December 30th, 2011

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1. Were you ever broken up with only to have your ex realize that it was a mistake and try to have you take him/her back?

2. Did you and an SO ever go through a trying time that caused you to go on a break or breakup altogether but then got back together? If so, how did that go? Did the break/breakup strengthen the relationship when you got back together?
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TQC, I need you to help me make a VERY IMPORTANT DECISION for me.

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The shiny ones are $20 cheaper, and look a lot more fun! But the second pair, while being more expensive, will also go with more things because it's more neutral and "serious."

So, which shoes should I get?

EDIT: Never mind, just went to order both and the shiny ones are no longer in my size. I'm crushed =( Guess I'll get the second pair then.

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I'm going to be put under anesthesia for oral surgery soon.

If my mom has a hard time waking up from anesthesia, what do you think the likelihood is of me having a hard time waking up?

Last time my mom had surgery, they had to medicate her to speed up her heart rate.
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So I work in a cafe, and recently one of my regulars (well, a couple, they're married) asked if they could add me on Facebook. I like them, but they're not really in my age group friend-wise - I'm 22 and they're early 30's, I'd say - so I told them the truth, which is that I'm unfindable on FB unless you're friends with someone who's friends with me. I've had my FB on lockdown for quite some time.

However it made me wonder. What would you all do in that situation, assuming they were always pleasant and didn't give off any unpleasant vibes - basically if they're one of those customers you're happy to see every day, and possibly even know their orders by heart.

Eta: The age thing is more in reference to myself not really being at that maturity level, and wasn't meant as a dig at them. Sorry for the bad phrasing!
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So, I have a huge blank canvas, like 40" by 30" or somewhere around there.  The guest room in my house could use a little art and it would fit well in there.  The room is sort of purple themed.

The problem is, I can't really paint or draw.  I know there has to be some simple design or creative solution I could use to turn it into something worth displaying.  Any ideas?

ETA:  Thanks, guys!  You are a really creative group!

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If you had to live in a fictional town/city/place from a tv show or a movie, which one would it be?

I want to know cause I am watching Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow seems so nice because they accept all the crazy and everyone loves everyone
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Okay I'm watching Gossip Girl, which is pretty ridiculous. Here's what I don't understand. How do these girls get away with so much under-aged drinking? Is this typical of high society girls?
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Hey guys. My cousin asked me this, and I am completely lost. Help?

"What are programs you can use to mix music and record when you sing and combine them? I won't not pay, but if there are free ones, I won't complain."

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Out of the common brands that would be sold at a department store, what's the best brand to get a blender from? What's the crappiest, so I know to stay away from it?

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions, guys! All of these are cheaper on Amazon though, so I guess any brand is fair game now :x

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If all of your friends are mutual friends (or a large portion of them are) do you feel like you have to invite them when you go out? Do you tell them when you're going out with another friend?
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help make my home fancy!

After three years of living in the same apartment and knowing I'm stuck here for several more, I really want to finally decorate this place and add more storage. The problem is I don't own the place. TQC, if I hang up pictures is there a cheap way to fix the holes in the wall it'll cause? What about heavier items like shelves? Can I install things like this rail into the kitchen and repair it later?

Also, all the comments in this thread with creative art solutions is awesome. I have a Narnia inspired wardrobe for a door (can't install a door after all), and might snatch some of your ideas. If the doors are wood painted white, can I use any type of paint (acrylic or oil) or could one damage it or make it warp?
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stupid question, deal with it

My husband bought a new 360, since this happened to our last one.

Now I can't sign in to the damned thing because it's telling me "this profile requires a password to sign in on this console. Enter the password for this profile's Windows Live ID"

I never had a password and I never had a windows live id. what the fuck are they talking about?
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For those of you that sew, what are some sewing essentials you couldn't live without?
Do you have any favorite patterns?
What's the most awesome thing you've made?
Where do you get inexpensive fabric?

I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and I am so out of the sewing loop!

Do any of you have a Kindle Fire?
If so, what's your favorite app so far?
If not, what's your most favorite thing you got for xmas?
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TQC, I've been driving for about a week. I have issues thinking about what direction to turn the wheel in order to back out of a parking space in a specific direction - like if I want to back out and end up with the car facing left, it takes me way too long to figure out how to turn the wheel.

