December 17th, 2011


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so I just got home for winter break and now I have nothing to do besides watch television/movies and drink alcohol.

Please recommend something you think I should watch or drink.

Also, who is your favorite winnie the pooh character?
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After asking him what he wanted for Christmas, my best friend told my wife that he doesn't want anything more than cards and hugs. He made her swear, and I intend to keep my word.

So far, we're getting him a giftcard to his favorite store, a 6-pack of hug juice, and a deck of cards. What else can I get him without breaking our promise?

Dog Q

I got a puppy recently. She's a lovely little thing, but the problem is that she grew up in the country before coming to us and so is terrified by cars passing down the street, since she's not used to it. This is making house training more difficult, because our road is busy in the morning and evening for a couple hours. She loves being outside during midday or night, but runs for the door as soon as an engine comes close. So what do I do to get her over this fear (our yard is fairly large and fenced, but mostly on the side facing the road)?
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It might be the wrong time of day/night for this, but will you comment to this post so other users can look at your icons and tell you which they think your (new) default one should be?

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I am having lunch with Newt next week and want to bring up the subject of changing the American national anthem. I want to suggest "Sweet Home Alabama" instead of the current "Star Spangled Banner". What other songs would you suggest ?????

NOT " America the Beautiful"...that is sooooo obvious and also offensive to the Latvians
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Is there someone out there who hates you? Will you tell us why they hate you?

Is there someone in your life that you can't stand? What is it about that person that rubs you the wrong way?

Who is the biggest jerk you know? Whats so jerky about him/her?

Retail Gripes

I'm back and this time I'm writing a musical. More specifically, Retail: The Musical! It's about a young man named Peter and his roommate Cate who take jobs at a museum gift shop. They quickly befriend a herd of disgruntled fellow workers and they sing about the joys and woes of the retail world.

I'm in retail and have my own complaints about the business, but I was wondering what you, fellow retail-workers, had to complain about.

The only things I can think of are:
  • People not putting stuff back where they found it
  • People returning merchandise that is clearly way past the 90-day return date/damaged/not even from the shop
  • People who treat us as a babysitting service
  • The various and sundry idiotic reasons for which people think they are entitled to a discount
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My fiance was gifted some food from his workplace. Said food includes a 4 pound boneless ham.

He's vegetarian. My daughter and I are not.

How can the two of us eat all this ham before it goes bad? Serious encouraged, non-serious welcome as well.

Related second question: what does your workplace give their employees for Christmas/Winter holidays, or what have you received from a boss in the past?

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i got my dad a card shaped like ben franklin for his birthday. on the inside, should i write a message from me, or from ben franklin?

what historical figure would you want to hang out with if you could?

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If you are one who gives gifts for the assorted winter holidays:

Do you wrap gifts as you buy them or do you wrap everything at once?

I love wrapping gifts but I keep putting it off because I feel like it's not Christmas time yet...WHY CAN'T I GET INTO IT? Anyone else having an inability to get into the holiday mood?
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In what ways are you "unconventional", if at all? 

Which of your parents do you resemble most in terms of appearance (pics?)? How about in terms of personality?

Do you like strong-tasting food/drinks?

I can't think of too many ways that I'm unconventional...I'm a vegetarian, I'm in a relationship with someone 14 years my senior, I like my coffee black with no sugar. Those are all I can really think of :)

I look more like my dad. Long-limbed, angular (whereas my mom is more of the curvy, pear-shaped persuasion, as is my sister). Personality wise, I'm more similar to my mom, but I'm also a lot like my dad :)

I really like things with strong flavors: black coffee, mulled wine, olives, garlic, many pickled things and strong, stinky cheeses. Not a recipe for the best breath, but I keep gum and mints around always!
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Imagine you have a partner, and that partner is pregnant. (Imagine also that, whatever your sexuality, fertility, etc, the fact that you have a pregnant partner is considered normal rather than a miracle of medicine or whatever.)

1. Would their being visibly pregnant put you off having sex with them?

2. How about if the baby was someone else's? Would you be happy to have sex with them, or not?

Explanations of reasoning welcome.
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why the hell do people think it's soooo funny to make "jokes" or "remarks" about someone being pregnant?

i mean in reference to people assuming an overweight woman is pregnant. someone makes a comment about their stomach/feet/boobs hurting and the immediate thing people lean towards is that you're pregnant.
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What? So I was reading some of my old TQC posts and I noticed that foutu deleted. Does anyone know why? I love her sarcasm. :( I don't see anything in _drama, what did I miss?

Come back sweet Canadian princess.

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Guys, January 1st we're getting our puppy. He's a relatively big little guy, he'll likely be red/red sable, and he is a Pomeranian. He's a ringleader, but otherwise quiet. Loves playing and people, enjoys a good snuggle. Very bold, curious, brave, and bossy. Has a very expressive face. He'll be about 8 pounds, 10" tall, and I'm hoping he'll be an agility OR therapy dog, depending on which he has more fun with.

