December 15th, 2011

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Ladies who consider yourself feminists/believe in equality of the sexes:

Do your romantic fantasies reflect your feminist viewpoints? Or do your romantic fantasies feature elements that might be relegating women to the traditional gender roles they've always been forced to occupy? Ex. IRL, you believe in the strength and independence of women, but in your fantasies you're always being the one rescued, etc.

What about your sexual fantasies?

ETA: I'm not asking about people or politics in general, just individual people. Obviously, you can be feminist and still have submissive fantasies, believe in choice, whatever. I'm just curious to see the correlations. It was just something I was thinking about.

ETAx2: Perhaps poorly worded. Edited for clarity (hopefully).

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THE CRIME: Two men abduct a random college woman at gun point. They drive her around town to ATMs and withdraw money. Then they callously kill her as she begs for her life and a chance to pray. All because "she saw my face".

Death penalty??


If you think this is is not. Also I spared the details because ya'll would cry "triggers". And you would be right.

EDIT-O-MATIC: Just curious...would you feel differently if it were your daughter?
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best software for a video project

Hello all, or more specifically, those of you who make slideshow-type videos! What software do you use? Preferably free and easy to download. I need to create a commercial for a school project, and windows media player makes me want to kick puppies in the face,


* no puppies will be harmed if I get a good answer :D Links would be loved
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At work, we all used to work with a short, blonde, outgoing woman named Jenny. She's moved now, and very shortly after we gained a short, blonde, outgoing woman named Jennifer. She doesn't mind being called Jen. But she absolutely HATES the name Jenny.

Purely by force of habit and not to annoy her, Jennifer gets called Jenny a lot. And she's let it be known that she cannot stand the name Jenny and corrects us each and every time someone does it.

I understand not wanting to be called a name you don't identify with, and we're all getting better at not calling her Jenny. However, there has not been one time that we have accidentally called her Jenny that she has failed to pounce on us and make a big deal about it, not just a simple "it's Jen" but a arm-flapping, huffy guilt trip. Is this unreasonable?

Occasionally, she will fail to respond or she will give an unexpected response until we rephrase it properly. "Jenny, can you pass me that file?". "No.". "...Jennifer, will you pass me that file?" "Sure!". Is this unreasonable?

EDIT: I certainly don't mean to suggest it's unreasonable for her to try to get us to call her the right name. Everyone at the job got me and a coworker's names backwards for the first few weeks and no doubt it was annoying. What I'm asking about is the means by which she's trying to get us to change.
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if someone hits and kills another human being with a car, what kind of charge do you think would be deemed reasonable?

would your answer change if the person were a child of a (well known) public official?

are there any news stories in your area that bother you?

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I just recently acquired my very first smart phone and I was wondering if there are any apps that are good for keeping track of books you've read and maybe recommending other things to read? Same for movies.
I wouldn't even know where to start looking in my android market. :(

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My cat has blood in his feces and he's losing hair. He's at least 7 years old. For the past few days he's had darkish blood in his feces. He's also losing hair on his rump on both sides of his tail. He's a bigger cat, but I wouldn't call his obese. He's very active, and isn't acting sick at all.

A trip to the vet will occur tomorrow or the day after, but I'd like to know if anyone else had issues like this.

Also, I should add that lately he's had diarrhea.
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Strap-on Recommendations?

Ok guys, I'm looking at getting a strap-on for use with my male partner, and I have NO idea what I'm doing. So I figured some of you may have experience :-P

What do I need to avoid? Are there any that are considered specifically good? Why are there so many different kinds?

Help me have Christmas sex!

EDITED TO ADD IN CASE OF CONFUSION: I present as male but am female bodied so, yeah, strap-on is my only option for this particular thing.
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If you have a touchscreen device, is it all fingerprinty or do you keep it nice & clean?
Even if I clean the screen, it always seems to get fingerprints on it. I hate this. :(

What Christmas treats have you received from people?
I got homemade goodies (almond cookies, ginger cookies, brownies), and a gift basket full of yummy snacks so far.
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My brother wants an MP3 player for Christmas. I have 2 (thought I lost my original one, so I bought a new one, but then I found my first one). Would it be tacky to wrap up my 2nd one and give it to him as a Christmas gift? I would buy new headphones.

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Yesterday I got onto an elevator with a guy that works in my building but that I've never spoken to before. He was on my level to begin with because smokers have to come down to the basement level to get outside. I was leaving for the day, he was going back up to his office.

We had this exchange in the elevator:

Him: *pushing his floor button, and reaching for the lobby button* Let me guess, you're going to make me stop on the lobby level to let you out, aren't you?

Me: I am. Sorry about that.

Him: That's alright. I probably smell like smoke and a whole host of other things at this point and it probably isn't that pleasant to be stuck with me in this elevator anyway. (And seriously, his breath reeked of coffee like whoa).

