December 21st, 2011


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Has anybody ever repaired thick, broken plastic before? I've stepped on a mask of mine, and am trying to figure out the best way to fix it. From using google, it seems I should use either modeling glue, 2-part plastic epoxy, or plastic superglue. I'm leaning towards 2-part epoxy, but was wondering anybody has had experience with this before. Tips on curing epoxy? Tricks?

If it helps, here is the mask. It is very, very thick. At least a fifth of an inch thick. I snapped off the ear.
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AND YOU CAN'T EVEN PUT IT BACK TO "STYLE=MINE" OR WHATEVER. It's not even good design. It doesn't take you to your comment after you post, and you have to refresh the page to read your comment.

ETA: GUYS, YOU CAN'T PREVIEW YOUR COMMENTS EITHER. Better brush up on your html.
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What was the last thing someone said to you that took you totally off guard?

I walked in the house after work tonight to my brother telling me, without saying 'hey' or anything, that the dog had a seizure tonight. They think.

Does your bedding match?

Currently I have lime green sheets, a Spongebob Squarepants mink blanket (the fact that it's so warm makes up for the fact that it's a kid's blanket) and grey pillow cases. I don't think I have an entire matching sheet/blanket set anywhere in the house.

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I skipped my college graduation ceremony on Monday and now I'm totally regretting it.

Will you please:
- tell me about something you regret not doing?
- somehow make me feel better about my decision?

Help Me Pack!

I live in San Diego, and am leaving tomorrow for Yosemite for Christmas (YAY!). I need a coat, but can bring only one. The day temps should be between 40-51F (and it hasn't snowed yet). The choices are:

A) Ugly brown down lined Eddie Bower coat. SUPER warm, got me through several Chicago winters (before tapping out and heading west).

B) Black wool double breasted opera-length coat. It is missing the buttons for some reason. Still warm, even if I can't button it, though not as warm as coat A. Timeless and stylish.

C) Magenta wool pea coat. This is my "BRR IT'S 50F in SD" winter coat. Cute, but only hip length.

I have scarves, long underwear, warm socks et al. During the day we'll be walking around the park, though not doing any heavy duty hiking or survivalist shit.
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I'm making a lasagna for xmas dinner, but I need help choosing a side dish. I've already decided to make rosemary bread and roasted asparagus, but I feel like there should be at least one other vegetable side dish. I was originally going to do potatoes, but now that I think about it, I feel that is too much starch for one meal (bread, pasta AND potatoes? Oh lawd).

Do you have any suggestions? What else should I make? What are you having for xmas dinner?

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So I'm trying to be helpful and get some of my bf's shopping done.  He wants to buy what sounds like K cups for tea.  He bought them last year at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Now, he is not a coffee drinker at all so knows nothing about these things, but what he described to me sounds just like K cups, but made it seem like it was a machine just for tea.  Is there something similar just for tea or is he just talking about a Keurig that his mom just uses for tea?

Answered!  It's a Keurig.  His sister knew what it was.

New question: If you are driving on a divided road and an emergency vehicle is coming from the opposite direction, and you are not anywhere near an intersection, do you need to pull aside?
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One year from today, the Mayan calendar ends. And let's say that the world IS going to end on that day. What are your thoughts? What do you do with your last year?
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I'm going to San Francisco the 30th til the 2nd and while it is certainly not my first time in the city, it will be my first time going with a friend that loves eating and shopping as much as I do.

What restaurants, stores, and spots do you recommend in San Francisco?
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Our neighbor down the street offered us a puppy a few days ago. She told us her daughter had given it to her, but she couldn't keep her because she couldn't afford it or something like that. We couldn't take her either because we have 4 dogs, so we told my fiance's brother about the dog. The neighbor gave his brother the dog instead, and his brother went out and spent a bunch of money buying supplies.

The neighbor's daughter showed up at our house today telling us that we needed to give the dog back because it was her dog, and her mother didn't have any permission to give her away. If we don't have the dog back to her by tonight, she's threatening to call the police.

What do we do? I don't have his number to let his know what's going on, and my fiance's at work until 10.

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My boyfriend's dad was arrested for the 4th time in 10 years for drunk driving. His punishment? 6 months suspended license. Even my boyfriend admits it's time to permanently take his license away.

What should happen to drunk drivers? I say revoke their license for a year. Give them another chance at the end of the year. If it happens again, doesn't matter if it's 50 years later, they lose their license forever.

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Our company gave everyone a really nice glass "brick" with a 3d helicopter in it for a Christmas gift. They cost approximately $50/a piece. Keep in mind we have about 1,000 employees company-wide. People are complaining saying, "Yeah, they're pretty, but shit, just give me the $50." What are your thoughts on this? Would you appreciate the gift or just want the money instead? Me personally, I am proud to show mine off. :)

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What's your favorite board game to play with a group of people?

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you wrap presents? Do you go all out with bows and high quality paper or do you tend to throw things in a gift bag?

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How do you react when your friends are super passive-aggressive?

e.g., My one friend often tells me nothing's wrong when something's obviously bothering him and resorts to snide comments instead of talking to me about what's going on. It drives me crazy.

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TQC, I am inspired! My students have a problem with the word tooken. In that they think it exists. So, a la Hyperbole and a half, I am wanting to create some sort of creature called a tooken.

What do you suppose this animal might look like? Doodles are accepted and encouraged.

ps- I have considered a toucan but I don't want to addle their little brains.
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What have you been procrastinating doing lately and what did you do to avoid doing it? I made sugar cookies instead of cleaning the house. I suppose I have no excuse for avoiding the cleaning now...

And since it's been a very long time, how you doin', TQC?
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How do you go about getting rid of dark circles under your eyes? I read that rubbing constantly can make it worse by breaking the tiny capillaries underneath and am trying to stop, but have you personally tried any home methods that worked well for you?

dk/dc: What item online are you itching to buy for yourself?
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For my parents and in-laws, I ordered prints of pictures from my wedding as part of the Christmas gifts. I don't think they'll get here until after Christmas.

I want a cutesy poem to stick in the frames and albums to let them know that the pictures are coming.

Anyone have any ideas? (Something better than "Even though no pictures are here, soon they will be quite near!" please)

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How good is your geography?
How good is your sense of size in relation to geography?

Inspired by Wikipedia telling me the state of Louisiana is almost half the size of the UK. The US is definitely much bigger than I thought.
ETA: and is actually bigger than England.

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I got into the paralegal program I applied to.

It's full-time.

Classes start January 9.

I'm going to have to quit my full-time job. Problem is, I haven't finished my financial aid forms yet (I applied late, and they just let me know yesterday that I was accepted, then told me classes start Jan. 9), so I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to go. I can't go if I don't get aid.

How much is my boss going to hate me if I give her less than two weeks notice? I've been here 3.5 years, and they're going to have a hell of a time finding a replacement for my position since it pays so damn little.

Will you help me feel better about quitting? I've never quit a job before.

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What kind of small Christmas present can I sent home with my boyfriend to give to his family? They're always giving me things and never letting me get them anything. I wanna get them something small to show I appreciate them.
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More giftmas present questions!

Say you and your SO have a limit of $150 to spend on each other this season. You have bought them a pair of tickets for something that they are VERY interested in, and that you are not so into but have expressed a bit of an interest in in the past (does that make sense?). They have the option of bringing someone else but you are 99% certain they will take you. The pair of tickets cost $100.

In your opinion:
A) You've spent $100 on your partners gift and have $50 left to spend on them?
B) You've spent $50 on them (plus $50 on your ticket) and you have $100 left to spend on them?