December 22nd, 2011


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How do you feel about second hand books?

Nearly all of my books are second hand, but I feel very wary of them at first, particularly if it's a horror. I have no idea why. Its kind of like they've already taken someone else on an adventure.
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I just now got around to watching Misfits season 3 and I forget, what happened to that smug curly-haired boy? He hasn't been in the episodes so far and instead there's some guy that divides into two.

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How much weight loss do you think it will take to get me down from a size 11 ring size to a size 10?

What do you do to lose weight?

Im down 37 pounds in the last two months but it does not look like it at all and its depressing, I do not lose weight easily but I cannot afford to go back to the gym and my weight loss is starting to peter out.

dk/dc: What did you eat last? I made liver and onions for dinner :D

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So just about every night, I've been having some a dream. Some are little wierd, some are a little out there. Some drams are things I wouldn't really think of if I were awake. Kinda scares me. Someone told me that it might be because I was pregnant??
Is thia true? Or is from stress? Maybe too much day dreaming?


Q1. What 1 book *must* I read on my holidays that I wont be able to put down? I like romance, adventure as well as some bibliographies / non-fiction.
Q2. I'm going from a hot Australian summer to a European in Winter, where are the best places to go in Amsterdam, Paris, Venice?
Q3. Where else should I visit?
Q4. What activities can you do when its freezing outside?
Q5. What are the essential items I need to pack for my trip?

Ok thats all, happy holidays all =)
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Lately, I've been having a little fun experimenting with my coffee brewing. I'll filter it through two paper filters, the bottom with about 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon and another inside to hold the coffee, just to add a little bit of cinnamon flavor. I'll also substitute egg nog for creamer to give it that little something for the holidays.

So, are there any nifty little holiday tricks you like to use to dress up otherwise standard recipes, foods or drinks? Coffee, tea, sweets, or anything else?
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Scam or ... ?

Some guy wearing a tag that said just knocked on my door and said that he was in the neighborhood delivering free energy-saving items to households. He offered me a box of 10 CFL lightbulbs, a sink aerator, a showerhead, and there may have been something else, too.

I said, "They're free? Great!" and he said "And of course I have to come in to your home to install the products" and I said "Goodbye" and closed the door.

Was he running a scam of some sort?

(The local BBB office is closed for lunch. I'll check in with them in a few minutes.)


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What I've mostly been doing over winter break is laying on the couch and watching movies on Netflix. Based on my instant queue, which movie should I watch next?

What movie should I watch?


What have you been doing this holiday season?

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You're looking to buy a car but don't have the money. You come across this website of companies that will give you a brand new car in exchange for promotion and advertising. You'd have to have the product in particular on the side of your car, as large as possible, and you'd be expected to attend one function a month, where you pass out free samples of the product. Do this for a year and the car is yours. The only real downside is having the product so clear and obvious all over your car. Below are the companies that will pay for your car. What product would you want to display and promote?

Hooters (you'd be passing out coupons at events)
Preparation H
Bigelow's Muscle Enhancer (images of 'roided out muscleheads all over your car)
Ashley Madison (you'd be passing out info packets)
Camel Lites (with images all over your car how smoking is cool and hip)
'Crackhead' Stan's Medicinal Marijuana
Depends diapers
FOX News (you'd be passing out brochures)
Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Cream
Justin Bieber's new cologne "Manly" (images of his face all over your car)
"Hey Fatty, Stop Being Fat" (weight-loss program based on negative reinforcement)
Trump Towers (your car would be painted bright gold, and you'd be passing out raffle tickets: winner gets a free stay)
Charmin toilet paper
Frankly, I'll just catch the bus
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I'm making shortbread cookies for a holiday dinner, its a rather simple to the point recipe and I had been melting the butter for it in the microwave and my mother brought up a point that I wasn't sure about:

Will melting the butter have any affect on the outcome of the baking of the cookies? It is basically flour, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and butter-

I half melted it for the one batch and didn't see any issue, other than I might want to mix the vanilla with the melted butter so there is better distribution-
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Inspired by the gaping holes in all corners of my mouth:

Do you like tofu? If so, what's your favorite preparation?

How many times in a row can you eat relatively the same thing before you get sick of it? (Pretend it's something you really, really like otherwise.)

