December 20th, 2011

devon ramen

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has anyone ever made home-made churros? are there any particular tips and tricks to making them at home?

my brother and i just tried making some and when we were heating up the oil we realised we didn't have the decorative piping to make the churros' texture, so in the end he just rolled the dough and fried them lol.
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Video art/"Indie girl Gucci Mane cover"

I'm trying to remember the name of this weird video artist... young brunette woman, her work's from the 2000s, her videos are delightfully tacky and in one in particular a ladder appears in her home and upstairs there's an Enya dance party. Anyone? Bueller?

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Alternatively, will you post a video by one of your favorite experimental film artists?

ETA: My friend is looking for a music video. His description is as follows:
"It's this Canadian musician (from Toronto?) who did this weird indie girl Gucci Mane cover. And the video involves her running down the street, half naked, with some weird black bird inspired mask/hat. And it's in reverse."
Ya'll know who this weird indie girl is?
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What does this mean

I am looking at a listing for an apartment. It lists itself as "2 br, 1.75 bath." What the devil is a three-quarter bath?

A three-quarter bath is a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower, but no tub. Thanks TQC!

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Dear TQC Poets and Empaths,

I've been searching, but there is no perfect apology card to send to my gastroenterologist to apologize for my inadvertently incomplete preparation for my colonoscopy. If there were a Hallmark card for this occasion, what would it say?

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where do your dreams go to die?

women's prison

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Dr TQC to the waiting room, stat!

So I am quite sick. The throwing up with diarrhea kind of sick. After I threw up everything (including the water my husband forced me to drink, bless him) I kept dry heaving. Eventually, liquid came up again that tasted like blood.

As I was puking without glasses and was only somewhat aware of what was happening (therefore did not actually see blood), do you think I need to go to the ER?

Last vom was about 2 hours ago with only very mild queasiness since. I feel find now, just exhausted and sweaty.

Also, I now have a plastic bag to use to check for blood. My life = disgusting.

To make up for it, here is a dramatic reading of "Sexy & I know it" by LMFAO.
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anti-flat cookies

My cookies always come out of the oven puffy, but then they flatten out when they cool. How can I make them stay puffy (keeping them vegan)? More baking soda/powder? More egg alternative? My ugly cookies need your help! Dx
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I have a "healthy" prepackaged salad that expired yesterday for lunch. Fruit, nuts, mixed greens, that sort of thing, no cheese or meat. Can't spot any mold on anything but the raspberries are looking a little rough around the edges. Will I get horribly horribly sick if I eat it?

Really random

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
2. Who are you in love with?
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
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1)What was your favorite toy you got during the holidays when you were small?
2)If you ever watched Buffy semi-regularly, were you more pro-spike/buffy or pro-angel/buffy?
3)What's your favorite holiday sweet? I always loved Christmas because my mom would make so many awesome cookie type things and we'd get to help and lick the bowl afterwards.

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Are there any other games that are similar to Words with Friends? Not in terms of the game material itself, but the ability to play with specific people and to be able to just check in on it every now and then rather than play it solidly?

I have an android myself, but would ideally like to be able to play with a friend who has an iphone.
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Treating you to a hypothetical

You are newly moved in to a house. You decide one night to utilise your humble BBQ grill to prepare yourself some dinner. While cooking this dinner-for-one, someone over the fence greets you with the 'friendly' information that "Around here, when we have a BBQ, we invite the neighbours." Immediately, there are many responses you want to give, but can only give one. What do you say to this neighbour, bearing in mind that any response can impact you and/or your neighbour in the short and/or long-term?

Sorry! Christmas Question!

I did a search for like 6 pages back with no help, and seriously need time for a nap before I go back to work so I'm just going to throw it out there.

My mom called me on Sunday and left me a message requesting that I send her a wish list for "big-ticket items."  I could barely make a list for regular ticket items! I'm not really good at asking for things, and usually when I do it's for things I think I need.

So, basically, the only thing I could come up with was a new vacuum, but even then I feel guilty because I already have a vacuum that mostly works so why on earth should I ask for a new one? Ugh I hate getting presents. Does anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, she called me again this morning so the pressure is on. She won't take "nothing" or "donate it" for an answer.

If someone asked you what expensive item you'd like for Christmas, what would you ask for?  Let's cap it at $500.

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Hey TQC.

For Christmas, me and my fiance were going to get his sister a small duffel from Vera Bradley. She's in college and she makes a lot of weekend trips home, so I thought it'd be perfect.

However, I just realized that I have a BRAND NEW Vera Bradley Grand Traveler in English Meadow. I bought it for myself originally, but I have literally never used it - I packed it once and decided it was too unwieldy for me. This would not be a problem for her because she has a car, so she wouldn't have to carry it through the streets of NYC like I would. It never even made it out of my bedroom. It's too bad because it is a really awesome, roomy bag that is great for overnight trips - and it's expensive.

