December 27th, 2011

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1. One is watching Downton Abbey for the first time. What should one know beforehand to fully enjoy the experience?

2. One is watching Merlin for the first time. What should one know beforehand to fully enjoy the experience?

One is watching Star Trek for the first time. 3a. Which iteration do you FIRST assume is being watched, and 3b. what should one know before watching this particular manifestation to fully enjoy the experience?

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At what temperature do you grab your "heavy winter coat"?

50F / 10C
40F / 4C
30F/ 0C
20F / -7C
Damn you Hajio....moar ticky!
10F / a frosty -12C
Yo man I'm in Belize....hahahahahah

Do you like how I included the Celcius crowd??

40F??? Ya'll are some serious wimps
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If you are unsuccessful in getting a job for which you've applied, do you prefer to find out by phone or letter/email?

Do you prefer it to be lengthy with something to soften the blow and some feedback, or short and straight to the point?
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Which people/blogs/I-don't-really-know-what-to-call-them do you follow on pinterest? I like recipes, crafts, home decor-type stuff... but anything/anyone you follow works. I can't seem to find anything good.

Also, who do you follow on tumblr? I used to love all the ones I followed, but lately I am disappoint.
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I've been gone, TQC

I haven't had internet service for a couple weeks.

I had numerous dreams about TQC. Have you ever had one?

In one, apparently we have secret meetings on Christmas Eve to determine what types of questions people are allowed to ask. If you aren't at the meeting, you don't get a say. In another, we are allowed to cheat on our SO but ONLY on December 24th, and ONLY if it's a TQC member.
Also, I was apparently put in charge of our radio station, WTQC.

My questions:

Who are you getting your Christmas Eve hanky panky on with?

What song do you want me to play for you?

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My brother- and sister-in-law gave us a jar of "Holiday Blend" coffee for Christmas, so it's basically a bunch of ground coffee with some ground spices (cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, I think) mixed in. When I tried to make a pot of it the other day, it basically got all backed up in the filter and only half of the water filtered though into the pot. I thought it maybe had something to do with me trying to make too much at once, so I tried again with a half-pot and the same thing happened. I don't have the right size/shape of paper filters for my machine currently, so I guess that could have something to do with it, but I've been able to use them often before with absolutely no difficulty. Could the ground spices in the coffee have something to do with it? Has this ever happened to you? What am I doing wrong? :[
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1. If someone has a portable oxygen tank with a nasal cannula, what do they do at night? Do they have a larger oxygen tank at home? Do they just keep the nasal cannula on or wear a larger oxygen mask?

2. The grad school I'm applying for says the TOEFL is required for all foreign students. What if these students are from England/Canada/another English speaking country?

3. I found a card catalog to buy! It is in Bar Harbor Maine. I'm going to stay overnite in Ellsworth ME as all the hotels in Bar Harbor seem to close for the winter. What will be open on January 1-2? Is there anything to do there?

4. Are you good at spotting mistakes in movies?
I'm not at all but I find a lot in books. Also the grammar in these Katy Perry lyrics bothers me

"Iwould make you stay, So I don't have to say, You were the one that got away."
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Christmas reading

I know there have been other book posts in this community, so if you would prefer to just put the link to one of those posts, I would be very pleased, but...

What's everyone reading right now? Can you give some recommendations for books you think I should read?

I'm on holidays for two weeks, and I plan to 1) nap, and 2) read. I just re-read the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, and I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I don't like lots of violence or horror. I do like (auto)biographies, historical fiction, and really, any other kind of fiction that's not based around romance. Some of my favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Lamott, Chaim Potok, and Maeve Binchy. Suggestions?

Dating mentality

Does anyone else have the mentality that they don't want to date in fear of breakups or that that person will exit your life?  I just...value people in my life, and generally if you date someone, you'd eventually break up and then become strangers again; it just seems so unnecessary and not worth it to date to me, so that's why I'd rather be good friends with guys because that lasts longer.  But this could just be coming from the perspective of someone who just got out of her first real relationship...