What's your favorite seasonal food or beverage?

Edit: Validate my desire to spend money, TQC. I should buy the eight-season DVD pack of NCIS, shouldn't I?

Asking for a friend

Similar to the 'Kiss the Bride' tradition, is not the kissing under the mistletoe XMAS tradition appropriate as it only happens that one time, in this case once a year, despite any given relationship status?
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does anyone know of any cute christmas poem that would be appropriate to attach to a container of home made baked goods?
if they have something to do with baked goods that would be even cuter!
cute explosion!
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What would you get a 6 year old for Christmas? we tried asking the father and all he said was his son likes flashlights.

who's the most difficult person to shop for in your circle of friends/family/etc?
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What is your "preferred" sex? Is there anyone of the sex that your not usually interested in that you find sexy? Or that you at least get why others might find that person sexy? Pics?

I'm pretty much only interested in men but I LOVE Sofia Vergara and Nigella Lawson. Ugh.

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A family I know has a really skinny dog. He's a house dog, he isn't chained up and forgotten about outside, but he's really skinny. Every time I go over there he's got food out, and I've even seen him eat it, but how skinny he is concerns me.

They've got other pets, but they all seen a healthy weight. What would you do?
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TQCers, who here lives with their parents? Why? And how old are you?

I'm 27 and I moved back in with my parents a year ago, mostly because I was worried about my mom being home by herself when my sister went away for college. Also because I was home sick :(

Also, will you please post your favorite macros, memes, gifs, whatever? I need something to take my mind off of how lame I am (and the fight I had with my brother).
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Did you organically and easily develop into the person you are today, or did it require a lot of training/self-restraint/effort? Do you impose a lot of regulations and restrictions upon yourself, in order to be the person you want to be? Or, do you just go with your first impulse in terms of behavior, action, consumption, habits, etc.?

I hope I did not word this poorly, as I am extremely and very baked
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I'm getting a puppy soon-ish. I'm seriously considering the name Kate, b/c I love it. My husband says that would be a bad idea, because his sister is named Katherine, and Kate is derived from Katherine (I always thought it was from Katerina, but whatever), and it would upset his sister. Incidentally, his sister is never called Kate OR Katherine, she always goes by Kathy.

Is this a valid objection? I can understand not naming it by a name/derived name that somebody actually goes by...but she goes by a nickname that is completely different. Would it be inappropriate for me to name the puppy Kate? If I do, and SIL gets upset, should I change it, or just tell her to suck it?

DK/DC: Are you excited for present-opening? What holiday are you celebrating?
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Full-time workers: If you were unemployed or underemployed for a length of time, how long did it take you to get used to working eight hours a day? I started my job last Wednesday, and although I enjoy it I've been coming home wiped out.

Second question, just in case: How ready are you for Christmas? Or do you just want to get it over with? I just got done wrapping presents and realized I really should get more gifts for a few more people... (And I drew the name of the cousin who won't appreciate anything but cash - to the point that he'll sneer at the card I'll put the bill in.)

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My son is 3 months old now.
My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 or 6 months.
His mom keeps asking what she should get for Riley (my son).

What should I ask for?

He doesn't really need anything and baby toys are kind of expensive.

What would you get for a three month old?

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Do you ever get randomly itchy on one spot of your body for a long time? a spot the size of a quarter on my scalp has been itchy for the last hour and no matter how much I scratch it's still freaking bothers me. It's only that one stupid spot. What's the deal?


After doing some late-night grocery shopping, you leave the store and walk to your car (or to the bus stop or wherever). On your way there, some guy in a car stops and yells, "hey bitch!" How (if at all) do you react? :|
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Why do so many people seem to think the new comment style is ugly? I don't think its gorgeous or anything but it's pretty nondescript, if you ask me. I didn't think the old comment style was any better looking, either.

Is it just because change is hard?

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i was focused on something else totally in my own world i came to when i heard my boy say to his tenant "will, at any point during this, your testicles be close and/or on my face?"

what were they talking about?!

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my job notified me today that I am being laid off at the end of the next schedule which is New Years Eve night.

I am scheduled Christmas eve, the day after Christmas 40 hours next week and New Years Eve night til close.

Should I call off on New years eve night or work it seeing it's my last night?

When was teh last time you were laid off from a job?