December 24th, 2011

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How many products do you use during one average shower (or bath)?

I use one all-purpose product for everything. I no longer condition my hair. I don't use anything on my pits or torso. I'm reverting to caveman status.

Do you use lotion on your skin afterwards?

I am surprised by those who do not need to. I feel my skin is so dry it will crack if I don't.
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What is your favourite colour?

If you have more than one, what are they?

Are there any colours you love that other people seem to hate?

Are there any you want to wear, but can't because it just doesn't look good on you?

I like grey, orange, and teal. I can't really wear teal or orange- orange makes me look red faced and teal makes me look very washed out and pale.
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Do you think it would it be okay to ask this place I buy lunch from how they make their cookies or would it be weird/impolite? It isn't even a bakery, it's a fast food pizzeria but they make them from scratch and use a technique I can't figure out how to google but I know should be common because I've seen it before. Do you think they would give me? Would you if you were them?

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Am I the only lonely,pathetic loser here with absolutely nothing to do and no-where to be and nobody to spend this holiday weekend with?

Sure, my husband is off work...but he will be sleeping for most of it... :(

Dk/dc: When is the last time you felt sorry for yourself?

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I am a paypal noob & am trying to figure out how to send money from canada to the US. paypal has a pretty fool proof step by step instructions but i somehow still have questions. if you choose to send by credit card, there is a larger fee (12 instead of 3) but does your bank charge you like a cash advance as well?

also I don't get how I pay from my bank account instead of my credit card. Is it possible to not have an account but send money? it seems like it's trying to get me to do that..

edit: nevermind, stupid question!

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If you've seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo already, can you tell me if it would be suitable for a 13 and 15 year old to watch? I really want to go see it, and was thinking of taking my cousins since I want to spend time with them. However, from having read the book, I know that there's a rape scene as well as violence. Taking a two young teenagers - a good or bad idea?

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What words do you consider rude/naughty/dirty to use in public?

Apparently I offended someone the other day at the library while feeding my son...because the bottles I use for him are called "Breast-flow" bottles and breast is an "Inappropriate word to use in public, there are adolescents here!!"T

To which I replied:


No..not really.


What is your favorite holiday food?

I love eggnog...and these rice krispy peanut buttery thingamathingies that Cocori sent me...
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What's the nicest thing someone has done for you or a family member recently?

My parents and I went to my Gramma's house earlier for Christmas stuff and my Aunt and Uncle gave my parents a check for $500 because they're currently going through a foreclosure and a bunch of car problems.

And also my kind of brother-in-law went with his SO to the pharmacy to get medicine for an abscessed tooth and a stranger payed for his medicine.
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Is a heartfelt letter thanking a family member for taking you in and giving you a second chance at life an acceptable Christmas present in addition to cleaning the entire house top to bottom and cooking dinner and dessert for Christmas Eve?

If no, what would you give instead to show your appreciation (keep in mind you have no spending money and it would have to be handmade)?

What's the most sincere, heartfelt gift you've ever received?

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What the hell is supposed to be so cool about the "Truth is" posts I see all over teenager/preteen facebooks? Like, they post "Truth is..." and people respond with a truth about them, except for the ones I've seen, they're shit like 'Truth is we're locker buddies! Truth is you called me today! Truth is we have lunch together!"

Is there supposed to be something beyond the stupid facts that I'm missing?


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Do you like jigsaw puzzles?

What is the most pieces you've put together?

Have you ever coated and saved your puzzles and hung them up to display? If so what puzzles were they and where did you hang them?
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What in allah's name am I supposed to do about this?

Context: High school seniors, do not attend same high school, work at the same place.
The Guy: Has never been in a relationship/dated before. Very modest dude.
Status of relationship: Have been on one date, no form of physical interaction.

(setting: work)
Boy: I like you, but we're not on the same page. You have made your feelings clear, but I am not sure how much I like you...yet. I'm not as clueless as I seemed, but I kind of acted that way to see what you would do.
Me: Okay, I get it. I know you were under a lot of pressure from your teammates and stuff to ask me out, so I understand. Thanks for being honest.

*I am hurt so I give him the cold shoulder for the rest of the night, up until I am about to leave*

Me: Look, you hurt my feelings. You made me feel like an idiot for thinking we were on the same page. I get how it is, though. I'll get over it.
Boy: No, but I like you! I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I like you! *awkwardly goes in for hug*
Me: Um...*sort of side-hugs* see you later.

What does this mean? What is a girl to do? And most importantly, how do I act the next time I see him?
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My parents are going to a dinner party in a few days. The hosts really don't want presents (even wine or food) so they asked everyone to bring a joke or funny story. My mom asked me if I'd heard any good jokes lately and I really cannot think of an appropriate one. It doesn't have to be kid friendly, but dinner party context should be considered.

SO...does anyone have a good joke? If not an appropriate one, will you tell it anyway? I could use a laugh!