December 23rd, 2011

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Have you heard about Louis CK's experiment?

He released a comedy special directly on his site for $5, with no DRM protection or any sort of restrictions on the video file, and asked people not to pirate it. Within a week he had made $1 million, entirely for himself, as he hadn't used any middlemen or gone through a company. He had barely expected to break even for production costs ($170,000).

Why do you think something like this worked, when pirating it would have been so insanely easy?
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Can you tell me about that special (those special?) and horrible family member(s) you have to put up with during ~the holidays~?

AND/OR, if you can, offer suggestions for dealing with them? Non-serious answers will probably relieve my stress on the topic just as much as serious ones. =\

I have an uncle who is an outright pissant. He orders his kids around constantly (one is 17 and the other is 14.) When I picked them up from the airport today, he says to his daughter in an unkind/fairly threatening tone of voice, "get in the car" without even letting her give me a hello-hug. This attitude is normal to him, even when no argument has occurred. When he wants his wife and son to make room for him on the couch, he waves at them angrily. If he's forced to say something, it's usually close to yelling. This is not common treatment on our side of the family. At ALL. His air is angry and hostile and unpleasant and disrespectful.

While we were watching TV, the topic of tattoos came up and he outright said, "they're trashy." And I was slightly offended, being that I have friends with tattoos, and want a tattoo, myself. It occurred to me that I do believe he's saying stuff like that to scare his daughter out of ever considering doing "such things". The amount of control he wants to have is scary and disgusting. And I want to have like a one-on-one therapy session with him for ever other word he says.

I'm so happy he's not my father, because even just seeing him today has me plotting ways to piss him off. If I were his kid, I would have so many tattoos by now.

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How inappropriate was it for my landlord to ask me on a date? He's over twice my age. I'm 22 and still in college.

I find it unsettling he has keys to my apartment.

*edit* I called him to let him know I was watching my friends cat for a couple days and that I didn't randomly get a pet. He then told me I was the best tenant he had and how nice I am, and kind, and honest. How it's hard to find a nice girl like me anymore. Then he asked me to have dinner some night. He also was hinting that I should spend Christmas day with him.

*edit* My roommate just moved out a couple day ago also so now he knows I live alone.
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What tha hell?

I do not own a dog(s), so why does my house smell like a wet dog and stale dog piss? Seriously, it stinks to high hell, even outside.

Srs biznis all up in this post.

dl/dc: make up a question and answer it, because this stench is robbing me of brain cells.
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I got measured today at Victoria's Secret. Is your bra size universal, or does it depend on the brand?

Does Victoria's Secret vanity size its bras? Because I'm pretty sure I'm not a D, although their bras fit me.

dk/dc: Discuss boobs, whether yours or in general. What brand do you prefer for bras?
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I'm probably going to sound new to the internet or something, but last night my coworker was telling me about pinterest and all these glorious things. So... how does the site work, it says I need an invite, who has to invite me?

Do you have account there? Is it glorious like she was telling me?
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If a dream is a wish your heart makes, what is the last thing your heart wished for?

Mine wished to ride on a boat that is being stalked by an evil queen who can manipulate electricity to shoot people with blue lightening bolts.

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Sorry, I need more life help.

So my mother has is going through some major neurological trauma lately, and has been getting very easily confused. Well, she realized this morning that she sent my Christmas present to an address across the country that is not ours (to a house she's renting out) and is freaking out that I'll have nothing to open on Christmas morning. I mean, absolutely distraught. Is there someone we can call to fix this problem? She contacted the seller, but the gift has long been sent out. Can she call FedEx or something? Is there even anything that can be done to get it here (not by Christmas, obviously, but hopefully sooner rather than later)?

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TQC, I'm battling a somewhat gross head cold at the moment. I'm coughy and sniffly and clammy, but I have to work tonight and I can't call out (I'm the only one available and I'll be working by myself). The handy thing is that I can close up at eight instead of ten (and I start at 3:30). Besides loading up on Dayquil and orange juice, how would you get through my shift if you were me? Keep in mind that I work at a fairly quiet chocolate shop.

Can we talk about how awful it is to be sick at Christmas? I am NOT excited.
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Coffee Table

I really want this to use as a coffee table, but its 450$ before shipping. But it is a card catalog. (I can't find any used ones in this approximate size anywhere in the Northeast US on craigslist). Should I just go for it?

dk/dc: Do you have any New Year resolutions?
I usually don't but this year it is to study for the GRE and take it in May. Really need to get to grad school!
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TQC, my bf and I have a tradition of getting each other wacky/unique gifts. He told me that for Christmas he got me "one and a half gifts." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? What did he get me???

Should I get my snake something for Christmas?

What's the last thing that made your day?
The bookstore I work at closed at noon instead of 5 today. Yay!

If I bake cookies and bag them up, how long will they keep in the fridge? I have practically no room in my freezer... :(

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A little lamb walks over to you and asks "Do you hear what I hear?". How do you respond?

"A song, a song, sounding through the night with a voice as big as the sea!"
I beat it to death with my boot. Talking sheep are definitely signs of evil
"A talking sheep!!! I'm rich!!"
"Shit, I think I gotta lower my medication. This sheep just made conversation with me"
"Well, hell, I guess if a lamb can talk to me, it must be highly intelligent, and that means I'm gonna have to stop eating meat"
I beat it to death with my boot before it starts telling people where I was 'petting' it when no one was looking
"Did you just say 'do you hear what I hear?' Sweet. This means I'm going to meet a mighty king next"

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I have a family party tonight where we have to take our yearly Christmas pictures. Knowing this, I put my hair up in a sock bun mohawk so I can have a ton of long bouncy curls. Well my hair doesn't hold a curl very well so I'm leaving these in until the last possible minute before we leave but stuff has come up and I have some errands to run. Just some quick things but I look pretty silly. Do I take out the rolls and just hope the curls hold or do I just run my errands with my hair rolled and just act like this is always how I do my hair? I can't wrap a scarf around them because they sit on top of my head and just below the crown so I look like I just got out of the shower. 


We're spending the night at my mom's, a little more than an hour away, on Christmas eve and going to 10pm mass. We're also bringing our (white, long haired and loves to shed) cat who doesn't ride in a carrier. She usually sits on my lap the whole way and looks out the window but sometimes gets scared on the walk from our apartment to the car and flails. Should I change out of my nice clothes for the drive or save time and wear my dress and hope she doesn't climb all over me (which she rarely does) but it would be my luck?
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Have you ever been bullied or treated unfairly by a teacher or professor? Can we have a thread where we talk about it?

DK/DC I really want to get a book pouch or protector for the books that I throw in my bag (which often end up stained, dog-earred and smelling like cigarettes. Any ideas where I could get one? Or would it be better off buying something like an e-reader sleeve/ ipad sleeve and putting the book in that?

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My SO and I are going to a wedding reception on NYE. It starts at 7. We're debating on whether or not it's rude to leave before midnight.

Does anyone know the "rules" or "etiquette" regarding this? Do you think it's okay if we leave? Or should we just stay?

Who's your favorite Rugrat?

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Is it okay that I'm super excited that most of my Christmas presents from my boyfriend are from the adult/sex shop?


To you, what is the worst sound to you?

Me? The call of the javelina.

Also, have you seen the google homepage yet? Probably. Do you love it?