December 25th, 2011


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Never mind what you got or gave -- I know when you were out shopping for other people you found a neat thing that you always wanted, and since you were already spending money you got it for yourself -- what'd'ja get?

I found a copy of "Chinese Ghost Story" on DVD, one of my favorite films, and very very scarce.
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Just wanted to say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

So, to make this post relevant to the comm:
What was the most meaningful gift you recieved this Christmas?
What was the most meaningful gift that you gave this Christmas?
If you're having a big dinner with family, were there any foods on the table that you most enjoyed?
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Apart from the Home Alone movies and A Nightmare Before Christmas, what Christmas-themed movie should I watch today?

That being said I haven't seen How The Grinch Stole Christmas.. is it worth a watch?
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Let's say you're renting a room in a house. The owner and two other people live there. Say you're paying $700 a month (market rate). After living in the house for a few months, you find out the other two roommates are paying $250/mo each for rent (because they're good friends of the owner). How do you react?
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WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME until today how delicious smoked mozzarella is?? I feel cheated that I haven't been eating it my whole life

it's like all the most delicious parts of mozzarella concentrated with the gross parts left out (mushy, slimy, wet)

do you like smoked foods? what smoked foods do you enjoy?
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What cities do you have in your Personal World Clock? The ones on specifically, but if you have anything similar, answer for that.

Australia - Melbourne, Brisbane
New Zealand - Dunedin
South Africa - Cape Town
UK - London
USA - New York
Canada - Vancouver

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so i like this girl, she likes(d?) me. we are hanging out at my house (talking/fooling around/cuddling/etc.), and after sexy time she just starts to pretty much ignore me and texts this guy incessantly. she's expressed interest in this guy before, talks about how sexy he is, but tells me they're just friends (he's almost double her age :O ). it just feels like complete deja vu, because it was the same situation with my ex, and i told her exactly this yet she kept going with it.

my question is this: tqc, am i validated in asking her to leave my house, not chasing her, and saying goodbye, or am i being too dramatic (her words)? what would you do in this situation?
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If you were in a long distance relationship, and you felt that your SO was being distant (as in, not as affectionate as before in emails/texts), how much time would you give it before you said something?

Also, if this were the case, would you conversely shower him/her with love and affection, or take a step back as well?
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I'm DJing for my family all night while they assemble a massive jigsaw puzzle. What are some newer more modern songs that have a "classic"/family-friendly sound to them? I've been playing some Adele, Johnny Cash/Fiona Apple duets.

My mom gets really agitated by super fast/loud beats because she has a heart condition which is why I ask.
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cpr and first aid certs

If I don't already have any CPR or First Aid Certifications, is it possible to get those through an online class still?

If so, what sites out there are good for that?

edit to add details
I currently work through an in-home care facility. But the family I work for is transferring to a new company, and I need a CPR/First Aid certification to be hired there. I took a first-aid training class that qualified me to work at the current company, but it wasn't a full class that gave me a certification. I have taken classes on First Aid/CPR in the past, but never went through with the certification with them before. The other employees have said they got their CPR certification online.
The family is transferring around January 15th, and I need it done by then.
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