December 19th, 2011


Travelling Abroad

I want to travel to a bunch of countries in South America. I'm going solo but might convince some family or friends to join me on my journey. I'm really bad at planning and need some advice. What are some tips you can give me on planning a trip like this? I have family and friends in some of the countries I want to visit. Ideally I want to go to Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and my budget would be like 2000-3000. I'd wanna do 1-2 months. Can someone give me a reality check or some guidance please and thank you?
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Top Gear James May

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What is your phasers' default setting??

Phaser? I has a BLASTER biotch
sex change
can't we all just get along?
I have a red shirt on dammit
Dammit Jim I'm just a doctor!
I'm givin ya all I got Capn!
wasted away again in margaritaville
dragon lady

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How do you feel about poetry? Do you have a favourite type- villanelle, haiku, slam, epic? Do you enjoy sonnets? What about odes? Would you post your absolute favourite?

I'm not much one for slam poetry- the people I was surrounded by who loved it were ridiculously pretentious and constantly talking about "The Man", no fooling- but Katie Makkai is pretty wicked. Additional poem in the comments.

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alert lilly

robbed :(

I got robbed this friday and I feel really horrible about it. I lost a lot of money, a laptop, a tablet, and my grandmas ring. Im so upset and i feel really unsafe. I cant stop thinking about it, the police already did what they could but it wasnt much and my fiance and i are taking measures to make our apartment more secure but we can only do so much.
What am I supposed to do now? how can i stop thinking about it and feeling safe again? didnt someone here get robbed just about a week ago?
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I went to H&R Block to get my refund anticipation loan back on 12/5. It was denied because the guy who was helping me spelled my name wrong - even though my tax refund from last year was right in front of him. Apparently, you only get one chance to get approved for it. They are trying to get it reset so that I can apply again since it was their fault that I was denied. I could REALLY use the extra money. I plan on calling them and asking for an update. What should I say? How should I go about this?

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Skype is a thing in Germany, right? The bf's baby mama should have no problem getting skype so we can chat with little man on Christmas day, correct? Or is there something better/easier to use that you would recommend? I'm getting the impression she is not very computer savvy.


For those of you who live away from family and are not going home, how are you connecting with them for the holidays?


We are skyping my family Christmas eve, little man on Christmas day, and I'll be calling my dad and step-mom and my grandma Christmas day.

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I'm going to Olive Garden today for my brother's birthday dinner, I normally get chicken parm but I want to try something different this time. What should I get?

dk/dc, if you could have anything in the world to eat right now, what would it be? Include pics!

Yet another Christmas question...

Okay, TQC, so I had a great internship this past semester and wanted to send my supervisors thank you notes and a little gift as a token of my appreciation. I also wanted to send one to the teacher who also worked there and helped get me the internship, because he was very helpful throughout the entire process.  So I emailed all of them asking the address so I could send a thank you note and my supervisor responded back giving it to me. However, the guy who got me the internship responded back and said I didn't need to send him anything, and he was glad I liked it.

But the thing is - I already bought him his gift. I know the office address now so I could send it to him if I want. Would it be weird to still send him a gift even though he said he didn't want one?

Alternatively, what's the best internship you ever had?

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What winter holidays do you observe?

Something else in comments
None of these

Do you have to work on Christmas day?

I don't have a job outside of the home
Don't know, schedule is not up yet

Is your place of employment open on Christmas Day? Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve, yes, Christmas Day, no
No to both
Yes to both
Christmas Eve, no. Christmas Day, yes.

Have you read Nikki Sixx's book, "The Heroin Diaries?"

Yes. Loved it.
Yes. Hated it.
No. Didn't know he had a book.
No. I don't want to, either.
Who the f#*(@ is Nikki Sixx?
I've read part of it.
I haven't yet but plan on it.

If you work at an office, what are your favorite websites to pass the time on?

Do you like ranch dressing? Generally speaking, people. Srsly.

Red roses

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An earlier post prompted me to consider this post. 

