December 29th, 2011


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Poll #1806738 We're playing monopoly!

Which token do you choose?

sack of money
man on horseback
Scottie dog
top hat

bra question

So part of the reason that I'd been avoiding joining a gym or working out for the past year is that I do not own a sports bra. I haven't had a proper bra for working out since I started college in 2005. I'm a 38DD according to my VS bras but I might be a little smaller than that... but still in desperate need for support and a regular bra during a workout isn't going to cut it. I had a few of those yoga bras from Target and they do nothing for me other than provide for a top to sleep in if it's hot. 

Where is a good place to look for a sports bra around ~$30 range? Any brands/styles to avoid?

My boobs are fuller on the top and I tend to have a lot of trouble with them either just being pushed up and mashed together or being pushed up and bouncing even more. Another factor to consider is that I have recurring intertrigo (fungal infection) on my chest and under my right boob that is exacerbated by any moisture. I'd like to find something that is either going to keep the twins apart or a bra made of moisture wicking fabric that will at least absorb sweat. 

What would you recommend? Links are appreciated if you have them! Thanks!
Simon Curtis
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Minority Game

Can we play a minority game? In the poll below, pick the option that you think would be picked by less people instead of answering as you normally would. Don't look at the poll results before answering or changing your answers afterward.

Poll #1806671 Minority Game

Would you rather...

...burn to death in a vat of boiling oil?
...freeze to death in a vat of liquid nitrogen?

Would you rather... a living sea cucumber without chewing?
...chew a living snail for ten minutes?

Would you rather...

...kiss a tarantula?
...kiss your significant other?

Which would you rather happen?

You receive ten million US dollars. The money is non-transferable, and can only be used to buy things for yourself, i.e. no donations.
One hundred charities of your selection will receive a hundred thousand dollars each. The donation is anonymous, but you know the money is put to good use.

When faced with two choices, which describes you best?

I tend to go with my instincts and pick the option that sounds best right away.
I tend to think things through and pick the option that sounds best after deliberate thought.

What was your approach to this poll?

I took this poll normally and chose the options that sounded most appealing to me.
I followed the instructions and tried to guess which options would be picked by less people.

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Have you ever scheduled an appointment at the wrong doctor?

Two days ago, I called what my insurance said was a dermatologist. I made an appointment, saying I needed to have some moles checked out. They made an appointment for today. Turns out it was an ENT or something.

Why didn't the receptionist tell me I was calling the wrong kind of doctor?

The real dermatologist might have a cancellation at 1:30. Will I be able to get in? If I do, will I make it to my 2:30 dental appointment? (It's about 15 minutes away from the derm)

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Is there a specific physical characteristic that you always or almost always seem attracted to? For example, I almost always find guys that are at least 8-10 inches taller than me attractive. I mean that's not the ONLY thing, but that's sort of the threshold for noticeable attraction for me.

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Will you cheer me up?

One of our kitties that I hand raised from a two day old and have had for 4 years went to a new home today and I am sad :(

He has been miserable since my son was born and after trying everything I finally gave in and found him a really sweet older gentlemen who was looking for a companion.

His brothers miss him :(


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My friends want me to go out tonight. I really don't feel like it, have a ton of work to do and no money.
However, this will not be excuse enough.
What can I say to make them take no for an answer?
(I'm not above lying here).

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Dog experts of TQC, HELP ME. I'm dog-sitting a French Bulldog right now. He threw up a tiny amount yesterday but has otherwise seemed completely fine. Today, we were playing with a dog toy and he stopped a couple of times to rub his face on the floor. When he got closer, I saw that his eyeball was swollen up. Not his eye socket, but the actual eyeBALL. There's a lump of eyeball sticking out of the corner of his eye socket. 

His vision seems fine and he doesn't seem to be in pain or anything but I'm freaking out. My SO is coming home soon and said he'll take the dog to the vets if the swelling isn't down by then, but is there anything I can do in the meantime? What's wrong with him? I am freaking out, I don't want to break the dog. 

EDIT: And now the swelling has completely disappeared, his eye is just a bit bloodshot in the corner. I am so confused. 
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Picture this scenario: it is during a zombie apocalypse. You have barricaded yourself in a room but you have one bullet left, and a hatchet/knife/some other small sharp object that really won't last your long. The zombies are well on their way to breaking through your barricade and you have three options:

A) Try your best to fight through the zombie horde, knowing the effort is futile. Result the zombies out number you and you get eaten alive.
B) Allow yourself to get bitten (in some way that doesn't allow the zombies in. Assume these zombies only eat humans, not each other). Result: you turn into a zombie but at least you won't die.
C) Shoot yourself with your last remaining bullet. Result: you die on your own terms and you won't be eaten alive

Which option do you pick and why?

