December 16th, 2011


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Okay, kids, I need your help-- I read some article a few months (years?) ago about a crazy new phenomenon wherein some theatrical group(s?) take a new, probably independent movie that's coming out, and gather up a large audience in some unlikely venue, and make the experience crazy real by acting it out or getting the audience involved to some degree. You have to sign up in advance, and they don't tell you the location until, like, the day before. Can someone PLEASE link me to an article about this or tell me what it's called? I've Googled many variations on "interactive theater" but I keep not finding it. It's not just Rocky Horror type lols, it was something more intense. In my mind, it's vaguely in the same category as murder mystery dinner parties and secret restaurants (yes, those exist:

TL;DR -->
If you are seeing family for the holidays, what is the most awkward thing they have done so far?
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Do you know any sites where I could rewatch X/1999, Gundam Wing, Serial Experiments Lain, or Gravitation? Preferably not sites that are "click here to watch" and half the time the links are down. ETA: I have a bandwidth limit while at school, and so I tend to do better watching shoddier youtube videos than I do downloading things via torrents. Trust me, otherwise that would have happened.

DK/DC? What is your greatest accomplishment?

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I hit the jackpot and you take me home tonight. Which magazines am I likely to see in your place in the morning?

Southern Living
National Inquirer
Natl Geographic
Womens Health
Mens Journal
Popular Science
Road and Track
U S News & World Report
The UTNE reader
Mother Jones

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I am considering investing in an e-reader. I've read online reviews, and talked to sales people, but I'd like some personal experiences.
So, for those of you who have or have used e-readers, what is your recommendation? Least favourite?

Thank you.
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I just found a brand new pair of Collapse ) in a "free" box at my boyfriend's apt complex. They fit me but I can't decide if I actually like them and I really don't know what you're suposed to wear with this style of shoe, besides a costume. Do you know what would look good with them?? Would you take them for free?

and/or use this post to talk about shoes.

grad school

So, I got a BFA in photography in 2008 and I'm now applying to grad school. For library science.

Yeah, I know.

I'm actually pretty qualified for the program, but I have lost touch with a lot of my professors since I graduated several years ago. Do all of my recommendations have to come from professors, or can they come from others as well? I'm currently writing to one former professor, one person I studied under in a college mentorship program, and one person I worked with professionally (and know more personally). The problem is... I haven't studied library science before, so I have no way of getting recommendations from that field. The program has no prerequisites aside from a Bachelor's degree, but I'm still nervous. Still, I performed very well in school and professionally, so would that still be acceptable?
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What's the last neat thing you found on Pinterest?
I found library due-date card themed save-the-date and wedding invitaions. Not that I even have a boyfriend haha.

What made you smile today?
My girls in bookclub were AWFUL on Tuesday. Today I came in to work to find an apology note from one of them in my mailbox.

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Today, I caught my aunt one click away from downloading a screensaver (and god knows what else along with it) from some sketchy "Free Screensavers!" website. I did the dramatic thing and yelled "Nooooo!!!" while running slow-motion to her computer and swiped the mouse away from her, with the promise that I would find her a safe website to get some cute christmasy screensaver that wouldn't put all kinds of nasty bugs in her new computer (she wrecked her old one doing things like this). So TQC, I ask you, do you know of any legitimately safe 'free screensaver' sites?

DK/DC, will you tell me about the funny/stupid things your family members have done to computers?
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Supposing you would watch Fantasia when you were a kid, what part(s) were your favorites?

I loved the parts with the centaurs and the ponies/pegasus/unicorns. And the music with the wine-stomping and dancing. I don't remember this exactly, but my mom told me that the part with the winged-demon guy was my favorite and that I would rewatch that part a lot, hahah.

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My boyfriend and I broke up this morning. Over text message. Because he didn't like my friends. :/

I already bought all of his Christmas presents and I can't return them because I got them on eBay.

What should I do with them? I don't know anyone else that would like the gifts (all Fighting Illini stuff).

Will you post macros to cheer me up? Or tell me a funny story? This has been a crappy day at work.

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For those of you who have to pay for tuition:
Do you/can you pay online? I was just looking and my school charges an almost 3% "convenience fee" if I use my debit card/mastercard to pay.

When you first started going to school, were you totally overwhelmed? Any advice?

I had my grad school advisement today and I have no idea why I feel completely overwhelmed.
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Should I bring my external hard drive back home with me for my month-long winter break?

DK/DC- How good are you at packing? Do you make a list of everything you need, or do you just throw everything in the suitcase and hope for the best? Over packer, under-packer, or somewhere in between?
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TQC, I am getting my drivers' license for the first time in ~2 weeks, and I know nothing about cars.

I've found the cheapest/best insurance policy for me (my car is 16 years old so I just need liability - Progressive won this one). Is this the sort of thing where I can go online the day I get my license and register for insurance and be OK that day, or is it something that will take a while to set up?

The car was my parents' and is in my dad's name, I believe. How do I go about changing it into "my" car?
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What are some annoying borderline stupid things people say to you?