I'm currently in college and obviously this is the best time to play with my hair like no other, especially since I'll never to have a professional color once I graduate. I've always wanted to dye my hair all types of color, not streaks, but the entire head of hair. 

So I figured, why not leave it to you all to suggest colors that will look wonderful on my head?Collapse )
Post pictures of your own outrageous hair colors/styles.

  • How far out have you planned your wedding?
  • Favorite candle scents?
  • How do you take care of a sew-in, what do you do??

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How many times have you posted in your journal this month?
What have you posted about (in general, or specifically if you like)?

DK/DC/Answer another question: What's been your favorite assignment you had to do for school?

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Do you think Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley did the naughty?

Have you ever milked a cow?

For those of you who have kids or baby-sat a young child in public, did people just come right up to the kid and touch/kiss them without asking? That happened to me yesterday when I was baby-sitting a cousin's infant. I was That's not okay. Don't touch the baby without asking.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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My insurance wants me to pay 45 bucks for one month of birth control. That seems outrageous to me. How much do you pay for your birth control?

This is my first foray into birth control and I feel discouraged with that price tag. I was thinking of going on it because I get really depressed during my period. Did any of you experience a balance after going on birth control?

Also, is planned parenthood a good alternative for finding cheaper birth control?
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I need to review 5 online portfolios for an assignment for school. The assignment says they can be portfolios of my colleagues but I just dislike that idea--they can also be any other online portfolios. I figure I'll go with famous-ish people (although one i am doing is of a particularly popular professor in my department), but now I'm wondering which famous people still have personal websites with like their resumes and stuff. Do you know of any portfolios belonging to people so well known that it is not awkward to personally review their portfolios?

Mind you, I'm not asking for reviews, just some names of famous people. (I kinda wish Kim Jong-Il had an online portfolio....)
Santa Away
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So there's a temporary Christmas market in front of our Town Hall and there are a few selling foods including burgers. So...

Which Burger would you most likely buy?

Aberdeen Angus Burger (with optional onions)
Wild Boar Burger (with optional Apple sauce)
Venison Burger (with optional Cranberry sauce)
Ostrich Burger
None of the above
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You've won the lottery, 113 million cash payout. A portion of that money has to be split up between your family members. How much would you portion off from the 113 million? What family members would receive a portion and how much? Who would you exclude?

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Which easily resolved or possibly unverifiable Christmas gift would you like best?

An extra 5 years of life
A hug
An adorable gif (so, someone with an adorable gif, please share it with us as a comment below)
An end to the reign of Kim Jong II
Invulnerability to platypus toxin (applicable only to those found in captivity, not wild platypii)
*looks in lunch bag* "Um...A cookie"
A poll that contains both platypii and cookies
Your two front teeth (only if your front two teeth are not missing)
An icon of Dr. Zoidberg
Sex (simply turn off the monitor and take care of business and get back to us when your hand starts to hurt)
To play 'Words with Friends' with fourcorners. Just message me. Always seeking more players
A star named after you in an as-of-yet undiscovered region of space
A ridiculous pickup line (ask for it in a comment below)
For it to stop being Monday (this gift requires a few hours to materialize. Just wait for it)
Nothing. I'm perfect the way I am.

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TQC, my boyfriend and I are planning to go on a diet when January starts. He's very much the "restriction" type of dieter, and I'm more the "everything in moderation" type. We both want to cook healthier meals, and I'm good about portion control, but he almost always takes seconds (otherwise he says that he feels hungry). We also want to join a fitness site like fitocracy, but I've been waiting for my invite email for weeks and haven't heard anything back. Do you all have any tips or tricks for us to work together on our diet? He has Celiac's so anything with quinoa or rice-based ingredients would be super awesome, and we're omnivores other than that.
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My BIL is 14 and is expressing an interest in graphic design as a hobby/possible career.  For Christmas I would like to buy him a subscription to some sort of design magazine but I have no idea which ones are good.  Can you recommend one to me?  It needs to be reasonably priced; I can't afford a trade journal that costs hundreds of dollars to subscribe to but I can swing the price of an average subscription easily.