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what are some really good books that i should read? (im not really into fantasy and/or sci-fi, anything else is fair game)

what is something that is so bad for you but so delicious you just cant help yourself from eating? (inspired by me eating a pizza pocket and for some reason it really hit the spot, haha)
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Do you believe that some people just have a tendency to attract bad luck?

How has 2011 treated you? What's changed in your life since December 31st 2010? Are you still the same person you were a year ago?

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I was at a makeup counter with my friend today who was interested in buying something.
A saleswoman asked if I'd like for her to do my makeup so I said sure.

She put at least fifteen different things on my face, which I would imagine the cheapest thing (mascara) being $50 (aka I could never feasibly create the look that she gave me). When I said, "Thanks, I'll think about it" she was visibly pissed off at me and asked said "Are you sure? NOTHING? "

Should I have bought something?
Would it have been different if I specifically asked her to do my makeup?

How was your day?
Mr. Pants Says

crazy cat lady club

For those that feed your furbabies canned food:

Do you ever warm the gooshies for your kitties when it's cold outside? If you do, what method do you use?

I heat a pot of water and stick the cans of food in for a few minutes to bring it to body temperature. When I do that, they eat every scrap on their plates, so i'm guessing they prefer it warmed.

Alternate question: my cats are spoiled rotten, yes or no? (they also have their own electric blanket, set of dishes, and get the tap turned on for them on demand).
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TQC, I had to put a student loan into forbearance yesterday because I'm working a minimum wage job and can't afford to pay the full amount. It's only going to be in forbearance for six months, but I'm still really upset about having to do it because I'm afraid it'll hurt my credit score and inhibit my success of moving in with my boyfriend this coming year. Has this ever happened to you? Did it seriously impact your credit score or was it okay in the end?

DK/DC: Do you have any awesomely cheap recipes you'd care to share with me?
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I saw an article about a woman being kicked out of Target for breastfeeding. I'm not interested in your opinion, but I am wondering: Is this an issue outside of the US? Is breastfeeding in public more accepted in Europe or elsewhere? I think there are more topless beaches in Europe so maybe it's more acceptable there (?)

What made you laugh recently?
-A little boy (4) at work was coloring a gingerbread "man" but made it a girl. And added a bra.
-My coworker was trying to help someone who wanted "grandma" books. She rejected the book with the title "Grandmothers." Well it turns out she wanted GRAMMAR books. Funnily enough it wasn't even a New England accent (grammah) as she was from some other country.

To distract myself from my thoughts, I've applied for a second job (just 10 hours a week) in addition to my f/t job. Both are public libraries. I'm also going to apply to be a (weekend/evening, unpaid) docent at the JFK Library. I hope to get at least one of these positions. So to the question part: How many hours a week did you work during grad school? I'm planning to apply in the next year or so as a part-time, fully-online student.

I'll try "whatwasthatone" if I don't get the answer here. What is the name of the movie (90's?) where it is a mobster's first day of being retired and the police are doing a stake-out on him?
ETA: nvm It's called "Oscar"

Oops I posted this to my own journal. No wonder I didn't get any replies!
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I am googling for answers, but wondering if anyone here could help me. I am working on formatting my resume and i want the first line (and only the first line) to consist of two columns-- that way, I can have my name on the far left and my contact info on the far right. Does anyone know how to do this? It's very frustrating. I hate Word.

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What should I make for dinner tonight? I made pork with pineapple chutney with ravioli and salad on Monday, chicken Milanese on Tuesday, and shrimp scampi with arugula salad yesterday. On Friday we're going to Bobby Flay's and on Saturday night we're going out to a steak house. 
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At a quarter til two this morning, my phone rang. Nobody was on the other end, but it still gave me a panic attack.

What the hell made that happen, TQC? (Non-serious expected, but if you have an honest theory...)

Do you wish you could hibernate? Would you sleep away the winter, or snooze through summer?

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I bought a kitchen appliance that turned out to be defective. I emailed the company and they said, "If you destroy it and send us pictures, we'll send you a new one." What is the purpose of this? I tried asking them but they avoided that question.

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How would you deal with a boss who was angry with you for reporting a (very clear) case of neglect to CPS?

I work in childcare and am therefore a mandatory reporter. My boss is angry that I "upset one of the members."
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Has anyone else seen the new Underworld trailer and noticed that Kate Beckinsale's face looks like it's CGI'd or something? Has she aged that much since the last one??

Is it racist if the sound of people speaking foreign languages irritates you?