December 14th, 2011

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Is there still a way to see what groups your friends are in on Facebook?

This guy I went to high school with made a facebook group back in the day and it had like a million followers. I can't remember what it was and I'm thinking about it for no good reason and I can't figure out how to look that up.

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When is your birthday? 

Do you share a birthday with anybody cool/famous/historical?

(April 20/Hitler/Columbine/Jessica Lange)
I also remember the day before my 7th birthday being SUPER PISSED at Timothy McVeigh because I was trying to watch the Price is Right and the Oklahoma City Bombings happened. 
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Out of curiosity, why is not capitalizing things a "cool" thing to do now? (I'm using "now" loosely...)

ex. i loved going to paris this summer. it was the best thing ive ever done.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a grammar queen, but I'm really just bewildered, as a great deal of the people I know who do it are incredibly intelligent and usually have impeccable grammar/punctuation.

Serious and non-serious answers.

EDIT: I'm not trying to insinuate things about people's intelligence. Apologies if my statement regarding that was misleading.

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Have you ever had a disease that you can vaccinate against? Why did you get it? Immune problems or not vaccinated?

My sister has immune problems, and has had chicken pox three times. She's been vaccinated for measles and whooping cough, but got both of them anyway years later.

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So I just sold a textbook on Amazon and printed out the packaging slip...and the address for the buyer is for a Walmart Super Center (only noticed b/c the buyer printed "walmart" next to their name). I've never heard of this before (guess they're paranoid about putting their address on the 'net). If I send something there, will they really receive it? Somehow I feel like even if they are an employee there, it could still easily get lost.
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will you replace the title of a song/book/movie/whatever with the word penis and then others can comment with giggles or guesses as to the original?

alternatively, what should i eat for lunch?

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TQC, I've got a couple of lamb chops in the fridge that need to be cooked. Sticking them in a bit of butter in a saucepan with some salt and pepper seems simplest but I'm not sure if that'll make them as tender as they could be. Grilling's not an option but roasting is. What should I do with them?

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amtrak question: does anyone know how the point system works for guest rewards? it says i have 1264 points credited to my account, and when i click on my account page it says i have ~750 "rail points." when i go to the redeem section, i am allowed to redeem my points for a "coach class reserved/unreserved" under "special routes" that is worth 1,000 points. i plan on going to penn station from harrisburg this saturday, but before i spent $104 to buy my ticket, i am curious if i can get a discounted fare or even free fare either to or from the city. does anyone know what a "special route" is? it doesn't say on the website, at least not where i've been looking. any help would be great before i spend the money!

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Ok. Need ideas. How do I make my cat stop unraveling a whole roll of toilet paper on top of his shits?

The cat box is right below the toilet paper holder. I can't move the box. I can't get a covered box. I can't install another TP holder away from the box. I will probably get a standalone TP holder later, or SOMETHING, but I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion to deter my stupid cat from doing this at least temporarily. Usually I've put double sided tape on stuff I don't want him to fuck with, but it's toilet paper! I already tried putting the roll on backwards, he figured that one out. I have guests coming soon and I just want to be able to put toilet paper on the holder instead of the counter.

Also, yeah, my cat covering his poos with toilet paper was hilarious at first, but the novelty has worn away quickly.

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Would you rather open a gift that you didn't particularly need or get a gift card?

My mom is sort of insisting on buying gifts for my family who are around my age and I think most people would prefer a gift card over a sweater or scarf.


Is there a particular place that you usually get dinner with your friends? What kind of food is it?

I'm getting dinner with my friend- We always go to the same place for dinner but I feel like we should try something new.

Questions About Persuasive Speech

So, for my English class we're to give a persuasive speech about any topic. I am supposed to be going tomorrow, and as of right now I only have my introduction written.

My topic: Are ghosts real? My stance: Yes, they are real.

What are some great, persuasive things to say regarding the realness of ghosts' existence. My audience is a class of teenagers.

ALSO, any speech-giving tips since I tend to be not so great with that. Please and thank you!!