Any tips or ways to remember? I feel really dumb sitting there derping all over the place when I know it shouldn't be this hard.
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Gift Card Swapping?

I got a $100 JCPenny gift card for the holidays. There stores don't carry much that appeal to me and their online stores have more I like but more often then not when I find something and go to add it to my cart a "out of stock" message pops up.

I recall last year someone mentioned a place online to swap cards and I just Googled but I got 100s of hits and most so far only offer to buy mine or swap for a Amazon card for $20-$30 less then mine is worth.

Have you ever used such a site? Can you aim me at a good one? Thanks!

When the child was a child

’Der Himmel über Berlin’, ’Wings of Desire’ was one of my most favorite films. Peter Folk - best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo, who was starring the film sadly died this year. Let me write the 1st half of the poem of 'Song of childhood' by Peter Handke (original was written in Germany).

Song of Childhood

When the child was a child
It walked with its arms swinging,
wanted the brook to be a river,
the river to be a torrent,
and this puddle to be the sea.

When the child was a child,
it didn’t know that it was a child,
everything was soulful,
and all souls were one.

When the child was a child,
it had no opinion about anything,
had no habits,
it often sat cross-legged,
took off running,
had a cowlick in its hair,
and made no faces when photographed.

When the child was a child,
It was the time for these questions:
Why am I me, and why not you?
Why am I here, and why not there?
When did time begin, and where does space end?
Is life under the sun not just a dream?
Is what I see and hear and smell
not just an illusion of a world before the world?
Given the facts of evil and people.
does evil really exist?
How can it be that I, who I am,
didn’t exist before I came to be,
and that, someday, I, who I am,
will no longer be who I am?

I liked this phrase; when the child was a child.
Why am I me? and why not you?; this question often occured when I was a child. Have you asked yourself the same way when you were a child?
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is there any food that you won't eat? why? moral/ethical/religious/taste/textures reasons?

I don't think I can eat fish after all due to my views on the fishing industry. I will gladly call myself a hypocrite as I eat veal and other meat.  
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Will you try typing a sentence without using your pointer fingers? Post the results as a comment without spelling corrections or tell me how that went.
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How has your sense of style changed over the years? Do you have any "then" and "now" type pics you could show to demonstrate the change/progression?

How would you describe your style? This can include anything from how you dress and wear your hair to more abstract things.

Can you recommend a good fashion/clothes-oriented blog?

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So I'm going out clubbing tonight for a friends 21st and I'm undecided on whether I should wear plain tights that give me a tanned look or suspender tights. Care to take a look under the cut and decide what you think? I haven't got the tanned looking tights on so my legs are a wee bit white in them but just pretend they're glowing instead.

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Wow I haven't used photobucket in probably 5 yrs and it's a lot different! I hope I do this right.

I am female so plz disregard the male figure. I have a tattoo (banner) where the brown smudge is. I want to get a collarbone tattoo (words). Should I get it where the red line is or should I get it where the green line is to be more balanced out? These are the only tattoos on my torso.

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Where did one of our housemates put the salt? It's not in any of the expected places.

My kitten has been prescribed Tricin eye ointment for her eyes and nose. She just licked it off her nose when I was applying it. Should I be worried?

Anyone else working over New Years?
I'm working NYE day and New Years Day but I don't actually mind so much. 

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Feeling kinda down tonight.
Can you throw me some feel good movies either on Youtube or Netflix? I like animated stuff, comedies and just about anything with Robin Williams.
Anyone else's NYE looking very alone and depressing?

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So, I bought this skirt today and I really liked how it looked on in the store, but I just tried it on again at home Maybe it's the lighting, but I want to take it back tomorrow. But I'm torn- should I exchange, or get just get my money back for, idk, things? I'm always in need of money, but I need another skirt because I only own one and need more for professional situations. Make this decision for me.

Don't curr- What color are your walls? Do you want to paint them something else or do you like the color? 
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Does your Internet have a cap on the bandwidth or are you able to download as much as you want? What will happen if your provider starts putting a cap on the amount you can download? *praying this never happens*