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Anyone had a root canal before? I have to have one on Wednesday :( And they might end up having to remove the tooth & do an implant :( :(

What should I expect? How should I mentally prepare myself?
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Last week our neighbors stopped by with a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread, all nicely wrapped up in holiday cellophane and ribbon, and a ziploc bag containing some bread starter and instructions. We followed the directions and now it's time to bake the bread! The recipe will make 2 loaves, plus some more starter to give to more friends.

Question: Should we bake a loaf in the loaf pan that our neighbors gave us, and give it back to them, or was the pan part of the gift? Obviously it's more "neighborly" to give them some bread back, and we can always bake them some other treats as well. I just think that they might want their loaf pan back, but my brother thinks it was part of the gift.
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Who are you buying holiday presents for? How much money do you typically spend, all in all?

If your birthday dinner was tomorrow and you could eat wherever you wanted, what would you choose?

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1) kind of a weird dilemma: my friend loves both moose and baking, so i got her a moose-shaped cake pan for christmas. should i make a moose-shaped cake and give it to her (with the cake pan) or just give her the cake pan so she can use it first?

2) have you ever seen christmas carolers in real life? not the kind at the mall, but the kind who wander the streets and sing. i never have. :(
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What are your favorite "happy" songs? Songs that bring back good memories or songs that just make you smile, whatever :)

I've always loved Harvest Moon by Neil Young. It reminds me of my dad and just being a kid :)

Whats your favorite Christmas song?

I love "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" :)
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Do you know the difference between the words 'then' and 'than'?

Is the weather unseasonal where you are? It's a REALLY mild summer here. I fucking love it.

Are you anyone's wingman/woman/person? What does your role entail? The closest I have ever come is promising my friend I would not let him get lost at sea to beautiful mermaids. So far I have honoured this.

Did you know Buzz Aldrin once punched a moon landing denier square in the face?

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Anyone here into fitness?

I have a question. I wore my chest
strap to the gym today and my watch was acting all wonky. It calculated
that I'd only burned 268 calories for my workout (and this was after
working out for an hour). My warm-up on the elliptical said I burned 136
and was getting the same heart reading, weight and height measurements
my watch was reading. My watch said I only burned 90 calories during my

Do you think I should go by the machine or by my watch?
I'm pretty sure after an hour of cardio / weights, I burned more than
268 calories.

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have you ever watched a movie that you will never, ever watch more than once? which movie?

can you recommend any relationship/dating advice communities on lj? i have a relationship question but it's not exactly general so i don't know if should post it here.

what is the most unique gift you have ever received, or given to someone?

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Three years ago I went to what I thought was a free clinic at a hospital in Louisiana.  I just got a letter from a debt collector telling me I owe them 226 bucks.  I am going to pay it but the problem is I can't pay it all at once.  Should I call them and ask if I can make partial payments until I pay it all off?  Do I contact the collection agency and ask them?  I don't know what to do and this is stressing me out.

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Hey TQC, do you know of any recent documentaries I can watch online that would be interesting to write a paper on for my "non-fiction image theory" class? Buying them online would work too, but it's quite urgent.

If not, favourite documentary ever?
Golden Girls- Blanche Marines

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I'm moving to a new city and thinking of doing the roommate thing. The last roommate I had was psycho and threatened to kill my dog. I've had some okay ones though.

The girl I'm currently emailing also has a dog, so I'm fairly certain she won't hate mine. Regardless, what kind of questions should I ask to make sure she isn't crazy, and that we get along well enough to live together?

Is this a terrible idea?
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Music With Bad Associations

If, during your bored meanderings on YouTube, you come across a song you like, but after searching a bit further, find out that the band (and some of their other songs) support some pretty nasty shit (white supremacy)...

Is it still ok to add that one song you liked (which has no racist lyrics) to your playlists? In general, is it okay to like the non-racist songs of a racist band? Where do you draw the line? Can you buy any of their stuff? Go to their concerts? Mention to your friends that you like them, so long as you add "but not their racist stuff, 'cause that's obviously bullshit."

Opinions, please.