I feel like I'm the only one sometimes, especially seeing how people tend to be so quick to say that you should cut off contact with your's just, I would rather have not dated and have stayed close friends with them rather than break up...kwim?

Feel free to counter this thinking if you strongly don't agree with it; it's be nice to gain more perspective and maybe actually be open to dating again.

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What kind of appetizers should I serve at my new years party? So far we're thinking shrimp cocktail, crab rangoon, spinach and artichoke dip, deviled eggs, and an assortment of savory tarts. We're trying to think of some good chicken or turkey appetizers as most of the guests don't eat red meat/pork.

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How much is a mani/pedi where you live? (Non spa services)

How much do you tip for that specific service combo?

Are you addicted to nail polish?

If you live in a cold winter climate, do you still upkeep your tootsies/pedicures? Why/why not?
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Does anyone have any ideas for the best way to mount keys on a wall like this picture? The best thing I can think of is to use nails and wire wrapped around them. Any better ideas? (Also, it's a rented apartment so nothing that will require a ton of alterations/damage.)

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Dorm sex

Did your roommate ever walk in on you having sex with someone in your dorm room?

Did you ever walk in on your roomie having sex with someone?

For me it was yes to both but it was different roommates.
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HAY GUYS! What do you think of my gallery wall plan??

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You can be critical, but be gentle, I am delicate and easily bruised.

ETA: I actually moved the frames, etc. ever-so-slightly to the right after I saved this pic since I noticed it wasn't quite centered over the sofa.

$10 words

Are there any more "sophisticated" words that you love throwing around when given the chance? What words do you get excited about when you hear other people use them? What's your favorite $10 word?

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On Thursday, I am going to a dermatologist appointment, followed by a dentist appointment. Fun day, right?
At the derm, I need to be able to show my sides up to my ribs, as well as the back of my shoulder.

It is cold enough to snow, and wearing a bra hurts. What should I wear Thursday?

EDIT: I forgot to include, I'd prefer not to tanktop it up because the arm holes tend to be tight right where it hurts :( Fuck clothes.
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My dad got my family (my parents, my sister and me) tickets to a Hawks game tomorrow night. I have never been to a basketball game and typically do not give a crap about sports, so this is not exactly thrilling to me. I need to get psyched about this because I know it was not cheap!

Anyone ever been a professional basketball game? Was it enjoyable?
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Class warefare has been an ongoing popular phrase to toss around in recent times. However, it seems limited as it's largely only being used in one particular direction. The rich want their taxes cut while the not so rich they'd rather pay more taxes. The rich accuse class warfare to any who tell them this is wrong, or suggests that they need to pay more taxes as they can afford it.

What seems to be missed, the reversal, leads to my question: Isn't it also class warfare when the rich expect to be more exempt from paying taxes than those that don't have as much money as they? To have the not so rich and poor pay more than the rich, I mean.
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Every time I go to Whole Foods I find some sort of veggie something I fall in love with. Some current faves are sesame kale and this butternut squash bisque that was absolutely amazing.

Do you have any good recipes for veggies? Healthy is good but tasty is better.

What's your favorite food splurge? I got some blueberry skyr yesterday that was $2 for 1 serving but it was sooooooo good and now I'm hooked.
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On a friend's facebook status, it says "Read 5 comments" but when I click it, it only shows (his) three comments that are like, half of a conversation. Has someone blocked me so I can't see their comments on his posts or something? I don't think they're deleting quickly because refreshing still has the "5 comments" while only showing 3.

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Had some drama tonight with my SOs uncle the parolee and his aunt the noisey, trouble making-douche bag.

There were some words exchanged and part of her statement to me before hanging up on me was the she and her "resources" were going to look into the reason why I get SSD because she *knows* there's something shady going on with my claim.

Please re-assure me and tell me she can't do that....right?
I really don't want anyone outside of my tight circle of friends knowing why I get it.

What's the worse that she can possibly do ?

Has anyone ever pissed you off to the point where you sought vengence?