December 26th, 2011

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TQC, where can I watch the new Doctor Who Christmas special? I don't have BBC America and I feel like a DL at this point is pushing prison a little too close to me.

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have any of you read Anna Karenina? 

i really want to finish this book, but it's hard to continue reading it because nothing exciting is really happening :( i'm on part 2 btw.

Anyone from Ecuador?


I'm trying to research Ecuadorian universities. My cousin lives down there and she told me that you can get a free university/college education. She wants me to move in with her and study in Ecuador and I am all for that.

All of the schools I've found online are very much not free. Any idea what she's talking about? Is she making up this free education thing?

(I would be pestering her, but she's on her honeymoon this week.)


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I lost the micro SD card that came with my t-mobile phone and it held certain files that I needed for my phone....

Does anyone know if T-mobile sells the sd cards that come with the phones?

dk/dc: what temp do you keep your house at ?
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Hey guys. Wanna share a picture with me that you love? Have any good news to share? Want a little love? Go ahead and post your username for wishes from others for the New Year, a picture of something or someone that makes you happy, a story that makes you smile and feel good!

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I just received a Silver-Reed Silverette II typewriter as a gift. It was working just fine until I took the most recent piece of paper out of it. Now it won't allow paper to be fed into it at all, even though I'm attempting to put paper in it the same way I've been doing it all morning.

Did I somehow fuck up my typewriter? Or is there something I'm overlooking?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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I have a scratch ticket that I won $6 on it. I'm going to let it ride. Should I get a combination of six $1 tickets, three $2 tickets, two $3 tickets, or one $1 ticket and one $5 ticket?
last unicorn

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What kind of watch do you have? What kind of features does it have? Pics?

Can your recommend any good watch brands?

Do you know of anywhere good to buy watches, online or otherwise?

I'm thinking of getting myself a watch finally, but I don't know where to begin looking.

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How do I go about reporting someone for drug use if I do not live in the same city as them?

I know their address, where the drugs are and all that jazz.

Dk/dc/drugs are cool man :

Will you post a link to your towns online newspaper?

Heres mine :

Georgie - Smiles

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Who are some good-looking convicted criminals? Pics? What were they convicted of?

You can appreciate someone is handsome/pretty without finding them attractive.

Lewis Payne, convicted as part of the assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln.
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Inspired by how completely stuffed and miserable I am right now, what was your favorite dish/dessert/whatever that you ate over the holiday weekend?

Also, I got a $50 Sephora gift card for Christmas and am wondering... is Urban Decay's Naked palette really worth it? I know everyone and their brother (or sister, as the case may be!) has it and I'm super late jumping on the bandwagon, but I'm a huge fan of neutral colors and think the palette looks gorgeous. I'm sitting here looking at it and can't decide. So, you fellow make up junkies tell me - is it really worth spending my entire gift card on or should I pass?

And lastly, out of sheer curiosity, what kind of a break/vacation are you getting for the holiday season? I work retail and somehow ended up with Monday - Saturday off. Miracles do happen!

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Asking this might just be a long shot..

But I used this website before that had a recipe database and would allow you to make different meal plans based on all the recipes it had in the database. It displayed the meal plan in a horizontal line across the screen with pictures of the dishes.

I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called and google isn't helping. By any chance does someone just know? I think I visited it sometime in the last year.

edit: What's the last thing you ate?
I had a piece of snickerdoodle cake.
Movies - Portrait

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I have a friend on facebook that I don't know terribly well, but she's been making a lot of depressed statuses lately and I'm starting to worry about her. No one is really commenting, asking her what's wrong or if she's alright, and I want to send her a message just to say "hey, I hope everything's alright, if you want to talk I'm here, even though we don't know each other well." Should I? How should I phrase it?

I know her because she's my good friend's good friend. When we met, we really hit it off but we haven't really talked since (I don't really chat on facebook or anything).

Thanks guys, I just sent her a message. =)
last unicorn

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Over the last few days I've been going to various places for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and I haven't really been eating at home in between because I'm always so stuffed. So tonight I was finally home for dinner and realized I had no decent food at home and no inclination to go out and get any. So I ended up having a massive pomegranate and some chocolates for dinner. Decadent but not exactly dinner-y, and I'm not really feeling satisfied.

What was your last weird, in-between, last-things-in-the-pantry meal?
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To the people that like painting or know about painting- Is it typically a good idea to start painting the settings/objects that are in the background and move forward so that the main subject is the last thing being painted? Or does order matter a whole lot? I'm trying to experiment with an impressionistic style, if its important to the question. =b
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Happy holidays!
What's made you happy recently?

Playing "Just Dance" on the wii all afternoon with my almost 8 year old. I can't believe how much fun it is. And now Beetlejuice is on telly- yay.

What's pissed you off?

Finding out an online animal abuse "fan club" is apparently aiming to torture and kill 1,314 cats for xmas. I hope 4chan hunt these fuckers down tbh.

"REALLY FUCKING TRIGGERING and upsetting- article outlining situation" WTF is wrong with people?

How's the holiday period going for everyone else?

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What would you name this kitten, TQC?
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EDIT: Thank you for all the great suggestions. We called her Pumpkin! Her nicknames will be Pumpkin Face and Punk. We were trying to decide between Scout, Frankie and a couple of other names but Pumpkin came up because she is a little orange.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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You are in a relationship. Your SO gets a little tipsy at a bar when you are not together and ends up kissing someone who is not you. Nothing crazy, just a peck on the lips.

Do you want to know about it?
Is it selfish of your SO to confess it to you? (because they would benefit from telling you, but you would feel worse in turn?)
Does it matter if your SO initiated the kiss, or the other person did?
What if they didn't kiss, but slept with each other, would you want to know then?