December 28th, 2011


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Any presents you got this Christmas that made you feel really ungrateful?

My brother put new strings on my guitar and repaired the dents and scratches. I never play it, he plays it all the time, and the scratches are there because he uses it. I know he put thought/time in, but it now means I have to keep it in my room, where I don't have space.

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Do we actually need to blink our eyes or is it just an automatic reflex? I'm just curious because I've sat here 20 minutes without blinking and noticed no side effects of any kind, no blurry eyes or dry eyes or urge to blink after the first 5 minutes. So I'm just wondering if we actually need to blink because it might be fun to train myself NOT to if possible.
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Does your SO know your "number" i.e. the number of people you've been with?
Are they ok with it, if they know?

Totally hypothetical situation, of course. Let's say that you've been with more people than your SO. You've only been with <10 people.* But it bothers them because they see that number as a lot, and they happen to know a few of the people you've slept with. Imagining you with them is repulsive to your SO. How would you react to this situation?

* ETA: you got STD tests after each person. The tests always came back negative.

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When's the last time someone really grossed you out?

One of my aunt's friends. She says using a lot of water is wasteful, so she only showers once a week, and even then, she doesn't use any soap. She doesn't brush her teeth and only washes her clothes in water(after several wears). Anyway, she was telling us toilet paper is bad for the environment. She said she didn't use it unless she had diarrhea.

I made sure I didn't sit in the same chair she did for the rest of the visit.
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What's the last nice gesture you did for your SO, or your SO did for you? Was there a particular reason for the gesture, or was it something you or they randomly did?

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Nurse Practitioner or a Physician's Assistant? Which is a better job/ranks higher/garners more respect/etc? If you were to go to school for one or the other, whichc would you choose?

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It's my husband's and my last day in Melbourne and we have the day free.
What are some free or low cost options for things to do?

We are going to lord of the fries and the Ice bar tonight so we just need something for the day.
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My dad is coming to visit me. He's getting a hotel room and the expectation is that I stay with him at the hotel instead of in my group house while he's here. Is this normal or abnormal?
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What volunteer work do you do? Any specific organizations?*

*Don't feel that you have to name names- I am aware that many women's shelters and women/children specific homeless shelters prefer to remain nameless as a general rule of thumb.

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With the acknowledgement that most of TQC will probably think I have horrid taste in clothes, which should I wear today (with jeans):

A) A pastel pink tank top with small black leopard print and pink lace accents at the back

B) A blue-toned mint shirt with cut-out shoulders

i say, old bean

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inspired by a thread on reddit where people mentioned seeing packs of cigarettes and dildos on the side of the road, what's the weirdest thing you've seen on the side of the road?
what about funniest?


I don't wear leggings that often but when I do, I always wear this pair I bought from New York & Company last year. I realized yesterday that they now have a tiny hole in one of the legs, but NY&CO no longer sells them. I loved these ones because they were thick, completely opaque, and had pockets and a "fly", just like jeans.

Can anyone recommend a good brand of leggings? I don't mind if they're a bit pricy since I will only be buying one pair and I'd like them to last quite a while.

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Paging Dr. TQC!

For the past week or so, I have been getting a sharp pain in my left side, soon followed by feeling lightheaded and vomiting. It happens at 10 am every morning, then I feel better. What is wrong with me?
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What was the last thing you did that made you go, man, I couldn't do that again if I tried?

The thing that inspired this question wasn't very exciting. I tried to throw something in the trash can from across the room, and it ended up balanced on the rim.
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I've been enjoying a lot of intense, dark comedies/drama lately. Like Breaking Bad and Damages. Can you think of any other tv shows I should try out (old or new)?

Anything that will make me go WTF.
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I (accidentally) saw on my sister's twitter what birthday gift she's getting for me, but the problem is, she's getting the wrong kind of thing! (I needed a calendar with months on all separate pages for work, not one page with all the months on it.) I think there's still time for her to cancel the order, but I don't know how to tell her that she's getting the wrong kind since I'm not supposed to know about it! Should I just be upfront with her?
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If I got a gorgeous, tall amazon's number in my phone, would you invade my privacy and ruin it for me while not knowing what you're actually doing?
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Banjo stringing?

Does anyone here know how to string a banjo?

I've just done it myself for the first time and I got four of the five strings on. The fifth string is really giving me a problem though. It keeps slipping off the individual groove on the neck (I don't know the term for it - the notch that's there only for the fifth string and it's halfway down the neck under the fifth peg separate from all the other notches).

Because it keeps slipping off the groove, the whole string won't stay on the neck. Is there some sort of trick to this I don't know? I've already broken a string trying to get this right so any help would be much appreciated.
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Have you ever ordered meat online?

My dads birthday is in January and he has everything he wants that I could afford. I'm sick of getting him McDonald's gift cards (he stops every morning to get a cup of coffee on his way to work & I *just* got him a GC for Christmas).

I was thinking of switching it up & surprising him with some steaks or whatever you can get delivered. I have a budget of $50-$75 (which I realize won't get me a lot...if anything) so I thought I would ask here & see if anyone had suggestions. I just thought it would be a nice change from the McDonald's cards...

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27 Dresses

I caught 27 Dresses on television the other night and I loved Katherine Heigl's character's China-- the orange and white set that she has arranged in an open cupboard. Does anyone know what this pattern is?
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does anyone want to chat? I'm drunk and guaranteed to make an ass out of myself

what is your favorite flavor of vitamin water or gatorade? vitamin water used to make a peach-mango one that was amazing but it's gone now so I like the yellow one. I love mango AM gatorade.

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who were your celebrity crushes when you were younger? Do you look at them now and think "wtf was I thinking?" or do you still find them attractive?

which celebrities do you find attractive now?
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Hi TQC! in the morning I'm heading to Pittsburgh and from there, Philadelphia. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything to do/see/eat? I've never been!

What was the last thing you ate?

Dry shampoos

Any recommendations for/experience with dry shampoos (brands, statements like "They don't work!", etc.)? The shampooee in question purports to have "oily" hair and uses Head and Shoulders when shampooing with water.
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My mom bought me a hand mixer and an immersion blender with an additional whisk attachment for Christmas! What recipes should I make?

Where have the holidays taken you this year? Open to interpretation.

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What are some good tips for maintaining a fresh tattoo?
 For example:  the number of times a day you should wash you tattoo is this _____ much.  Apply lotion every _____ times each hour. 
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Say you're in a relationship, you go to dinner, things seem to be okay, you take a bite of your food, it tastes delicious so you comment on it to your SO. They reply, being totally serious, with, "I don't want to hear your comments right now." Things just get worse from there but you're trying not to make a scene because you're out at a restaurant. The meal ends, as you're walking out to your car your SO just goes off and starts yelling, you start yelling, they say they're not getting in the car, that they'll walk home. You try for thirty minutes to get them to get into the damn car and they just refuse and seem adamant to walk home. Even though home is a 20 minute drive, it's dark and 40F out. 

Do you leave them? Do you drive home and let them find a way home themselves? Or do you stay with them?

Edit to add that they don't have a cell phone on them.

Inspired by this happening to my best friend tonight and he didn't know what to do.