Me: polite smile

Him: But, don't worry. I won't pull a Jim Carrey on you! *laughs*

wtf did he mean by that? Cause the only Jim Carrey thing I can think of is when he's in the elevator with the lady with big boobs in Liar, Liar and he's all "mama!" and makes suckling noises. If that's the case, this is sorta creepy, no?

Is there another Jim Carrey moment I'm not thinking of? Please tell me there is a non-creepy moment out there that pertains to this.

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do you take people swearing at you well? (in annoyance/anger)what if the person is annoyed at you, but is just using cuss words to "get their point across" and not REALLY directing any words at you?
how do you react to it?

i really dont like swearing. and i do not react well when someone swears at me directly/indirectly. i dont get mad, i just get really quiet. and often leave the room, go find a "quiet" area haha.
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Every TV show in the world (past and present) will all be eradicated tomorrow except for one. No television shows will be able to be created or filmed from this point on - the world as we know it will contain one and only one show. If it is a show that is currently airing, all that will be available to view is what has already been filmed, produced and aired - no new episodes.

What show is worth saving, TQC?

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Food in my apartment is really limited right now. I have some pasta, some butter and parmesan cheese, and some spicy Italian sausage. If I cook these ingredients up and throw them together, do you think it'll taste good?
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What do you order when you get Chinese food?
Inspired by the delicious egg-drop wonton soup, pork chow mein fun, and crab rangoon I'm munching right now. Heavennnnnn!

Do you get weirded out by sexy dreams about people other than your SO?
I had a dream that I made out with a dude from one of my classes. I know it's just a dream, but I still felt weird about it when I woke up. It's going to be interesting next time I see him lol
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A co-worker is hosting a holiday party at her house tomorrow night and I want to bring her a small gift. (Under $15) Here is what I had to rule out:

1. No alcohol - she still has plenty leftover from her wedding last month

2. Nothing for the house - During conversations she has had, she has everything she needs (was thinking cute wine opener, glasses, etc.... but no more)

3. No dessert - thought about getting a cheesecake tray but she said she already has a cheesecake ready to go

So as you can see, I am stuck! Any suggestions?
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Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

What is it and how often do you wear it?

I would wear my favourite hoodie every other day if I didn't think people would notice.
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Where can I take my External Harddrive to be looked at for repairs cheap? I was thinking the Geek Squad, because that is the only place I can think of.

It's a WD passport. I plug it into any computer and it loads like it normally does, the light at the USB port on the EH flashes like it normally does, but it NEVER shows up on the computer.

On behalf of someone who needs life/career advice

Imagine you were in the position of a recent graduate from a master's degree program. You have a standing job offer from a decent company. It's not exactly what you want to do, but the pay is nice. You'd have to move 1500 miles away from your S.O., and it's a contract position. The company says there's a good chance you might get hired full time, but for now, no benefits of any kind, and no guarantees of contract length.
You are also interviewing with some other companies. They're much more important companies in your field and you like their products and work environment much more. You've met the leads of the department you're working in in person, and seemed to click well. However, you've been going through the interview process with them for some time and they have yet to make an offer.

Bills are piling up, and you need money soon. The first job wants a response to their offer by c.o.b. Friday. Do you take the job you don't want as much and move across the country knowing you might ruin your chances to work somewhere you like more? Or do you hold out for the possibility of a better job, and run the risk of having to go be a barista or something if it doesn't work out?

What's the last really hard life decision you or someone close to you has had to make? How did it work out?
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TQC, ever had any pet+appliance accidents?

Collapse )
  • how do you feel about facebook's new timeline feature?
  • I'm debating a tattoo sleeve, what would your own theme be for yours (if you have one, post pictures please)?

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Have you ever heard of "burning mouth syndrome"? Have you ever had it?

My mouth & tongue just started tingling/burning about an hour ago after drinking fountain pop & I have never experienced it before. I googled it & it came up with this BMS stuff. I don't really get what causes it, all of the reasons listed are specific and irrelevant to me such as menopause. Does it go away? It's so uncomfortable..

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My parents are divorced. They haven't spoken in 10 years. Usually my brother and I spend boxing day with our dad. This year, my mum has organised for my step-dads family to visit on boxing day (they usually come on the 27th) because she says spreading it over multiple days is too stressful. My mum wants my brother and I to be with her for when the family come, and she's also booked a meal at a restaurant for quite late the next day.
I feel completely torn, my mum puts a lot of effort into christmas, but I don't want to duck out on my dad because I know it'll make him feel shit, and obviously I want to see him.
What do I do? I'm finding it really hard to look at this reasonably and without getting emotional.

ETA: My dad goes to his sisters for Christmas day so its not an option to swap.

Happy playlist?

I've got a friend who's going through a rough time (dropped out of school, very depressed, etc.) and I'm trying to make her a happy CD.

Any suggestions for uplifting/encouraging songs? For example, I'm adding "Keep Your Head Up" and that Katy Perry song about Fireworks.

(Edited for le clarity)