I want a name that is two syllables and ends in a "EE" sound, like Tommy, Fluffy, etc. My boyfriend suggests Kirby, but I'm not sold. He also dislikes my suggestion of Bailey.

So TQC, share your two-syllable-ending-in-"EE" dog names?

Birthday Plans

Hey TQC,

So my birthdays coming up soon. Not just any birthday, the big 21. And to top it off my birthday is on December 31st. I have no plans. usually what happens is I wait until the last minute and then go out with a small group of close friends. There are always parties going on so we've party hopped in the past or found somewhere to go, but I'm wondering whether I should do something bigger for my 21st birthday. Maybe not bigger, even just different. Honestly I would be fine doing the same thing I've been doing the past several years but I wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter. Should I do something cooler than usual? If so, any ideas?
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Is anyone here familiar with good old children's fairytales? I am reading 'The Fairy Godmother' by Mersedes Lackey, and I am a bit confused. Here is an excerpt:
Shelves lined the walls, floor to ceiling, and there were objects carefully arranged on them. But what odd objects! A cap made of woven rushes. A fur slipper, but quite the smallest that Elena had seen, clearly made for an adult woman, but the size of one meant for a child. A knitted tunic that was made of some coarse, dark plant fiber. A golden ball. A white feather.

Obviously, all those items are from different fairytales, but I can't recognize first two. A knitted tunic is from 'The Wild Swans'. A golden ball is from 'The Frog-Prince', White feather ... ok, this sounds familiar, but I can't remember it too.

[eta] White feather is from 'Lily and the Lion' - Russian version is completely different, so I would have never made a connection.
cap made of woven rushes is from 'Cap-o'-Rushes', and I didn't even heard about this tale.
fur slipper is still open for ideas - it could be from a very old version of 'Cinderella'

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Will you tell me all the things that are wrong with that "Christmas Shoes" song, because I can't even put into words why I hate it so much?

What's your least favorite Christmas song?

Is anyone not creeped out by "Baby it's cold outside"? Was there a time, like in the 50s, when coercion was cute and sweet or something?
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I've been eating East Coast IKEA Swedish meatballs for well over a decade now, and they've always been the same. Brown, nubbly, meat-like. I just went to my first IKEA in Texas and the Swedish meatballs looked like tiny balls of dough or like mini beignets, and the meat was pale rather than dark brown.

Did they change the recipe? Are IKEA Swedish meatballs different regionally?

I suspect this post will get 0 responses and that's ok
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SANTA CLAUS CAME TO MAH HOUSE! Every year, the Yulee Volunteer Fire Department escorts Santa through Yulee, giving out little goody bags to all the children. We thought we had missed him, since before he was done before dark.

Now that Santa's been, it feels like xmas is going to be ok this year.

What traditions does your town or community have that you would be totally hummed bummed to miss?

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How painful really are nipple piercings? Don't tell me they're fine just to make yourself look good :-P I need the truth!

I had my ears pierced 10 years ago and it hurt to me, even though a lot of people have said it didn't to them.

So, nipples. And did you lose or gain sensitivity?

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Educate Me

Did you attend your 5 year reunion?

Was there a theme? What kind of venue was it?
Or just tell me whatever you'd like to about it.

I've accidentally landed myself on the "committee" for planning my 5 year and I'm far from enthusiastic.

ETA: I didn't realize that not many do 5 year reunions. I'm quite surprised!
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I am extremely tempted to charge the following $325.00 boots on my card because I adore them and they're on sale for $227.50.

Collapse )

It's a lot of money, but it's not like credit card money is real money. It's imaginary money for almost a month.
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TQC, do you think a 16 year old boy would like Super Mario Yahtzee or find it too young? I would probably put a movie theatre gift card or something with it.

What do you think girls 13-16 would like? The name tree had a lot of girls, particularly teenage girls on it. I feel sort of bad nobody's picking the girls. I don't want to get makeup because makeup is tough to get someone you've never seen. Colours, brands, etc are sort of hard to choose.

Do generally you find it easier to buy for girls or boys or does it not really matter to you?

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I just celebrated my birthday 2 weeks late with my parents.

I got a Boston Cream Pie for my birthday cake.

If you were celebrating your birthday today, what kind of cake would you hope to have?

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Does anyone else find the process of dating new people on the border of being physically painful?
Do any of you hate dating as much as I do?
What's your secret for hating it less?

A friend is trying to set me up and I just have no idea how to politely decline this torture.

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this guy stalked me for 2 years and he creeped me out so bad i had to change my number and move and was really scared i found out he was shot so i shouldnt feel bad right? but for some reason i just feel aweful.
how do you deal with strange emotions like this.