Would it be tacky for me to give it to her instead?

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you really like somebody, and in a month they'll be moving out of the country for a year. how much time/emotion do you invest in this person? what if that person wanted to be in a relationship for that month and not see anybody else but you? (sorry if that was worded weird)

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You have a gift card to some store, and you use that gift card to buy someone's Christmas gift. 

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst person ever and one being "no way, I'd do it all the time," how tacky is this?
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Hello guys! My 6 year old wanted to ask you all a question. Please keep your responses PG!

How many presents do you have under your Christmas tree?

20 or more

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For Christmas I'm making fudge.

So far I've made:
Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Caramel Cashew Fudge (which is bomb)
Snickers Fudge

I want to make a 4th fudge. What flavor should I make?

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ETA: Do you believe Batman to be an anti-hero or superhero?
This poll is closed.

Which do you prefer (provided that there is some argument over who qualifies as each)?

Heroes (Ex: Superman, Wonder Woman)
Anti-Heroes (Ex. The Punisher, Gambit)

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I haven't watched America's Next Top Model for years because it got so repetitive & predictable but then I noticed that the new season was all stars and I'm curious. I always used to watch it on youtube but it seems impossible now... does anyone have any links to watch online? In canada that is..

In what ways do your pets show compassion? I've been sick since the weekend and my little pup hasn't left my side. I wake up with her sleeping on my chest looking depresed & confused about why I haven't gotten out of bed in days.

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You received an 83.8% (503/600 points) in a very difficult class. The cut off for an A is 85% (510/600), posted at the beginning of the class. Do you try to argue your way to the higher grade? Do you meet with your professor or do it over e-mail?

Would you argue if you were only .5% away from the higher grade?

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a few years ago i painted an oil painting on canvas. it is not framed or behind glass, and is currently not hanging. i just realized it would look nice in my bathroom. is that a bad idea, to hang an oil painting in a room that gets steamy/humid often? fwiw it is no masterpiece and has only sentimental / "look what i did!" value. thanks!
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Well-Greased Spider?

Because at this time we celebrate the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days (even though there was only enough to last one day in the eternal lamp in the Temple), we also make a deliberate effort to cook with oil. Thus, potato pancakes (latkes) are a Chanukah specialty.

I dug out my grandmother's ancient cookbook to follow the recipe she would have used. Once I have prepared the potato mixture, I am supposed to "drop [it] by spoonfuls on a hot, well greased spider in small cakes."

The word "spider" is not a typo. It appears in several variations of the recipe.

I ask you, TQC, what were my ancestors smoking?

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TQC, will you tell me if I'm crazy or not?
My office constantly gathers up piles of cash from all the employees as a gift for our boss for holidays, his birthday, Boss Day, what have you. And everyone in my office is scandalized that I refuse to contribute. If they were getting an actual thoughtful gift, MAYBE, but just cash? Why on earth would I give my boss money when he makes 10x more than me?! When he doesn't do anything for his employees for holidays/birthdays? No way. Tell me I'm not alone in being completely aghast at this practice.
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You're at your SO's apartment. You stay over there a lot, and sometimes, you leave clothing there for one reason or another. Your SO tells you they think they washed a pair of your underwear with their clothes, and they give it to you.

But it's not your underwear.

A few notes: your SO has a roommate of the same sex and your SO and roommate have their own washer and dryer; no laundromat for them. The roommate doesn't have a boy/girlfriend of their own, but they do have a lot of one-night stands and short flings.

What do you do?
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I have my driving test Friday.

What did they cover on your test? What would your words of sagely wisdom and advice be to a nervous person going into their exam? (let me know if you're in Georgia!)


I want to make these for a pot luck Christmas party for my work tomorrow. As it usually goes, I pick my recipe way too late, so I don't have time to bake these and try them out.  Can you help me?

I don't have dates. I've never tried dates. I don't know if I'll like dates, and I'm afraid it's going to be like, "it's okay, it's like splenda it'll taste delicious!" but then really taste like gross because I like sugar and I don't like not-sugar.  And I'm having a hard time finding if I can replace dates with regular sugar. It seems like I should be able to, since I can replace regular sugar with dates? Der? Or will it be delicious and I should go buy dates and spend way too much time baking these because I have to grind them up?

I do like how they're "healthier" because of the dates, and the coconut oil. What should I do??  That was a lot of questions.
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Have you ever been in a public restroom stall and someone walked up and opened the stall door while you were on the toilet?

This happened to me tonight. I thought I had latched the door all the way, but this girl came in and yanked it right open. How embarrassing.