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Ladies (and guys, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing), where do you go for cute holiday party dresses? I've seen a couple I really love on Modcloth, but they're either out of my price range or out of stock, and the party I need a dress for is next Wednesday. I've tried Macy's, The Limited, Banana Republic and some random Forever 21-like store. I'm going to try Marshall's early next week, but I really have no idea other than that. Also, finding ones that *fit* is so obnoxious; I'm five even and maybe 130, 135, and none of the six dresses I tried on today fit me at all, and I got a range of sizes (from small to large). Will you whine about your shopping woes here? Should I just say "screw it" and go to Kohl's?
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Does anyone else here really want pets/a pet, but due to your living situation you can't? If so, what's your living situation?

I have been dying to adopt a dog for the past few years, but I have a summer job that requires me to go to Alaska where (on a boat) I cannot have a dog with me. And I would hate the separation if I just got someone to take care of my dog while I was gone. I wouldn't be able to stand letting my dog think every year that I was abandoning him/her. =\ But I so love dogs, its a pretty constant thing I think about. First thing I do when I know I'm done working in Alaska is getting a dog. And that dog is going to come with me everywhere.

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I just got chased around my yard by a very, very angry stray cat. It's now pacing right outside our front door and guarding the patio. This has pretty much cemented my belief that I'm a dog person.

Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
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For the past couple of days, my laptop steadily loses power even when being charged, and if I take out the battery it cuts off. It starts making this quiet clicking sound when it starts losing power... anyone know what might be wrong? I don't know if it's the charger, the battery, or the computer itself.

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My dad loves yuengling beer but it's not sold where he lives. I'm flying home tomorrow and decided to bring him some as a surprise and packed it in a styrofoam case and in a small suit case.

Do I need to inform them there is alcohol in the suitcase when I check the bag?

dk/dc: Favorite beer? Favorite alcoholic drink in general?

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I'm going home for a month!
What have I forgotten to do in my house to prepare it for being empty for a month?

I'm doing a presentation on the gothic/goths tomorrow - any interesting anecdotes you'd care to share?

World Vision / religion / sponsoring a child

So I've just signed up with World Vision to sponsor a child.

But upon further research, the Christian background of the organisation does leave me with a something of a bitter taste. Sure sure, they say they do not proselytise, but reading stuff like their Christian identity, leaves me feeling suspect about them (mainly, because it's all alien to me). 

What is your opinion, if any, on such topics? Can you share insight?

edit: if it wasn't hinted at above, the perspective from which I am approaching this topic is from an atheist point of view.

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Based on FB drama.

There are three coworkers in a breakroom getting coffee. All three speak fluent English. Two also speak Spanish. Is it rude for the two employees to start a conversation with each other in Spanish when the non-Spanish speaking employee is standing there?


There is a local drive in that is considering closing their doors. They posted a big thing on facebook explaining that they may have to close or sell due to food costs and they go on to explain how they (the owners) haven't paid themselves in months and so on. They weren't crying on our shoulders but reaching out to the community in a last ditch effort to save a place that has been around for 60 years.
Some guy comes along and tells them that their prices are high (they haven't raised their prices in over a year) and was kinda nasty about it. Here's what I wrote in reply: You know sir you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and I commend you for expressing it here. But in my opinion you're kind of a douche. Was I wrong to call a complete stranger a douche on facebook?
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I bought a blender yesterday! I've never owned one before, I'm so excited to try it out. I mostly want to use it to make breakfast smoothies, so:

Do you have any good smoothie recipes?

What other cool things do you make in a blender?
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What kind of gifts do you get for people you dont know?

My brother is bringing his girlfriend to christmas this year. I want to get her something small (but nice), but Ive only met her once, for about five minutes, when I'm pretty sure she spoke less than two words total. I have no clue what this girl likes. Help?

stocking stuffers

TQCers from Aus or NZ, is there any american candy that is popular down there? I have a friend visiting for christmas from New Zealand and I am putting together a christmas stocking for her. I am going to include local foods and candies but wasn't sure if there was anything specific that might be sought after. I remember when I went to NZ in the 90s, everyone wanted a pack of Big Red gum cause there wasn't any cinnamon gum in NZ.