White people, I swear to GOD it's always ignorant white people, always mention OMG you don't sound black. You're so white. Or you don't dress black. You're so white. And I'm just rolling my eyes so far back into my throat I'm choking on stupidity. Like do I need to pop a couple of caps in your ass to prove my blackness to you? Shut the fuck up before I eat you.
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Enchanted Village

Massachusetts-ers (?)
My mum wants to take my nephew to the Jordan Marsh Enchanted Village at Jordans in Avon. Tonite. We won't get there til 7 and it closes at 8. He'll want to do the 20 minute movie. How long does the walk-through take? Is it worth trying to go tonite? (Not sure how long the wait will be)

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This is my mom's new kitty and she can't decide what to name her. We have a disney theme going right now with another black cat named Minnie and a dog named Daisy. She was named Gypsy when my mom got her from our neighbor but she's not crazy about it. What would you name her? Collapse )
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What are you favorite TV or movie homes? Least favorite?

I really like all of the homes on Modern Family.

I've always hated Ray and Deborah's house on Everybody Loves Raymond, especially the kitchen. I also hate Tony and Carmela's house on The Sopranos.
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Best makeup for a newbie?
Places to buy CHEAP makeup?
Ebay stores to buy expensive nail polish sold cheaply?
Pretend I'm the little five year old playing in her mother's makeup and help me out.

If it makes you feel better, pretend I'm a poor college student as well (this is fact)

DK/DC: What are some DIY projects you'd love to do even if you don't have the talent? Links/pictures welcome.

Post pictures of animals in costumes, preferably your own pets.
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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Inspired by Jurassic Park and the "life will find a way theory"...

Assuming a population in an isolated area is exclusively homosexual (either all males or all females or a mix of both) or is made up of all females or all males (without access to the opposite sex)... do you think life would eventually find a way to replicate without any person of the population having to mate with a person of the opposite sex?

Removed the second part of the question because I can't explain it well and it was doing my head in trying to do so!
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People who eat Klondike bars: i had never really had one before yesterday, and now i've eaten a couple and it always ends with the chocolate breaking apart and ice cream melting over my fingers. Is there no way to eat these neatly, or am i doing it wrong?

Do you like Klondike bars? I got Reese's and Heath bar ones, and i guess they're okay.

Do you like Godiva chocolate? I got a bar today and wasn't too crazy about it.

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Guys, I need cat advice. My cat has gotten used to being fed at a certain time (in this case, it's around 5 in the morning). He's been waking my dad and me up with his meowing and it's really getting to my dad. I thought feeding him more would help, that maybe he was just hungry, but no, it seems that he thinks that that time is an appropriate time for breakfast. I know, learned behavior and all (and to be fair my dad normally gets up around 5:30 on the weekdays so it's not totally off, timing wise). But is there any way that we can get him to be quiet without putting him outside, which I feel bad about since it's winter here? Shushing him works for a few minutes but then he's right back at it, and he's LOUD. Ideas please?

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Your coworker, apparently unhappy with your work performance, leaves a note outlining everything that you did wrong the last time you worked. This note is left out for all other coworkers to see. You see this coworker several times a week, and s/he could have easily brought these concerns to you directly. How would you handle this situation?

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I'm thinking of legally changing my name for personal reasons. Two questions, TQC.

1a. Aside from a new driver's license, passport, and maybe social security card, what else do you thing I would need to renew/update with the new name? Would I need to change my birth certificate? My academic transcripts (somehow...)?
1b. Should I just ask a lawyer this instead?

2. I may as well change my middle name too. It currently begins with the letter Q. What are some other names that begin with Q that I could use?

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Indeed I am watching Say Yes to the Dress:

Let's say you are having a more conventional wedding. Meaning, you are in fact shopping for a wedding dress. With your mom. And bridal party/friends.

Would you purchase a dress your mom hates?

Would you purchase a dress that your friends hate?

If you were the friend and you hated the dress, would you support the bride in her decision? Or needle her into picking another one?

What about if it was your daughter, would you keep your hatred of her dress to yourself and simply support her choice?

If you have ever gone wedding gown shopping, did you have any drama? Share!
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TQC, I had my wisdom teeth extracted this afternoon and was under anesthetic and completely out for the entire procedure. When I got home, I noticed there are what look to be fingernail scratches in a ring all around my left bicep and tricep. I went directly from the extraction home where I noticed them, and they weren't there before I went in.

What the fuck happened to me while I was out, TQC?

(Obviously not looking for serious answers here. Just amuse me while I agonize?)

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What are some of your favorite mixed drinks that don't involve soda? I got my boyfriend a cocktail shaker for Christmas and I want to buy him booze/ingredients for tasty drinks, but he's given up soda for the year. 

Would you ever ask for you coupon back after using it at a store? Where I work this happens ALL THE TIME, and my DM says we have to give customers their coupons back because it will make them happy. Even though it says ON THE COUPON that they're only good for one use. Also, it says not valid on prior purchases, but we have to do price adjustments if someone comes in and asks for us to use the coupon on a purchase they already made. :|