I did about 15 minutes on the treadmill (10 walking/5 running), did weight lifting for about 10 minutes, did the elliptical for another 15, and then the stationary bike for 10.,

I'm thinking about going back tomorrow - is this a good idea? What's the recommended amount to go each week? How majorly should I switch up my regimen? I paid $40 for the month so I want to make it worth it!

Also, could you please recommend good foods to eat before/after workout? Thanks!

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I never post here anymore, but I need advice on hair color! I've been a redhead for five years, but my coworkers convinced me to dye it strawberry blonde. Supposedly it will bring out my eyes. So can you guys help me pick out a shade? And can you recommend an unnatural shade to go with? I think I want to dye the bottom half something crazy and fun, before I get too much older.

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