January 1st, 2012

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WHAT Is a river rat??!

Ehh do people tell you to look something up when they know what it is? Why can't they just TELL you? They know what it is!! Why make me do all that work when you can just tell me??!???

Also has anyone seen my wife bc I really wanna go hone and she has the keys???!
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What is your favorite brand of women's work/office-appropriate pants? Is INC a good brand? I'm looking for stretchy pants that are under $50/pair. I seriously need to start dressing snappy for work before I get fired and I have pretty much no office-safe clothes whatsoever, and my bizarre body shape means a stretchy waistband is necessary.

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If you have a Tumblr, what kinds of pictures do you mostly reblog?

Makeup, tattoos, movies, and pretty insects.

Is there anything you really want to learn or study lately?

For me, religions and some languages. And hip hop dance.
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Which of these describes your eating habits?


if you are a vegetarian, do you eat eggs? why or why not?

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Howdy TQC...some questions to kick off the new year...

1. At what age do larger age gaps stop becoming a dealbreaker in romantic relationships?

2. What is your favorite Monty Python sketch?

3. Is there anything you have done recently that you should have been recognized/acknowledged for, but weren't?
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How are you doing today, TQC?
I woke up with a really nasty head/chest cold. I feel super-gross. :(

What do you eat/drink/do when you're sick? I made myself chile ramen and plan on drinking all of the fluids and occupying my couch all day long.... but I'm booooored

Anything you're looking forward to this year??
Graduating from undergrad and moving into a house with my bf is pretty exciting!

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My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to D.C. We have been there once before and went to Arlington Cemetery, Air and Space Museum, Lincoln Memorial, and umm, I think that's it. What would you recommend we do or where we should eat? We're going to check out the zoo and a couple museums and maybe a mall. We will be going over a weekend so we'll have at least 2 days to do stuff.
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Do any of you hate the color/quality of LED lights, like I do?

I understand that they're amazing energy-saving little things, but my mom decorates her whole apartment in LED string lights during the holidays, and I find the light so cold/impersonal that it makes me uncomfortable. I find it affects my mood.

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TQC, my dad and I are switching to AT&T for cell phone service this week. I don't really want a smart phone but there are pretty convenient things about it (I really like the Siri aspect of the iPhone 4S, but I probably wouldn't really use the data aspect much other than that). If you have AT&T, how much do you pay per month and what phone do you have?
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I am a grad student looking for a credit card. I just want one so that I can charge a little bit a month, pay it off at the end of the month, and build credit, so there's no need for one with a huge limit or a lot of stuff like that. I'm just looking for a basic, no frills, low-interest credit card. What would you suggest, TQC?

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Because once January rolls around, I start thinking of summer...

What will be trendy this summer?

What trends would you like to see?

Will you tell me or show me your favorite article of clothing right now? Accessories count!

Do you like big earrings?

What kind of jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?
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Can you recommend any books with main characters that have a hidden identity of some sort? So that it effects how the person acts. From things like personal secrets to legal secrets, or things that are fantasy/sci-fi related.

Brownie points if anyone knows of a book that involves time travel or something of the sort, where main character keeps their origin a secret?

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Does anyone have any experience of Color Oops or something similar?
How much damage does it cause?
I went black a couple of days ago and I miss my gingery hair.
ETA: I'm not bothered about what colour it turns my hair as i'll dye over it anyway, I just want to know if it'll fry my hair as bad as bleach.
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I was given a $50 Starbucks gift card for Christmas. I spent about $6 of it on our trip home but now I have no idea what I should do with the remainder. We have two Starbucks nearby but I rarely visit those areas. One is in a hospital where I would have to pay to park and the other is in a shopping mall where, again, I would have to pay to park. It kind of defeats the purpose of a gift card.

TL;DR What would you do with a $50 Starbucks card if you did not have any stores in your area?
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i have googled for a while but i cant find what im looking for. quite a few years ago, i remember reading a novel about a young girl who was seen as the ugly duckling but as she ages she becomes gorgeous and then there is a huge twist where she ends up murdering her partner possibly? i remember her character being very manipulative and lovestruck. pretty sure the book cover was quite dark with eyes on the front.

does anybody know what book i am talking about?

dk/dc: are you reading anything right now? wanna share?