December 18th, 2011

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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So I have these eyedroppers I've been using to add paint thinner and linseed oil to paint. The one that I've been using for the oil has gotten oil up in the rubber part, which has hardened and made the eyedropper pretty much impossible to use. The bottle of oil is also impossible to open due to oil getting around the opening and inside of the cap,, unless I run it under hot water first. Do you think the rubber part of the eyedropper would be safe to boil for a bit (a matter of seconds) to get the oil out, or is that a terrible idea?

What do you think of Mindless Self Indulgence?
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LJ related question

I don't like this one layout of a community (comments are difficult to read) is there some kind of cheat code to have the page appear in the standard lj layout?

I think I read somewhere that it's possible but my googling is not helping me.
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What do you think makes you most unique? Like, anything from physical features to what you like to do to a strange name! I dunno, anything!

My friend looked at my collection of k-pop stuff scattered across my room and said, "Wow, that's a really unique interest!" I mean, I know that listening to foreign music isn't really the most ~original thing ever. But, I guess, in my community it kind of is. No one I've met seems to have ever listened to Asian music and it seems to really intrigue people. So I just wanted to know what other people think makes them unique! Also, I just watched Oddities. So, yeah.
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My mom has asked me to cook something for Christmas because I like to cook. I am panicking on a nuclear level because I've never cooked for someone before, discounting stuff I've made for my roommates, and whenever I try to find a good recipe that won't take too long (so I can spend time with my family while cooking) I get sidetracked by panic.

So, TQC, what's a good recipe you have for holidays or for people who are freaking out? Preferably something relatively uncomplicated.

Packing for a Long Trip

My husband and I are going to England and Ireland for 12 days this Spring.
On our last trip, I overpacked like crazy and so did he. We only went to one city, though, so it wasn't awful.
We're going to be taking the tube to our hotel, so I'd really benefit from packing light.

My question: Have any of you travelled with easy wash/dry underwear? How did that work out?
Any other travel tips? I want to keep my bag light and pack as little as possible.

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What's the worst thing you've ever stepped on? (in?)

I just stepped on a thumb tack. I think having to dig it out of my foot was worse than stepping on it.

Do you have any fancy way of displaying your holiday cards from other people?
*Or better yet- if you leave them out at all, where do you put them?

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Were you ever given detention in school?

I was once in 7th grade. I was sitting next to a boy who for some reason hated me even though I barely knew him, and he just decided to stab me in the arm with a pencil. Still bleeding, I grabbed my pencil and attempted to stab him in the face with it, but his hand got in the way.

We were both given detention.
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Anyone want to send me a Pinterest invite? It's taking forever from the site. I would greatly appreciate it.
EDIT:Already taken care of. Thank you!

Any tips or little tricks to Pintrest?

Feel free to link your Pintrest and discuss anything related :D
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Inspired by an earlier post.

what are your favorite andriod apps? i have a few, but i would like to try some more out. i really like the words with friends app, facebook, and twitter. i found a few games, too, but i kinda want more useful i guess. but any really. also, does anybody know how to get rid of twidroyd app that came installed automatically.

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so I live in a place with Sonic now and everyone's like DANG IT IS SO GOOD ET CETERA, but I haven't been wowed yet. (I've been there twice.) is anything outstandingly tasty at Sonic? need an antidote to a week's worth of vegan food

I just started watching How I Met Your Mother. Do you ever figure out who the mother is? I'm so behind the times.
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When you are eating out with your SO, who pays? In your relationship, who pays more often for things, in general? Are you happy with this arrangement?
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Someone has parked in your $25 dollar a month reserved parking spot. There is a big sign that says 'RESERVED PARKING' on the little parking block that your spot is in. There is also a sign at the entrance to your apartment complex that says 'Improperly or illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.' You are able to get a spot close to your apartment, but it's not your spot.

On a scale of 1-10, how pissed are you?
Do you call and have the car towed?
Which one of you assholes parked in my spot?

ETA: They moved. I reclaimed my space. I have their license number just in case.
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My fudge went over so well I'm making another batch to take to cribbage on Tuesday. I won a bottle of Kahlua today, so I'm making dark chocolate Kahlua fudge. TQC, how should I make it?

no nuts
with walnuts
with pecans
with almonds
with hazelnuts

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I'm planning on doing some holiday baking for my fiance's work.  Do you have any easy recipes with not a tonne of ingredients?  I am a starving student lol.

If it helps: I have flour, baking powder, oats, honey, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and icing sugar :P

DK/DC:  Where do you normally spend your holidays?